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duration 23:54
Fucked By Your Doctor Mom video from Fiona Dagger
Fucked By Your Doctor Mom by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your mother comes home from her job at the hospital and informs you that it's time for her to have a look over your balls and make sure everything's ok down there - you protest but she firmly tells you to stop being silly, there's no need to feel embarrassed. She makes you drop your trousers and examines your testicles, squeezing and checking them for lumps. She asks you some embarrassing questions about your masturbation habits, and then informs you that she's decided it would be a good idea to perform a virility test! She wants to make sure everything is running smoothly and so wants to see how easy you cum and how quickly you can cum again afterwards. You feel a bit awkward about this but she insists, and uses her hand to work your cock until you cum, talking sweetly to you the whole time. After you've cum she insists on further tests, this time using her mouth! She takes off her shirt to help you get hard and sucks your cock until you've cum once more. You're finding it difficult to get hard again after two orgasms so she strips off and bounces her ass for you until you're erect again, then rides your cock until you've cum for a third time. She asks you if you think you could still cum again and you tell her you're not sure but you think so, so she makes you fuck her doggystyle until you cum for a fourth time! Finally she's satisfied that you're healthy and virile and suggests you both take a shower together to clean off before she makes dinner..
duration 11:31
Riding Step Bro For A Ride video from LeilaCherryXXX
Riding Step Bro For A Ride by LeilaCherryXXX Hey step bro! Would You do me a massive favor and give me a ride to the beach? Sara and Natalie want me to come and—what do you mean you won’t? Dad and mom aren't awake so they can’t drive me. Come on don’t be such a loser. Well cancel your plans! This is important to me I want everyone to see my new outfit. Okay whatever what do I have to do to get you to drive me? Hm? Clean your room for a week? Do your homework? Fuck you? No you’ve got to be kidding me I’m not doing that. Absolutely not, I’m your sister that’s fucking gross. “We’re not related” so? Our parents our still married. But I really do wanna go to the beach… Promise you won’t tell ANYONE about this okay? We just get it over with then you take me there, yeah? Alright take your cock out so I can suck you off. Oh wow it’s so much bigger than I expected! It’s actually pretty nice. Let me see how it tastes. Mmmm step bro your cock feels so good in my mouth. Yeah you like that? You like fucking your step sister’s mouth? I'm starting to get into this now. Maybe I like sucking your dick. This is still so gross though. Get inside of my pussy you’re making me wet. Shhh come on we have to keep quiet or else they’ll hear us in the next room. We can’t wake them up or they’ll see what we’re doing. They’ll probably ground us for life! God this is so wrong I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m fucking my step brother’s big fat cock and I love it! Oh my god you feel so good fuck it I don’t care if they hear us anymore. Step bro you’re filling my pussy up so good with your dick. Let me take off this bikini bottom I don’t want it in the way while I’m riding you. I can’t believe you wanted to fuck your step sister. Your dick is so hard for me. You’re such a perv! Fuck I wanna make you cum for me. I want you to cum inside me, fuck it I’m on birth control. Fill your step sister’s pussy with your hot cum. Bust a fat nut inside of me. I wanna feel you filling me with your cum. You’re gonna cum for me? Yeah I bet you are it feels so dirty to fuck your step sister you can’t help it. Come on step bro fill me up. Yeah just like that! Oh my god I can’t believe you came inside me, you perv. Fuck that was so hot. Alright let’s go to the beach.
duration 15:35
Our Last Chance For Impregnation video from BlackxRose92
Our Last Chance For Impregnation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "I just had a vasectomy a week ago so we don't have the all clear yet. We don't know if it worked or not (but either way I've still probably got some swimmers left). It has been, however, just long enough that we can have sex- You're extra horny because...

Faced with the thought of never being pregnant again, you think it may have been a mistake to have the vasectomy. You realize that if you're going to get pregnant again- we need to start doing it now- and that secretly you really do love being pregnant, especially since it's such a turn on for me- and you bashfully admit it. You know the mere thought of getting you pregnant is a major turn on and play that up as you convince me to cum in you without a condom before the "all clear" from the post-vasectomy test.

