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duration 30:07
Hairy Pussy Creampie with Cum Countdown video from Amber Adams
Hairy Pussy Creampie with Cum Countdown by Amber Adams I am wearing a white lace Victoria's Secret Lingerie set. I show you my thick and curvy body and tease my nipples for a few minutes. I love massaging my triple D breasts and making my nipples hard and tender. I show off my big ass, giving you a nice view before reaching back to feel my pussy. As expected its already soaked. I begin touching myself while soft moans escape me. I can't wait to feel a cock inside me. Letting my greediness for pleasure take over me, I use a vibrator to first massage my clit. I love the way it feels. It make my pussy more wet and red and even slightly swollen, ready and craving a hard cock. I use a white dildo first in missionary, and then slightly from the side once I add the vibrator back in the mix. I can't help but whimper and moan as I please myself to an orgasm. Then I do a blowjob, hoping you'll imagine my mouth wrapped around your cock. pleasing you, making you harder and harder while I take you in my throat and suck every inch of your cock. I love the way you grow in my mouth. Then I ride it, loving the feeling of sliding my pussy up and down, down and up again. I grip onto my headboard and can't help but moan and whimper as my pussy is filled again and again. Then, I trade my dildo out for an ejaculating one, wishing it was your cock filling me with cum. I let you watch my pussy grip onto it while I ride it in reverse cowgirl. I count down from ten, demanding that when you get to one you release every drop of that cum into my pussy. I lay on my back and let you watch as my tight, and now sensitive pussy pushes the cum back out. I rub my clit to orgasm, asking if you like how I get off, so quickly at that, to your cum inside me.
duration 44:42
Hiring Your Escort Daughter video from Fiona Dagger
Hiring Your Escort Daughter by Fiona Dagger **If you're a fan of my taboo content, check out my taboo (bro/sis, daddy/daughter, mom/son and more!) roleplay stuff at JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger !** (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and has a long build up section of talking, flirting etc - the explicit action starts at minute 18) Your daughter is getting ready for an appointment with a new client, and as she sensuously gets dressed and does her makeup she reminisces about her estranged father and how she looks for similar qualities in all the men she dates. She thinks about how she misses him, and how much she resents her mother for pushing you away from her and saying that your relationship was inappropriate. Once she's ready, she makes her way to the hotel, and is stunned into silence when you open the door. At first she assumes she must have got the wrong room, and tries to leave, feeling embarrassed about her attire and what you must think, but you calm her down and invite her into the room to talk. Once inside, you explain to her that you hadn't realised it was your daughter you were booking - you just thought it was someone who looked a lot like her, it's been years since you two have seen each other, after all! This reassures her a little, but she questions you about why you would hire someone who looked like her - isn't that a bit strange? You admit to her that you tend to favour girls who look like her, and that you've always found her beautiful. She begins to relax and warm up, and tentatively asks you more questions, trying to seek out your true feelings. She mentions how her mother was always suspicious of your intentions towards her, and when you admit that perhaps there was some truth in that, she seems relieved and excited; confessing to you that she always felt drawn towards you, probably more so than a daughter should. As you catch up she moves closer and closer to you, until you're both confessing your desire for each other. She shyly suggests that since you hired her to do a job, she could go ahead and do so... If you'd still be okay with that. She tells you how much she wants you, and how she's felt guilty about it for years, but she doesn't want to feel bad about it any more. She peels off her dress and kneels down to show you how much she's missed you, worshipping your cock and asking if she's better than her mother, and than the other girls you've hired. She then begs to be able to sit on your face, confessing that it's been a fantasy for years, and climbs atop you so that you can lick her soaking wet pussy. Soon she can't hold back any more and simply must have you inside her, and she rides your cock in cowgirl, telling you how much she's missed you and how amazing it feels to have you inside her at last. You then bend her over the bed and pound her pussy, and she gets wilder and wilder as you do so, begging you to use her like a slut and do whatever you want to her - and after you've made her cum hard, you surprise her by sliding your cock into her asshole without warning! She loves it and tells you to use her holes however you'd like, only asking that she can look into your face as you cum, so you flip her onto her back and keep pounding her tight ass. As you get close she admits that she's not on birth control but she doesn't care, she's desperate to feel you filling her pussy with cum, so you pull out of her ass and slide back into her wet pussy, pounding until both of you cum together!
duration 16:19
Accidentally Fucking My Brother video from Fiona Dagger
Accidentally Fucking My Brother by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You and your sister are hanging out in your room when an earthquake hits! Your sister is so scared and distacted that she forgets to keep her legs closed, and you realise that she's not wearing any panties under her skirt. She notices that you hurt your leg during the quake and makes you take off your jeans so she can examine and massage your injury; completely unaware that she's giving you a great view of her pussy. She's just beginning to calm down when other quake hits, and she instinctively jumps into your lap! The room is shaking so violently, and your sister is squirming in panic so much, that her pussy grinds into your crotch and pushes down your boxers! For a few moments her bare pussy is grinding and rubbing into your hard cock as she twitches in fear, then as another big shockwave hits, your cock slips inside her! She's so distracted that she doesn't seem to notice until the earthquake finally calms, then she awkwardly mentions to you how you've gone inside of her. She says she's too scared to get down from your lap yet, and she knows it was only an accident that you ended up inside her, so it's fine, you can stay like that for a bit as long as you try not to move too much! But soon you both find yourself distractedly grinding on each other as you wait nervously to see if the quake will return, and the grinding gradually becomes more and more intense until your sister has to admit that you've pretty much started fucking each other now! She says you definitely shouldn't be doing this, but as you've started now and it feels so nice, you might as well carry on for a bit - just as long as you don't cum in her! She begins riding your cock in earnest, reminding you often that it's fine as long as you don't cum in her pussy, then you flip her onto her back to pound her in missionary for a while. She then demands to get back on top and quickly cums on your cock, which sets you off! She tries to tell you not to cum but it's too late and you flood her pussy with your seed as she moans and grinds on you, telling you that you'll both have to make sure this stays a secret!
duration 32:42
Transformation - The Bully Never Stops video from Bella Bates

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