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duration 43:50
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes video from Fiona Dagger
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and starts out with a soothing almost ASMR vibe, then gets sexual) You're going for a massage and decide to try a new parlour you've heard good things about - when you get there the masseuse checks you in, talks you through the styles and options of massages and treatments offered, and then explains that this is a bit of a special salon - rather than guys coming in and getting a massage and then hoping they'll get a happy ending, here they like to give you a bespoke menu of sexual options up front so you can really tailor your experience and get everything you want! She goes through a list of questions with you and you settle on a hand, foot and ear aromatherapy massage with 3 orgasms, missionary and cowgirl positions, lots of ass fucking, ass to mouth, deep eye contact, and pussy fucking and then impregnation, with the masseuse continuing the massage whilst fucking you! Your masseuse seems excited to begin your treatment and tells you to go into the next room and get comfortable and she'll be in shortly. When you've stripped off and laid down on the treatment bed she comes in and soothingly begins to massage you, giving you a few minutes of relaxing massage before she starts to get more sexual. Once she notices your cock is starting to get hard she takes off her uniform and hops up on the bed, continuing to massage your hands whilst she ass fucks you in cowgirl. She keeps up talking to you the whole time, making sure you're happy with the pressure of the massage and telling you about the benefits of getting treatments like this regularly, then when you cum she sucks your cock quickly, cleaning her ass off it. She asks if you're ready for cum number 2 and gets on her back for you to fuck her ass again in missionary! You cum again in her ass and again she cleans her ass off your cock with her mouth, then gets back on top of you for more anal cowgirl, riding you harder this time and getting dirtier with her talking! She begs you to cum in deep inside her so she can taste her ass on your cock again, and after cum number 3 you tell her you'd like to impregnate her now so she slides your cock into her pussy and rides you in cowgirl until you fill her pussy with your seed! She tells you she'll let you cool off in her ass for a bit and slowly rocks up and down on your cock, when you surprise her with a 4th cum in her asshole! She laughs and cleans you up, wiping you down with a warm towel and telling you she hopes you enjoyed your treatment today and you'll return soon to see her.
duration 43:43
School Nurse Sex Education video from Fiona Dagger
School Nurse Sex Education by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've been sent to the school nurse because you've been having problems with getting erections in class, and when you get to the nurse's office you're feeling embarrassed but she immediately reassures you that it's perfectly normal. She offers to talk you through everything you need to know about safe sex and give you a comprehensive lesson in the various ways of achieving sexual pleasure by yourself or with a partner. She's very calm and soothing throughout and begins by explaining the female body to you, using her own body to show you what she means, before talking to you about masturbation. She demonstrates a handjob on you and gets you to ejaculate into a tissue, then asks you if you feel like you'd be able to ejaculate more. You say yes so she goes on to demonstrate a blowjob, and after you've cum from that asks you if you know much about condoms or other methods of contraception. She demonstrates a condom for you, putting it onto your penis, before allowing you to fuck her in missionary, giving you soothing instructions all the while. After you've cum into the condom she tells you there's one more method of safe sex she needs to explain to you, and that's anal sex. She chats with you about different positions you can perform anal in and how to do it safely, and then offers to show you a few positions. She shows you doggy, reverse cowgirl, and then anal missionary, and each time after you cum she cleans her ass off your penis with her mouth. By this time you've cum 6 times and you're exhausted, so even though you've missed loads of class she tells you to relax and take a nap in her office, and she'll clean you up while you do. She says she'll wake you in an hour or so and you can go back to your classes - but if you have any more questions or more trouble with persistent erections to be sure to come back to her office and she'll sort you out!
duration 17:41
Alice's Adventures in Riding Cock video from MaeDoll
Alice's Adventures in Riding Cock by MaeDoll Miss Alice is all grown up but that doesn't mean she's any less curious c; Today she's feeling super playful, cute and of course curious.... The video starts out with a tease and show off of the adorable outfit, spotted panties, socks and all. Alice is eager to tease, jumping and twirling around, giving you an abundance of upskirt glances. All this teasing has made Alice all hot n' bothered, she spreads her legs and plays with her pussy through her panties, smiling and giggling the whole way through. Oh my, look what Alice has found! An 8 inch King Cock! She gets right to licking and teasing the dildo, lots of eye contact with the camera as the tease turns to a messy blowjob. Alice struggles to fit the big cock deeper into her mouth and gags a few times. She changes positions to sit back and tease herself through her panties some more while sucking the big cock, you can see her getting wet! Finally Alice can't take it anymore and pulls her panties aside and gets ready for her new experience with cock. The big dick stretching her tight hole feels so good that sweet little Alice starts to talk dirty! (lots of moaning, dirty talking and some daddy talk here) Next position she rides cowgirl, rubbing her clit she can't believe how good it feels. Alice tries reverse cowgirl, and off go the panties for a perfect view of her ass bouncing up and down. She's so close now! Last position Alice fucks herself in is doggystyle, the cock goes much deeper now. Alice says awful dirty things up until a climax. To finish off she cleans the cock off, tasting herself and smiling sweetly, dripping sweat, she'd be happy to take this adventure over and over again.

Video contains: Upskirt tease, blowjob, 8 inch dildo, dildo fucking, dildo riding, reverse riding, doggystyle, eye contact, spit and dirty talk (some daddy talk) (I had to lower the quality on the file to be able to upload it, if you want the 1080 p HD after purchasing, just contact me and I'll send it to you!)

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