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duration 31:07
Turning Your Sis Into A Slut II video from Fiona Dagger
Turning Your Sis Into A Slut II by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Jeremy is used throughout! It is a sequel to my video Turning Your Sis Into A Slut) You're hanging out in your room one day when your little sister walks in, and to your surprise she's dressed provocatively in black lingerie and heels! She tells you that after you blackmailed her into fucking you a few weeks ago, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about it, and she's come to the decision that she's willing to be your sex slave and do anything you say, if you'll agree to fuck her again. You order her to show her how much she means it, and to start spanking herself for you, making her ass nice and red. She begs to suck your cock but you tell her not yet, and remind her that you're the boss and she's agreed to do anything you say! You make her spank herself even more and then suck her own feet for you, before ordering her to strip and get down on her knees. You make her deepthroat and gag on your cock, and tell her to ch*ke herself and slap herself in the face and tits while she sucks you. She's excited by how much you're degrading her and she begs you to fuck her, telling you she wants to finger her asshole while you fuck her tight pussy. But first you make her suck her feet and toes for you again, before finally giving into her pleading and fucking her doggy style while she fingers her ass. After she cums hard on your cock she begs you to fill her pussy with your hot load, and you cum deep inside her!
duration 9:12
Mesmerized Wife 2 - Chrissy Marie & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Mesmerized Wife 2 - Chrissy Marie & Star Nine by Star Nine Chrissy Marie returns to her Mistress under the guise of gratitude for how her life has changed. She details how beautiful it is to appreciate the little things, to eat simple food, to let go of material desires for that which she can no longer afford with the massive tributes she owes Star Nine.

Star accepts her gratitude & allows her to kneel and crawl to her feet.

Chrissy begs to be allowed to express her gratitude further with a foot massage - she has been studying and meditating and practicing and she thinks she has discovered the trick to mesmerizing touch.

Star sighs in pleasure and Chrissy takes it as a sign that her touch is working. She begins to speak in a soothing tone of voice, detailing how Star will release her and her husband from slavery & pay them for their suffering.

Star rolls her eyes. Of course it's not going to work on her, but she decides to toy with Chrissy for a moment, repeating after her before throwing her off guard, grabbing her by the chin.

Star gazes into her eyes, and with her touch & voice, teaches Chrissy that she already has freed her and her husband from the chains of middle class life, from the ill mindset focused on material wealth. Freed them from the selfish thoughts, from their egos. They should be grateful for the responsibility that has been removed from them . . .

Chrissy kneels and kisses Star's feet. In deeper than ever before.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes mesmerize, foot domination, pantyhose domination, magic control, lesbian domination

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