You admit you love being pregnant- you love the curves and you love the big preggo belly. You love how sexy you feel with a bump, the extra curves of your ass, and how full your tits feel. You love how good sex feels when you're pregnant and how much you crave my cock.

You undress from your "mom outfit" of a graphic tee and leggings to your simple boyshorts underwear and bra, which show off your amazing ass and begin to trace your fingers up and down your stomach, talking about how you remember me being so turned on by your bump- and that maybe if I cum in you deep enough tonight I can live out that fantasy again in a few months. You even tease me by pushing your stomach out, begging me to fill you with my cum and put a baby in you.

Your tits come out and you grope them the way you want me to and you notice how hard I'm getting. You finally remove your underwear and play with yourself, standing just far enough away that I can't grab you, pushing your tits up with your arms as your fingers find your clit. You moan a little- driving me crazy. You tell me I can't touch- not yet, not until I promise to cum deep inside you and knock you up.

I'm not completely convinced, so you get on your knees, take out my cock and use your mouth a different way (rather than talking)- thinking maybe this will convince me to forego the condom. You can't keep it up for long though. You've got me so turned on, thinking about knocking you up, that my dick is huge.

You whisper to me that you're ovulating and that there are probably a few swimmers left but that I need to cum really deep into you if I wanna knock you up. You want to feel my cum deep inside you and keep it there- hoping to get pregnant again tonight.

I agree at last and you guide my dick, still wet from your mouth, into you. It hurts a bit- I haven't been this hard in awhile- probably because neither of us like condoms. That sensation only last for a few seconds before I start plunging my cock as deep into you as I can. You have a very small orgasm quickly as your tight pussy wraps around my cock. You swear you can feel the build up of cum as a I pound you harder and harder.

It feels so good to fuck without a condom again- you're getting so wet. It's amazing to feel this close. You decide to straddle me, pushing my cock deeper into you. You grind, rhythmical, back and forth gaining speed and depth with each pulse. You stop sharply and stifle a scream as I thrust deeper into you at the just right moment at just the right angle and you have another orgasm. This time it's complete and you ride it out as it slowly fades leaving you breathless and shaking just a little. It's almost too much, but you want to get pregnant tonight.

You decide it's my turn to cum- you should be plenty wet and my cum should get even deeper into you. You lay onto your back and I slide back in and begin pounding you.

You can feel me start to cum and beg me to get you pregnant. You erupt with another intense orgasm out of nowhere. You can feel my huge, multiple loads, filling you up. This sensation pushed you, almost violently, into that surprise orgasm.

Finished, I pull back to watch you try to keep all my cum in but you turned me on so much, and I haven't been allowed to cum since the procedure, that it's a massive amount. Some of it leaks out, which you rub on your clit- sending shivers throughout your body. That last orgasm was so intense, your body feels electric and even the thought of cumming again is too much. Instead, you admire, proudly, how much cum you got out of me and wonder if this much got out, how much is inside of you?

You tell me you, exhausted and almost delirious, that you can feel my cum inside of you- finding its way deeper up into you. You gently caress your abdomen, looking at me with a smirk and sultry eyes. We both know, that it may have been stupid, but you're probably pregnant now. You tell me you can't wait to show off your bump- how crazy it'll make me. You lay there a bit longer, letting the last of my cum that's going to escape out while the rest of it stays deep inside you.

