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duration 11:16
YOUR WIFE'S FRIEND IN JODHPURS HUMILIATES YOUR 4 INCHER AND WANTS YOU TO WHIP YOUR NAUGHTY BITS by Ellie Idol You've known me for years as a friend of your wife and family, but you secretly can't get over the time I flirtatiously threatened to bend you over and smack you with my riding crop. What you didn't realize is that I was serious! I have a dominant streak, and since your wife has told me that you have a worthless, inadequate 4-inch penis and that you nonetheless tell her about your lustful thoughts for me... I just really, really want to get you alone and strip you down so I can brutally humiliate you for your tiny dick and smack it and your ass with my crop. As I turn around and show you my beautiful ass in jodhpurs, I talk about how badly you want to kiss and worship it. And then I instruct you to hit your balls/dick/ass with my riding crop. I continue to slowly pull down my jodhpurs to reveal my ass in pretty panties, and I continue to scold you for thinking you'd ever be worthy of touching my ass, even with your tongue. I know that your wife won't even have sex with, must less touch your tiny dick and prefers it locked in chastity. So why should I do anything but laugh at it and cause it pain for my own pleasure? I talk about how badly you want to put your tongue in my asshole and how that's never going to happen and you need to be punished for ever thinking it would. So I tell you, again and again, to hit your tiny dick and balls and ass with the crop, harder and harder. All while staring at the ass you so desire to worship.
duration 12:38
SNEAKER BITCH video from Chastity Lynn
SNEAKER BITCH by Chastity Lynn What a good boy you are for ordering me two new pairs of shoes! I show off the black pair teasing you about your potential as my shoe bitch...however we are just getting started on this journey! I dangle them around pop them up and down telling you to obey my commands. Your goddess wants you to start stroking it to her.  I know fucking hot I am in these sneakers and how blessed you are to even have my attention. While still wearing the black pair, I bring the white pair into view and tease how especially easy controlling you is going to be now that I have your very favorite shoes on hand... in fact I know you'll be helpless to resist any order I give me while wearing these... I know you are a total jerk off addict and that I'm one of your favorite pornstars of all time. I know you've jerked off to every Chastity Lynn scene you could find...and you have practically every one of my scenes saved on your hard drive! But know things have come full circle for you because your favorite porn star ever is about to put on your favorite shoes ever, so you should probably stop stroking now so you don’t blow your load immediately! I slowly slip off the black pair. Sadly they don’t fit me and are therefore worthless to me, however they’re about to become a very valuable pair of shoes to you. As my shoe bitch you have the honor not just of buying me shoes, but also of buying shoes from me. As a goddess one of my powers is turning an $80 pair of shoes into a $300 pair, and you are so lucky to be able to watch that happen. I slide on the white pair and start giving you instructions to wank your cock. I teach you to be 100% obedient to every order I give, making you respond with a “yes Goddess Chastity” to every command. I strip fully naked except for the white pair, and begin inserting the laces of the black pair in my pussy getting them totally soaked! I tease how I know you are dying to own them so you can suck on them and get just a tiny taste of my juices. Once they’re drenched I move on to fucking the shoe, rubbing the leather toe against my pussy. I cum hard covering the shoes with my squirt. I know they are about to become your most prized possession. And that my little shoe bitch is how an $80 pair of sneakers becomes $300, now pay up!
duration 6:04
Addicted To Barefoot MILF video from BlackxRose92
Addicted To Barefoot MILF by BlackxRose92 I've been taking some me time for my health lately, and I couldn't be bothered to care about your boner. All you get hard for is feet anyways, so why should I put effort into this? You get horny for my feet, like a total pervert, so I don't need to do anything to make you hard. My toes are always kept pedicured and impeccably pampered, so that anywhere I go and anything I wear doesn't matter, makeup or no makeup, lingerie or pajamas, so long as you eventually see me barefoot your cock keeps dragging you back to worship me. Barefoot, that's all it takes and your dick is addicted to cumming for me. Fine, jerk off, don't, whatever. I don't care, but you don't get much time. You're a foot loser, so you're just lucky I'm here at all. I don't care if you do or don't cum, jerk off or don't jerk off. I'm only here to tease you for a bit, and then I'm forgetting about you again while I'm off with my husband. Losers like you don't get to keep my attention. You get to see me barefoot for maybe a few minutes, but then I'm just going to put my socks and slippers back on again. I'm not even dressed "sexy" today! I'm wearing my zippered fluffy unicorn onesie pajamas that come off in one piece so I can get naked even faster to fuck my husband as soon as I'm done laughing at you. If you think I'm kidding, you're an idiot and you're fooling yourself. Really. My feet are spoiled, so you either pay up and pay hard, or you fuck off and don't get fucked at all. Only good foot slaves get to cum for my feet, and they pay really fucking hard for it. You're not paying enough, so you're lucky you get to see more than the floor. Foot losers are usually used like carpet, ignored and forgotten while they lay face down and never see what they want most, so say thank you for what you get and be glad you get it at all. I mean, I did just take a week "off" while you were banned from cumming. With that in mind, I'm sure you'll be extra appreciative when you watch this video, and then when you feel grateful for the throbbing erection that my feet give you, you'll be ready with that tip button as you say thanks in every way you know how before you blow that massive nut.
duration 32:12
Cuckold Beautiful Agony Findom Blowjob video from Darya Jane
Cuckold Beautiful Agony Findom Blowjob by Darya Jane Not recommended as a first clip from me. Pay attention to your Goddess' face while she's sucking your alphas dick. Worship the perfection you see in front of you. You'll WILL do as I ask. You will NOT cum before your Gods. You'll do anything to stay there, kneeling before me. Thank me for letting you watch such an intimate half hour of pure pleasure. You'll be hurting for me. You'll be humiliated by me.. And you'll be begging for release during the close-up non stop oral action. My beautiful voice constantly coaxing you to devote your everything to me. My sexy laugh humiliating you, owning you. Everything about your life is now for me. You'll open your mouth for me, you'll open your wallet for me. You'll send tributes to me. Because after watching this, I won't be out of your mind any time soon. After watching this, your world will only be worshiping me. Lick it up cuck. $end Watch closely while I'm cumming loudly (loud even though my mouth is totally full) from masturbating with my vibrator, just as I reach climax, I take his cum in my mouth, the load drooling out over my lips as I'm panting and catching my breath. Nothing gets us off harder than watching each other cum.. While knowing this whole time, you're on your knees drooling.. Mindlessly sending me tributes. I need you to be well hydrated and have your wallet ready for this video.. Best watched with headphones to hear every small detail of my voice and my lips sucking a REAL MANS cock.

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