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duration 16:21
Santas Helper Brings Me A BBC For Christmas video from Davina Davis
Santas Helper Brings Me A BBC For Christmas by Davina Davis I've been asking for the same gift EVERY SINGLE YEAR for Christmas. A BIG BLACK COCK! I stay up waiting for Santa all night, each year, but he never comes, and I NEVER get my BBC. I was determined to get my giant black cock this Christmas, so I decided to write to Santa and beg him to make me a happy girl!

Dear Santa,

For Christmas 2018 I want a BIG BLACK COCK! I've been a verrryyyy naughty girl this year, but my daddy said you would forgive me for being such a slut! Please please please don't put me on the naughty list this year! I promise if you bring me the BBC I've been wishing for that I'll be on my best behavior!!!!!! I'll even do my chores every day! Thanks Santa!

Love, Addison

After I wrote to Santa, I decided I would stay up and wait for him, to make sure he gave me what I wanted. I waited up until 5am and still no sign of Santa. I had just about given up when I heard a bump by the Tree. I creeped out of my room and OH MY GOSH. IT WAS.... IT WAS......IT WASN'T SANTA! It was some slut dressed like SANTA! I demanded to know who she was and why Santa wasn't here. Apparently he was to busy at the strip club to make his rounds this year, so he sent his naughty little helper. I was just about ready to give up on getting my BBC when I saw something sticking out of her sack. I grabbed it and ripped open the wrapping paper. My wish finally came true! IT WAS A BIG, BLACK, COCK! Just when I thought this Christmas couldn't get any better, Santas naughty helper decided to strip naked and start fucking herself with my BBC! One thing lead to another, and we ended up sharing my present until we both squirted! This was officially THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!
duration 16:28
Fucking My Boyfriend While His Parents Watch video from Davina Davis
Fucking My Boyfriend While His Parents Watch by Davina Davis My boyfriend Brad and I hadn’t been doing so well lately. Our relationship has had a lot of ups and downs… Well.. Mostly downs. He always seemed disappointed with our sex life, so I decided so switch it up. I went to The mall and bought a super sexy Lingerie set to wear for him.. His parents were in the other room, so I had to wear a trench coat over my lingerie while coming into the house. You should have seen the look on his face! Brad finally looked impressed!!!! I did a sexy dance As the trench coat slowly fell to the ground. I could tell he couldn’t wait to tear my panties off and shove his cock inside of me. But I was going to tease him a little bit first. I started slowly taking my bra off, then my panties, revealing how wet my pussy was. I pushed him onto the couch and ripped his pants off, shoving his dick as far down my throat as I could, until I gagged. I’d never gagged on his dick as hard as I was now, and it felt amazing. I loved showing him how big of a slut I could be. I sucked his cock sooo good that he almost blew a load in my mouth!!! I stopped just in time. He needed to fuck me first. I jumped on his cock and started riding him.. First slow, then fast, then back and fourth. He was loving the way I fucked him, but he wanted to be in control. He pushed my face Into the couch and started fucking me doggy until I squirted all over his cock! He LOVED this! He’s never made me squirt before. It was soooo hot. I started sucking his cock again after that until he blew a hot, wet, load all over my face and tits. I played with it for awhile until I heard his parents coming!!!! I hope they don’t see what a little whore Brad has turned me into!
duration 13:05
Njoy Fucking and Pussy Eating with Xenon video from Ivy De La Courte
Njoy Fucking and Pussy Eating with Xenon by Ivy De La Courte In this romantic Valentine's video, I waste no time kissing Xenon and taking off their clothes so I can play with their pussy. I love rubbing their clit with my fingers and sliding my fingers into their wet pussy. I pleasure them using my mouth and an enjoy (a curved metal toy that hits the g-spot) and they cum in my mouth as I lick them up and down. I keep fucking them with the njoy and climb on top so I can fuck the other end and makeout with them. What a perfect way to spend the day. Happy Valentine's Day! This video is part two of our Valentine's Day video. Check out part one to see Xenon eat me out, play with my boobs, and more! Check out my beautiful friend Xenon at XenonUniverse.manyvids.com and on twitter @XenonUniverse. redhead ginger black hair tattoos big boobs puffy nipples curvy chubby bbw lingerie big areola cute sweet sexy sensual romantic love valentine's day holiday theme roses flowers piercings alt trans male nonbinary trans man couple boy girl real amateur chemistry pale skin fair skin white interracial kissing big boobs large tits flat chest top surgery making out make out giggling laughing smiling fun fingering orgasm moan fetish cumming sensual body worship long hair hairy pussy bush eating pov moaning licking clit rubbing college tender sentimental smitten romance infatuation heart friend girlfriend boyfriend cherish sun sunlight sunny natural light multiple angles point of view bed bedroom hairy legs affection queer bi bisexual enby shaved vagina bare pussy red pink riding cow girl girl on top toy njoy metal toy gspot dildo double dildo sex toy big butt fat ass wet pussy lube mouth fetish oral fixation
