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duration 29:05
Alien Cum Inflation turns Impregnation video from Wood
Alien Cum Inflation turns Impregnation by Wood Wood is a pervy risk taker who loves to be fucked and filled with come by any monstrous creature she can come across. After being taken once by her alien lover she dresses up in tight lingerie for their next date. Her big-dicked alien appears and she is instantly horny, groping and sucking his giant tentacle-like dick and begging to be fucked by it. With a little bit of effort she manages to fit him in her tight pussy to feel his tentacle dick wriggling around and filling her hairy pussy up to the brim with his clear cum. She becomes blissed out on cum, and is surprised to find the cum filling her up so much that its swelling her belly. She's turned on a little scared, cumming all over the alien dick and playing with her huge, inflated belly. A couple of hours pass and something has gone seriously wrong. Her belly had just continued to grow and grow and just in a short span of a day she has cycled through all the pregnancy symptoms and grown so big so fast her body can barely handle it. She talks about how she has to waddle now, how she's been so hungry with the weirdest cravings and how she's even gotten stretchmarks and bigger, more swollen boobs! The transformation is intense and she wonders how long she'll have to be like this. She gets her answer pretty quickly, though, as she begins to feel intense pain and cramping and realizes she's going into labor! She gets into her bed to ride out the contractions but its no use, the alien baby is coming and she has no idea what she's even going to be given birth to! With lots of moaning, screaming, growning, and whimpering, she goes into labor and focuses on her breathing to push. And to her surprise, she gives birth to multiple alien eggs! Alien fucking (big fantasty dildo), cum inflation fantasy, transformation fetish, alien impregnation, going into labor, and egg laying all in one clip! An intense transformation roleplay custom clip! If you'd like your own custom clip, be sure to email woodsgotfunding at gmail dot com for your own fantasy come to life!
duration 16:28
Fucking My Boyfriend While His Parents Watch video from Davina Davis
Fucking My Boyfriend While His Parents Watch by Davina Davis My boyfriend Brad and I hadn’t been doing so well lately. Our relationship has had a lot of ups and downs… Well.. Mostly downs. He always seemed disappointed with our sex life, so I decided so switch it up. I went to The mall and bought a super sexy Lingerie set to wear for him.. His parents were in the other room, so I had to wear a trench coat over my lingerie while coming into the house. You should have seen the look on his face! Brad finally looked impressed!!!! I did a sexy dance As the trench coat slowly fell to the ground. I could tell he couldn’t wait to tear my panties off and shove his cock inside of me. But I was going to tease him a little bit first. I started slowly taking my bra off, then my panties, revealing how wet my pussy was. I pushed him onto the couch and ripped his pants off, shoving his dick as far down my throat as I could, until I gagged. I’d never gagged on his dick as hard as I was now, and it felt amazing. I loved showing him how big of a slut I could be. I sucked his cock sooo good that he almost blew a load in my mouth!!! I stopped just in time. He needed to fuck me first. I jumped on his cock and started riding him.. First slow, then fast, then back and fourth. He was loving the way I fucked him, but he wanted to be in control. He pushed my face Into the couch and started fucking me doggy until I squirted all over his cock! He LOVED this! He’s never made me squirt before. It was soooo hot. I started sucking his cock again after that until he blew a hot, wet, load all over my face and tits. I played with it for awhile until I heard his parents coming!!!! I hope they don’t see what a little whore Brad has turned me into!
duration 28:02
Solo Anal Dildo Creampie - Buttplug Gape video from Divinely
Solo Anal Dildo Creampie - Buttplug Gape by Divinely This is a Solo video with simulated Cum. Join me for my most adventurous and filthy solo Anal play yet! I start off with a full body shot, teasing you with the toys I am eager to use for you. I suck on them to get them nice and wet ready to use! I bend over, showing you my ass and then pull my panties to the side to put my butt plug in. The scene changes to a close of my holes as I play with my pussy for a bit with my newly inserted butt plug. I then change to a position laying on my side with my legs stacked and play around with the plug. I take it in and out, push on it and tug on it and eventually push the buttplug out without using my hands to show you my first asshole gape. The scene changes to me laying on my front, with my ass towards you. I continue to play with my butt plug while reintroducing my dildo. I suck on it while playing with my plug. I push out my plug again and then begin to fuck myself in my warmed up asshole with the dildo. It feels amazing and glides in and out of my asshole. I keep fucking myself in the ass, I begin to get a bit sticky and wet with your pre-cum! The video returns to the stacked leg position where I fuck myself over and over, pulling the dildo out and putting it back in to show you the sticky mess that is starting to drip out my holes. There is also a close-up of this same scene. To finish, I continue to pull out the dildo and I have been creampied huge boat loads of your cum! I push it out my asshole over and over for you to watch, getting covered in your sticky mess!
duration 30:01
Mind Overwritten: Kayleth bound and mindfucked by bodywriting into Imaginatrix's fucktoy video from Mesmerotic
Mind Overwritten: Kayleth bound and mindfucked by bodywriting into Imaginatrix's fucktoy by Mesmerotic Kayleth looks like such a sweet, feminine thing. You couldn't tell behind that smile burns a desire to be a degraded, degenerate object. Trix loves making fantasy reality, and thrills at twisting Kayleth's mind and turning her beautiful body into her personal fucktoy. She begins by binding Kayleth, using the bite of the rope to immobilise not just her body, but her conscious mind. Kayleth sinks deeper as more of her body is bound, while Trix uses eye fixation, touch and finger snaps to have her eyes fluttering and rolling as she drains her mind away into emptiness- just a blank canvas to be rewritten. And written she is: Trix uses bodywriting, shaping her fucktoy with words printed on Kayleth's skin that sink into her receptive mind. Each word becomes Kayleth's new reality: "desperate" and "needy" has her whimpering; "horny" has her panting and grinding; "wet hole" has her cunt aching and dripping; "drooling" has her tongue lolling our of her open, eager mouth; "bitch" has her humping like a dog in heat... All the while, Trix teases her body, stroking and spanking, taking advantage of her "free use toy". Once she's made Kayleth into her perfect, willing fucktoy, Trix finally takes pity on the creature she's created, and fetches her strap-on dildo... but you'll have to watch Kayleth's video for that part ;) Her video super hot strap-on fucking can be found at: https://apclips.com/kayleth/mind-overwritten-kayleth-is-imaginatrix-s-hypnotised-body-writing-fucktoy Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Find more of Kayleth: onlyfans.com/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://HypnoHedonista.com Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com

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