But now, it's time for Netflix and ice cream- maybe the cravings are starting already. And if you're not pregnant now, there's still a few weeks before I'm supposed to go in for the vasectomy follow up... plenty of time to try again."
duration 24:19
Moving Day feat Misty Grand and Isaac Morningwood video from The Lust Garden
Moving Day feat Misty Grand and Isaac Morningwood by The Lust Garden Misty and Isaac, a real-life couple and first time porn performers, are moving cross country in a hippie van. As they are packing they find a lace pair of panties, a tail and ear set, some blindfolds and cuffs, and Misty’s favorite silk gloves. They decide to try them on, striping out of their casual clothes and treating their bodies with the lush items. After seeing each other enjoy the charade, they begin to kiss. Holding Misty by her neck, Isaac kisses her skin from her ear down her chest. He pushes her against the boxes and pulls up her skirt, running his fingers through her hairy blonde bush. He begins to eat her out so intensely that her shakes cause the boxes to rip. Suddenly packing peanuts cover the floor, and they fuck doggie style over the mess. Isaac pulls Misty’s hair as she moans with ecstasy, pulling her body close to his. He then guides her mouth to his cock and she swallows his entire shaft with ease. Peanuts sticking to their bodies, they move to the couch and fuck more with Misty riding Isaac, her beautiful phoenix tattoo draping her back and complimenting her round ass. Isaac comes inside of Misty with his hands wrapped in a fistful of her hair. He immediately goes down on her again, making her come in his mouth. They lounge on the couch, cuddling and giggling at the mess they’ve made. After a moment of relaxation, Isaac decides it’s time to start cleaning up and packing more, which includes putting Misty away. He wraps her body completely in moving wrap and stuffs her in a box named ‘Toys.’ 24:19 HD.
duration 21:19
BBW Home Wrecker Needs Impregnation POV video from Gwen Adora
BBW Home Wrecker Needs Impregnation POV by Gwen Adora Your girlfriend's best friend is back again for more of your cum, but this time things are different. Since we last left off, you've gotten engaged, and I've become your fiance's maid of honour. But our fun doesn't stop here. It's not really cheating until you're officially married, right? I have a proposal, a fuck proposal, if you will. You tell your fiance you want the next time you fuck to be on your special day, and until then I can be your creampie mistress to help you fulfill any needs you have. That's what maids of honours are supposed to do anyway, right? Help send the invitations, plan the guest list, and, of course, take the grooms fertile loads. How about we add more risk though? If you get me pregnant (which you know you want to) and I become your bride instead. I know you get off to impregnating me, so you kinda have to say "I do." TAGS: home wrecker, creampie, wedding fetish, wedding dress, blackmail fantasy, impregnation fantasy, bride, transfer fetish, tease and denial, seduction, pregnant, cheating wife, cheating, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, pussy play, pussy denial, bloated belly, belly fetish, countdown, games, cum play, curvy, creampie, cream pie, creamy, feet, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot play, foot worship, custom, HD, booty call, virtual sex, BBW, redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, bouncing boobs, big ass, PAWG, big butts, eye fetish, eyelash fetish, blue eyes, lingerie, POV, games, edging games, masturbation games,
duration 43:43
School Nurse Sex Education video from Fiona Dagger
School Nurse Sex Education by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've been sent to the school nurse because you've been having problems with getting erections in class, and when you get to the nurse's office you're feeling embarrassed but she immediately reassures you that it's perfectly normal. She offers to talk you through everything you need to know about safe sex and give you a comprehensive lesson in the various ways of achieving sexual pleasure by yourself or with a partner. She's very calm and soothing throughout and begins by explaining the female body to you, using her own body to show you what she means, before talking to you about masturbation. She demonstrates a handjob on you and gets you to ejaculate into a tissue, then asks you if you feel like you'd be able to ejaculate more. You say yes so she goes on to demonstrate a blowjob, and after you've cum from that asks you if you know much about condoms or other methods of contraception. She demonstrates a condom for you, putting it onto your penis, before allowing you to fuck her in missionary, giving you soothing instructions all the while. After you've cum into the condom she tells you there's one more method of safe sex she needs to explain to you, and that's anal sex. She chats with you about different positions you can perform anal in and how to do it safely, and then offers to show you a few positions. She shows you doggy, reverse cowgirl, and then anal missionary, and each time after you cum she cleans her ass off your penis with her mouth. By this time you've cum 6 times and you're exhausted, so even though you've missed loads of class she tells you to relax and take a nap in her office, and she'll clean you up while you do. She says she'll wake you in an hour or so and you can go back to your classes - but if you have any more questions or more trouble with persistent erections to be sure to come back to her office and she'll sort you out!
