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duration 14:16
making brother disappear video from Sloansmoans
making brother disappear by Sloansmoans *POV angles and props are used in this vore interpretation* I’m amazed to discover my little brother shrunken down to a tiny little man - he's so relieved to have finally been spotted and rescued by one of his now, giant family members. It's so dangerous, Mom could have hoovered him up doing housework, not seeing him! I’m initially sympathetic - but then abruptly change when I realise no one knows he's tiny or that I have him. I could keep it a secret easily. I admit to him that I don’t love or care about him and this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him for good. I decide to secretly keep him, humiliate, degrade and torment my tiny brother and use him as a masturbation toy for my pussy. I tease him and as he becomes more and more restless, I become hornier. I sensually pump him in and out of my pussy, loving every moment of it. Not only the physical feeling of having him inside me, but loving the sight of seeing him covered in my juices. He begs me to stop and I remind him that he’s powerless. I take him up to my face and drop saliva on him as I tease him with my open mouth. Hmmm, I want more. I take him back into my gushing pussy, but just before I cum I stop… Big sister is going to get rid of her little brother for good - and it's going to make her cum. Licking my lips as his screams turn me on, I explain he'll be in his own sisters mouth, unable to save himself as he slips closer and closer to my tonsils, until he slips over the edge and slides inside me to lose his life inside me. Selfish big sister doesn't love or care about him. I lower him in and swallow him down my throat, rubbing my belly and pussy as I cum. Yummy… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/FEMDOM/TABOO/BROTHER AND SISTER/MOUTH FETISH/SPIT/CLOSE UPS
duration 28:41
brother gets shrunken video from Sloansmoans
brother gets shrunken by Sloansmoans Watch as you’re playing a competitive game with your brother. The stakes are high because if I win, I can shrink him down to tiny man size. I tease you by saying that if I win you’ll be going straight into my mouth. Naturally, I win and I shrink you down, down, down… Once I see your tiny, shrunken self I get so excited. I tease you and tell you that I’m so excited to play with you all day long. I play with you in my mouth for a bit until I realize that I have to go run some errands before I can fully play with you. I decided to put you into a vial and insert you into my pussy for safe keeping while I’m out and about. I return back after a long day and I’m even more thrilled to play with you. I push you out of my pussy and tell you that I was actually getting pretty aroused having you in my pussy all day. I tease you about all the ways I could play with you and I see that you’re a bit nervous. I tell you that nothing will hurt you while you’re shrunken. Although, you may take a trip through my body at some point, hehe. I place you on the tip of my dildo and roll a condom over you. I tell you that I want to use you to pleasure myself as a reward for winning the game. I tease you some more as I begin to drool and suck on the dildo. I get more and more horny until I decide that I’m going to take you back into my pussy, but this time underneath the condom and on the dildo. I slide the dildo in and out of my pussy as I tease you and tell you how good it feels that my shrunken brother is fucking me. I switch positions and starts fucking myself hard until I cum all over you. I still want more so I decide to ride the dildo again until I’m satisfied. I take you out of the condom and relax for a moment as I suck on you. I tell you that all that fucking has worked up an appetite and I need a cold, refreshing snack. I grab a bowl of ice cream and drop you in. I eat around you, sometimes scooping you up and taking you into my mouth and over again. I tease you some more until I tell you that you’ll be soon going into my stomach and that I might grow you back what’s you come out. Finally… I swallow you whole. Everything goes dark but you wake up back in the vial with me looking down at you. I tell you that I’ve had so much fun playing with you that I’ve told everybody that you won’t be around for a while because I’m not going to grow you back just yet. I suck you out of the vial smile cunningly as I walk away… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/TABOO/MOUTH FETISH/FOOD PLAY/DILDO FUCKING

duration 12:43
Belching HiccupBurps video from BlackxRose92
Belching HiccupBurps by BlackxRose92 I've got lots of gas, and these burps are rumbling out of me in deep belches. Do you want to smell them as they come out from between my sexy red lips? There's so many that they just keep coming. I can feel the burps gurgling around in there, until....wait! HICCUP! Did I just give myself the hiccups?! Oh my! HICCUP! Oh wow, now I'm having the hiccups and belches that are coming back to back repeatedly. The spasms on my body are so intense, that I can feel the ripples of my hiccups and belches vibrating through my belly. It makes me yawn to have such intensely deep hiccups and burps. They start to merge, melding into each other until my hiccups cause belches that turn into hiccupburps that come one after another, making huge yawns push from my mouth. My red lipstick covered lips open wide in huge belches and yawns as the hiccup push their way out in between and interrupting my yawns. I can't hold them back, and when I try to stifle my yawns, the hiccups prevent my yawn from finishing. I strip off my clothes and encourage you to masturbate while I giggle about my newfound hiccup powers. I know I promised I'd let you fuck the hiccups out of me this time, but there's just so many of them in between the burping and yawns that it starts to take a toll on my body, shaking my belly so hard that I can barely catch my breath. In the midst of my belching hiccup fit, my belly starts to growl with demands for dinner. You'll have to cum hard and fast before my hungry tummy yells for the food it craves, because if you don't, the hiccups will cease under the pressure of my stomach's pleas for food!

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