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duration 20:59
Mummy Loves You video from Fiona Dagger
Mummy Loves You by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your mother suggests that you snuggle up together on the couch and watch a movie together, and afterwards asks what you thought of the film, giggling when you say that you barely watched any of it! She asks what could have distracted you, slyly letting her robe fall open a bit more to reveal her lingerie... You feel shy and embarrassed but she reassures you that it's fine, she's known for a while now that you have a bit of a crush on her... In fact, she found your mother-son porn collection! You're ashamed and try to downplay it but she leans in closer to you and whispers that it's not a big deal, lots of boys get boners for their mummies and she's actually very flattered.... She has to admit that she's noticed you too, and all she wants to do is make you happy.... She asks if you want to get your cock out for her and when you do she's stunned by how big and hard it is! She begins to strip off for you, talking lovingly as you stroke your cock and confessing that it's making her pussy incredibly wet to see you touching yourself for her. She instructs you to jack off to her tights, bouncing and shaking them in your face, before saying she can't take it any more and she's going to ride you now. She makes you get down on the floor and gently and lovingly starts to ride your cock, being very sweet and caring and gradually going faster and harder. You spurt a load into her pussy but she asks if you could go again and keeps you inside her until you're ready, riding you again until you cum a second time deep inside your mother!
duration 10:04
Working Out for my Valentine's Sweets video from Wood
Working Out for my Valentine's Sweets by Wood It's Valentines Day and Wood's SSBBW girlfriend Brianna has something extra special in store for her! Wood has gained quite a bit of weight already and has a huge sweet tooth, so needless to say Valentines Day is one of her favorite holidays. So when Wood spies a plate of delicious brownie bites, she can't help but get really excited. But there's a catch! For this Valentine's Day, Brianna tells Wood that she has to work for her treats. For every brownie there is, Wood has to do a sit-up! She says that they've both been getting pretty tubby just sitting around, ordering takeout, and watching Netflix all the time. And to keep up with such a huge SSBBW babe of a girlfriend, Wood really needs to keep up her fitness. After all, someone has to be the one to run out to get more food and also stay active to take care of her! She can still gain weight, because they love being soft fat girlfriends, but Wood needs to get a little more in shape if they want to both continue gaining. Wood is okay with this -- at the end of the day, she's still getting her snacks and she's super food-motivated already. She takes it as a challenge to see if she can even still do that many sit-ups at all! Luckily, Wood has a lot of positive reinforcement. Not only is there food waiting for her after every situp, but her SSBBW girlriends big belly too! With every situp she gets a bite to eat and a little bit of time to worship her girlfriend's tummy. Maybe if this is how exercising is gonna be, Wood might have to make an exception and give in to working out a little more. BBW/SSBBW lesbian roleplay with mild work-outs, fat chat and weight gain talk, lots of belly play and teasing, feeding, and jiggling. Super sensual! Featuring SSBBW Brianna

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