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duration 8:07
Gigantic Green Dildo Cam Cum Show video from Dani Sorrento
Gigantic Green Dildo Cam Cum Show by Dani Sorrento (from march 2018) I am just wearing my black thigh highs at this point in the cam show and we hit cum show goal, so I keep them on for the play time. I recently got a crazy big toy from a fan and had yet to try it out, so I decide to give it a try for the first time live on cam. The toy is huge and I had already lubed it up so I can try to fit it in. It is so long, thick and hard that I struggle at first, but eventually I'm able to fit most of it in. I grab my one leg and hold it as I fuck myself with the clear green toy. It starts to feel really good and I can tell I'm close to cumming. I always like to announce when I do finally cum, which can be hard with the chat on cam distracting me. Soon my orgasm is taking over and I start to cum, but the toy shoots out of my tight pussy as I am cumming! It hurts a bit, but I still came with a slight ruined orgasm. In this video you will hear me talking to the room and hearing some tip noises, but the majority of the time I am concentrating on my big, leg shaking orgasm. You can catch my live cam shows like this on chaturbate.com/danisorrento (camgirl, live cam show recording, big toy, thigh high stockings, sheer black stockings, big ass, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, brunette, brown eyes, long hair, teal hair, clear green dildo, first time using toy, shaved pussy, perky tits, naked white girl, painted nails, make up, solo female, toy fucking orgasm, pussy juices on toy, licking toy, danisorrento, spankdani)
duration 20:13
Sex Ed 3: Boy Girl Positions and Creampie 3 video from Buffy LeBrat
Sex Ed 3: Boy Girl Positions and Creampie 3 by Buffy LeBrat This is the third installment in my sex education series, and this time it features my co-star Jack Rush. We further your education by demonstrating sexual positions between male and female partners, and advise on how to enjoy sex more with your partner. We talk about getting affirmative, enthusiastic consent, and demonstrate how to make sure this happens before engaging in sex with your partner - it's as simple as just asking. When we're both ready to go, we talk about the important of taking your time with foreplay, and chat about a few options that might put you in the mood, such as stripping off for each other, touching, kissing and setting the scene with other items to put you in the mood such as music or lighting candles. We touch on the importance of communication, making sure you're checking in with your partner to see what they like, and recommend using this 'checking in' as a form of dirty talk to heighten the pleasure. We talk about introducing sex toys and other sex acts as a form of foreplay, such as oral, before even getting to P-in-V sex. When it's time for some penetration, we try doggy style penetration, missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, with some variations to spice up these favourite positions. We both pace ourselves, and cum at the same time, but remember, that the pleasure doesn't have to end if one person has an orgasm first. Jack's cum fills up my creamy pussy, and you watch the cream pie drip out of my pussy as he pulls out, and get a nice view of my pussy after it's been well and truly served when I turn around to kiss. We talk about how it's nice to connect with your partner and cuddle after sex, as intimacy doesn't just end with an orgasm. We recommend some ways to follow up sex with some after care, and relax together. We hope our video helps you to feel more informed and spices up your sex life!
duration 23:01
Don't Feed The Babysitter! video from BlackxRose92
Don't Feed The Babysitter! by BlackxRose92 Custom video: " I’ve been watching your videos for a couple years now. I love the way you do vore, and I love the way you burp, and I’d like those to be combined into one perfect video. > Here is what I picture. The end result is 6 people swallowed whole in total with a crazy amount of belches. (4 little ones and a set of 2 adults.) You have a babysitting gig with 4 little ones. The adults let you have whatever food you need and so you empty the fridge (off camera) and come back with a huge belch and rubbing your belly. (Making it look like you’ve eaten everything there is.) Suddenly you realize you are starving! And the adults did say you could have whatever food you needed... so when one comes downstairs to see you standing in the kitchen, you eat them all! When eating someone the pattern is pretty simple. Camera to mouth where we hear a bunch of intense swallowing and gulping, a sigh to signify they person has been swallowed, and then a giant belch where the camera is launched out of the mouth as if it’s something from the person eaten. (Could be clothes or electronics or jewelry, doesn’t matter to me) From there we get to see the belly get bigger. I’d like it to be as if someone was really in there with your belly stretching disproportionately. The key here is the burping. I’d like as much as possible. Probably one every 10 seconds, and the best you can muster. A line to explain this is “I know people make me gassy *burp*, but I just can’t *BUUURP!* help it!” So you swallow the four little ones but that isn’t enough. So you wait for the adults to return, and wait in the bathroom in the tub. That’s where the husband goes and where you swallow him. Once you begin belching like crazy, it alerts the pregnant wife who comes in where you comment on a two for one dessert deal and swallow her. Then you make your way to the bed to burp off your meal with as many belches as possible where it fades ends. I’m much less interested in the story/talking. I’d much rather have it be swallowing and burping, emphasis on burping!" Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored

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