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duration 31:35
a day in the life of my tiny fart slave video from Yourlittlewhore
a day in the life of my tiny fart slave by Yourlittlewhore Here I am again with my shrunken fart slave which I've found out his name is Marc. I put Marc in my asshole and start farting to him a little. I wanna show you guys how is Marc's routine. I'm a very gassy girl, so I fart all the time, non-stop. I wash the dishes with tiny little Marc inside my asshole while farting. From time to time I check up on Marc to see if he is still alive and taunt him because I know my farts are too toxic so I don't think he is going to have a long live lol. I'm so gassy while doing the laundry that I fart so hard that Marc tried to take advantage of that tried to fly away along with it. BAD MARC! He's not going anywhere, he belongs to my asshole now. I surf the internet for a while and don't stop farting on Marc. I was looking to buy another shrunken man but I like Marc so much that I don't want to share my farts to anyone else. I lay down to relax and read a book while Marc struggles to breath. I play video games and Marc is probably screaming but no one can hear, sorry Marc, but I think everyone here wants you to suffer hahaha I get dressed to go to a photographer house to take some pictures and I make sure Marc will be inside my butthole all day long, I want him to sniff my asshole and farts all day long. I go to the bathroom at the photographer's house to check on him and yeah, he is ok... i guess... at least he is breathing but he wishes he wasn't. I get home exhausted, check Marc again. I put on my pajamas and go to bed. I make sure Marc is still there. Well, I've farted all day long but I fart much more when I'm resting so his nightmare is only beggining. Good night Marc, try to get some rest, big day for you tomorrow... and after tomorrow, and after, and after.
duration 20:48
Squirting & farting for my ass slave video from Bambi Lynn
Squirting & farting for my ass slave by Bambi Lynn This is a custom using the name Mason. I know you love being my ass slave and making me all gassy and sniffing my farts, so now it’s time for some real pleasure for both of us. I fuck my juicy hairy pussy with a glass dildo and fart all over the place! I talk so dirty, telling you what a good dirty little ass slave you are, knowing how horny it makes you to eat and serve my ass and swallow and sniff my farts while I fuck my wet juicy hairy pussy nice and hard. I fuck myself and fart, teasing and pleasing my gspot until I’m on the edge. I fart soooo much, shocked and turned on at all of the juicy wet stinky farts coming out of my asshole right onto your face! I change positions, bent over so you have a proper view of my big juicy ass and smelly farts while I fuck my pussy deep and hard, moaning and telling you to sniff my farts. I move around again to get the best gas possible for my good little ass slave, on m my side with my legs up in the air! My tits and belly look soooo luscious in this pose; and I can fuck my pussy sooo deep. I moan and fart and my eyes roll into the back of my head it just feels so good to let go and fart and fuck myself! I lean back onto my back and fart and fart and fuck myself until I can’t take it anymore! I fart and squirt all over your fucking face!!!! As I squirt a giant mess I fart so fucking hard multiple times in a row. The squirt gushes our all over the place and even hits the camera!!! I can’t stop squirting as I continue to fuck my juicy soaking wet hairy pussy for you. I keep fucking myself after I’m done squirting, teasing my soaked asshole and pussy. I tell you I want you to swallow and lick up all of my delicious squirt, just like you swallow, eat and sniff all of my stinky delicious farts! You are such a good little ass slave for your Goddess. TAGS: squirt, squirting, hairy, full bush, big belly, big tits, big areolas, fat, BBW, thick, big ass, big asses, big booty, fart, farting, gassy, gas, BBW has, BBW gassy, BBW fart, BBW farts, BBW farting, orgasm, squirting orgasm, BBW orgasm, ass slave, BBW domme, BBW domination, female domination, BBW ass, BBW femdom, femdom.
duration 12:19
GF's UnFARTunate Vore Wager video from BlackxRose92
GF's UnFARTunate Vore Wager by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "You and I are watching a football game. We are not dating, but we are interested in each other. You’re very competitive and both of our teams are rivals and our playing against each other. You fart accidentally and say that it’s because of the food we’re eating. You keep farting and eventually get the idea that if your team wins, I must go out on a date with you and you’re allowed to fart freely on the date. If I win… well that doesn’t happen in the video, so it doesn’t matter what that is. Your team wins, you fart throughout the whole game, and you let out a huge fart that goes over the buzzer that announces the end of the game. The video ends with you planning our date. You eventually get the idea that we should have a bet, and that if you win, you get to eat me, and if I win, I get to have sex with you. You try to sway me with the idea of the bet by saying something like that there’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll get laid out of this and a 50/50 chance that I’ll clog the toilet. I take decide the bet and you’re thrilled. Throughout the game, it doesn’t look good for my team. You fart here and there throughout the football game and nonchalantly comment on how that will be me if my team doesn’t start doing better. You talk about that all the food makes your farts smell and that you’re sure that I’ll make them smell even worse than that. I get more and more scared throughout the game. The game finally ends, and you tell me to watch this while the last few seconds of the game are going on and you fart over the final buzzer of the game and say that it’s over. I try to beg and plead my way out of you eating me, but you are not convinced. You swallow me and burp loud. You spend a few minutes taunting me as you lick your lips, but end up swallowing me quickly in the end. Your belly is stuffed, and soon there will be many many more burps and farts to come."

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