duration 43:50
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes video from Fiona Dagger
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and starts out with a soothing almost ASMR vibe, then gets sexual) You're going for a massage and decide to try a new parlour you've heard good things about - when you get there the masseuse checks you in, talks you through the styles and options of massages and treatments offered, and then explains that this is a bit of a special salon - rather than guys coming in and getting a massage and then hoping they'll get a happy ending, here they like to give you a bespoke menu of sexual options up front so you can really tailor your experience and get everything you want! She goes through a list of questions with you and you settle on a hand, foot and ear aromatherapy massage with 3 orgasms, missionary and cowgirl positions, lots of ass fucking, ass to mouth, deep eye contact, and pussy fucking and then impregnation, with the masseuse continuing the massage whilst fucking you! Your masseuse seems excited to begin your treatment and tells you to go into the next room and get comfortable and she'll be in shortly. When you've stripped off and laid down on the treatment bed she comes in and soothingly begins to massage you, giving you a few minutes of relaxing massage before she starts to get more sexual. Once she notices your cock is starting to get hard she takes off her uniform and hops up on the bed, continuing to massage your hands whilst she ass fucks you in cowgirl. She keeps up talking to you the whole time, making sure you're happy with the pressure of the massage and telling you about the benefits of getting treatments like this regularly, then when you cum she sucks your cock quickly, cleaning her ass off it. She asks if you're ready for cum number 2 and gets on her back for you to fuck her ass again in missionary! You cum again in her ass and again she cleans her ass off your cock with her mouth, then gets back on top of you for more anal cowgirl, riding you harder this time and getting dirtier with her talking! She begs you to cum in deep inside her so she can taste her ass on your cock again, and after cum number 3 you tell her you'd like to impregnate her now so she slides your cock into her pussy and rides you in cowgirl until you fill her pussy with your seed! She tells you she'll let you cool off in her ass for a bit and slowly rocks up and down on your cock, when you surprise her with a 4th cum in her asshole! She laughs and cleans you up, wiping you down with a warm towel and telling you she hopes you enjoyed your treatment today and you'll return soon to see her.
duration 21:04
PAWG Booty Call Ends in Impregnation POV video from Gwen Adora
PAWG Booty Call Ends in Impregnation POV by Gwen Adora Practice Makes Pregnant |||||||| I'm feeling incredibly horny and can't get to bed; so I decide to give you a call. I know you're my best friend's boyfriend, but who else am I supposed to go to? Please can you come over to help? We can play a game while you're here... You quickly decide to leave your girlfriend in bed to come and see me. I'm waiting with my legs spread open on the bed for you. I tease you and tell you to come eat my delicious fertile pussy, which you happily oblige. After some foreplay, I'm ready to have your cock, and bring out a condom for us to use. We should really use it, it's way to risky for us not to.. ugh I wish we didn't have to though. Oh well, I'll still be happy to feel your cock inside me regardless. You slide inside me in the missionary position and fuck me slowly, but I as much as I'm enjoying it I really want you to to take the condom off. I can't take it and remove it for you, and tell you we can put it back on in a bit; I just need to feel you bare cock first. You get on top of me and really start fucking me, my big boobs are bouncing everywhere as I look into your eyes. I don't care now; I want you to creampie me. We're both getting closer now, and fuckkkk you cum all inside me, letting your sperm slide inside my pussy. Mmmm fuck, that was amazing. You're going to have to leave your girlfriend now, we've played baby roulette and we lost - or did we win? ;) Tags: impregnation fantasy, blackmail fantasy, transfer fetish, tease and denial, seduction, pregnant, cheating wife, cheating, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, pussy play, pussy denial, bloated belly, belly fetish, countdown, games, cum play, curvy, creampie, cream pie, creamy, feet, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot play, foot worship, custom, HD, booty call, virtual sex, BBW, redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, bouncing boobs, big ass, PAWG, big butts, eye fetish, eyelash fetish, blue eyes, lingerie, POV, games, edging games, masturbation games,

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