duration 33:01
Pleasure Puppets: Trix and Kayleth aroused and controlled on Sinister's mental strings video from Mesmerotic
Pleasure Puppets: Trix and Kayleth aroused and controlled on Sinister's mental strings by Mesmerotic Trix and Kayleth love to play together, but deep in Sinister's hypnotic control their normal closeness is twisted into a fevered desire to kiss, touch, and pleasure each other. After an induction staring deep into each others eyes their emotions become just strings for him to pull, and his puppets just can't keep their hands to themselves. Even when Sinister holds them apart, they pull desperately towards each other, desperate to touch. The desperation intensifies when he starts to play with their minds even more, his words forcing Trix and Kayleth alternately into dominant and submissive mindsets. Each melting under the other's touch before suddenly needing to control in turn. And when they're both set to be on top, sparks fly as they wrestle to be the one making the decisions. Kayleth then spends some time as Trix's blank doll, with Trix feeling and mirroring every touch and sensation that's inflicted on her helpless plaything. Before long the hypnotic pleasure becomes too much for them both and they cum in unison, the arousal amplified as it echoes between them. Finally it's time for Kayleth to taste Trix's strapon, with the added bonus of Trix feeling every touch to it as if it were a part of her body. For his amusement, Sinister mentally tugs them between needing and hating the act, so the two take it in turns to push the other to take the pleasure they're determined to give. Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix & Kayleth bottoming. More of Kayleth can be found at: onlyfans.com/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://HypnoHedonista.com Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 16:40
Oral and Strap-On Sex with Luna Sapphire video from Dani Sorrento
Oral and Strap-On Sex with Luna Sapphire by Dani Sorrento This is our very first time together and we can't wait to play. We start off soft and sensual, teasing each other with our mouths. Kissing with soft lips and licking our puffy nipples. We start to undress out of our purple sheer lingerie. First Luna explores my body with kisses from my chest down to my pussy. Hovering over it and then kissing up and down my thighs. A slow tease that makes me that much more excited to feel her tongue slide up my wet lips. Finally she uses that mouth to taste me. I can lay back and enjoy, but I can't stop myself from looking down at how cute she is eating me out. I sit up and watch as her tantalizing tongue puts me closer and closer to cumming. She takes control and tells me to bend over so she can use her strap on me. I love feeling her soft body behind me as she slides her hard dildo in. I get used to her filling me up and before I know it I am bouncing off of her as she pounds me from the back. It doesn't take long for me to release my orgasm. Now it is my turn to enjoy her body. I lick the dildo clean before I start kissing her again. I go down her body and kiss on her chest. Then telling her to lay back, she gives me control to tease her with my tongue some more. All on her perfect little tits and down her stomach to right above her pussy. I get into place with my arms wrapped around her legs as she is spread open for me. I kiss and lick all over before finally plunging my tongue into her wetness. She tastes so good and I vigorously lap her up. Twirling my tongue is so many directions and really giving her a good tease. I don't want her to cum yet, but I keep licking her like crazy. She is trying not to cum and finally I let up and tell her to get ready for my strap-on now. First teasing her with my finger a bit to make sure she is really soaked for me. I keep her on her back, wanting to see her face as I slide inside of her. I go slow at first and really start to pick up the pace. Bouncing her under me and watching as she enjoys it. I need to see that cute booty too though and have her switch to laying on her side. I want to be able to grab onto that or her cute tits as I fuck her. She finally releases her orgasm now as I am deep in her. I kiss her afterwards, not wanting it to end. It was so much fun. We will have to do it again, soon! (first time together, lesbian sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, kissing, passionate, pussy licking, chest licking, nipple play, sensual, girl/girl, G/G fuck, white dildo, strap-on harness, strap on sex, doggystyle, doggy position, bent over, curvy girls, size difference, lingerie, sweet kisses, missionary, side fucking, orgasms, female orgasm, body worship, tattooed girls, alternative girls, bbw, thick thighs, big tits, small breasts, body exploring, big butt, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, small booty, brunettes, brown eyes, soft bodies, Luna Sapphire, LunaSapphireX, Dani Sorrento, Spankdani)

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