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duration 11:31
Riding Step Bro For A Ride video from Leila Cherry
Riding Step Bro For A Ride by Leila Cherry Hey step bro! Would You do me a massive favor and give me a ride to the beach? Sara and Natalie want me to come and—what do you mean you won’t? Dad and mom aren't awake so they can’t drive me. Come on don’t be such a loser. Well cancel your plans! This is important to me I want everyone to see my new outfit. Okay whatever what do I have to do to get you to drive me? Hm? Clean your room for a week? Do your homework? Fuck you? No you’ve got to be kidding me I’m not doing that. Absolutely not, I’m your sister that’s fucking gross. “We’re not related” so? Our parents our still married. But I really do wanna go to the beach… Promise you won’t tell ANYONE about this okay? We just get it over with then you take me there, yeah? Alright take your cock out so I can suck you off. Oh wow it’s so much bigger than I expected! It’s actually pretty nice. Let me see how it tastes. Mmmm step bro your cock feels so good in my mouth. Yeah you like that? You like fucking your step sister’s mouth? I'm starting to get into this now. Maybe I like sucking your dick. This is still so gross though. Get inside of my pussy you’re making me wet. Shhh come on we have to keep quiet or else they’ll hear us in the next room. We can’t wake them up or they’ll see what we’re doing. They’ll probably ground us for life! God this is so wrong I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m fucking my step brother’s big fat cock and I love it! Oh my god you feel so good fuck it I don’t care if they hear us anymore. Step bro you’re filling my pussy up so good with your dick. Let me take off this bikini bottom I don’t want it in the way while I’m riding you. I can’t believe you wanted to fuck your step sister. Your dick is so hard for me. You’re such a perv! Fuck I wanna make you cum for me. I want you to cum inside me, fuck it I’m on birth control. Fill your step sister’s pussy with your hot cum. Bust a fat nut inside of me. I wanna feel you filling me with your cum. You’re gonna cum for me? Yeah I bet you are it feels so dirty to fuck your step sister you can’t help it. Come on step bro fill me up. Yeah just like that! Oh my god I can’t believe you came inside me, you perv. Fuck that was so hot. Alright let’s go to the beach.
duration 17:31
The Accidental Digestion video from BlackxRose92
The Accidental Digestion by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "We live in a world composed of giantesses and humans coexisting together. Giantesses are obviously the dominant species on the planet and have a long history of eating humans, but, in modern times, the only humans allowed to be consumed are ones that give their written or recorded verbal consent. There is also a porn industry dedicated to giantesses and the humans they dominate, which is a lucrative source of income for humans brave enough to do it. I’m a tiny human whose wife has convinced me to become a human porn model to get more money so we can start a family , but what I don’t know is that she secretly has a huge vore and toilet fetish. T he real reason we’re having money problems is s he has secretly been spending huge amounts of money on porn, and she really just wants to see me get eaten. You are my wife’s favorite giantess porn producer and you work with two types of humans depending on the type of film you’re making. They always need to consent to be eaten, but there is also a special group that will consent to being digested too. These are much more rare and valuable, so giantesses always take the opportunity to get one, and the humans’ families get paid a huge sum of money after they’re eaten. My wife has conspired with you to not only pressure me into consenting to being eaten in a film, but also to trick me into consenting to be digested; that way you’ll get to make a more valuable “ real digestion” film (plus get a meal out of it) while my wife will get a ton of money and also get off to seeing me get eaten. First scene: 5 minutes You’re standing above me, and you welcome me to your studio, commenting on how delicious I look and how you’re viewers are just going to LOVE watching me get gulped down into your gut (you pat your tummy). After this, you tell me that, during the clip, I’ll get swallowed whole and then coughed back up after t he camera cuts , so I have nothing to worry about. You then say you’ll need to record my verbal consent to being eaten to make sure you don’t get in trouble, so you aim your phone at me, and tell me to repeat after you: “ I give my full consent to be swallowed by Rose.” I agree and say that to your phone camera. Second scene: 5 minutes You look down at me with a smile, tell me your name is Rose, and greet me warmly. Seeing how excitedly I greet you back, you look curious and ask me why I’m so excited; aren’t I scared? You are very amused by this little misunderstanding, so you play along, pretending to be the Goddess. You say that, as a Goddess, you are pleased that my people have kept up the traditional retelling of your story so that they may be ready to serve your body. Showing off and rubbing your tummy, you tell me how hungry you’ve gotten after all these years, and you ask me if I am ready to feed you . I say I’m ready! Turning around, you show off your ass and me if I’m ready to be turned into your digestion matter and to be squeezed out of your perfect ass. I say that I’m ready! Lowering your face down to me, you demand that, if I’m ready, I should repeat after you: “ Rose, I give you my full consent to digest me.” I say it. Smiling, you say, “That’s perfect; now walk in!” You open your mouth, and I walk in. GULP! Third scene Now lounging you’re slowly rubbing/patting your tummy and occasionally belching while you enjoy the feeling of having me in your stomach. I’ve been in there for about 10 minutes now, and you suddenly feel me start to twitch a little bit. Surprised and amused, you say that I’m probably wondering why you haven’t spat me up yet. You then proceed to explain that you’re not going to be gagging me up; my WIFE was the special client! She set up this whole thing because she has a secret vore fetish and wanted to see me get eaten while get ting rich in the process! I scream, and it’s assumed you can hear me when I say that I didn’t agree for you to digest me! You’ll go to jail! You respond to this by asking me if I remember how, during the video, I gave you consent to digest me? You even showed off your tummy and ass to make it clear I was gonna be your booty funk, and I still consented! You tell me to face the fact that I’m LEGALLY FOOD now, and the only difference between me and your burger from lunch time is that I’m not in your intestines yet. Finally, you tell me that, as a special request from my wife that you wouldn’t normally accommodate, you’re going to digest my remains into her garden. So that part was actually true; I really will be fertilizer tomorrow!"
duration 33:25
Lil Sis Big Sis Taboo Bikini Fuck video from Leila Cherry
Lil Sis Big Sis Taboo Bikini Fuck by Leila Cherry While your parents are away you and your sisters plan a trip to the beach. Your big sis (Little Puck) is so excited to spend time alone together. There's so many things she wants to do together. Puck has a big crush on you and is saving her virginity for her little brother and wants to finally give it to you while you're alone. Your little sister (Leila Cherry) walks in dressed in a super slutty bikini that immediately catches your eye. Puck looks so covered up compared to Leila, she points out how slutty she looks. Leila gets worried that maybe the bikini may come off at the beach so she twerks for you to check and make sure it doesn't come loose. You're completely distracted by her ass you can't help but stare at it jiggle and shake. The bikini stays intact so Leila feels safe for the beach! Watching her little brother flirt with Leila makes Puck feel insecure so she pretends that she's sick and can't make it to the beach. Your little sister gets concerned and runs off to check on her sister. Puck confesses that she knows you two have been fucking each other and it makes her jealous because she can't be as slutty as Leila. Her little sister lovingly offers to teach Puck how to be a major slut for her brother and catch his eye! She dresses up Puck in slutty bikinis, teaches her how to twerk, touches her, and praises her beautiful body to get her feeling confident enough to finally be deflowered by her brother! Your sister notices you spying on them and gets Puck on her knees ready to please your cock. Puck and Leila give you the hottest sloppy double blowjob with lots of tongue and ahegao faces. Next it's time for you to fuck Leila (virtual sex) while Puck sucks her nipples then you deflower your big sis Puck. Your cock feels so good inside her! Puck wants you to fill her up with a creampie and be a little cum dumpster for her brother. The now cum thirsty Puck slurps up your cum puddle off the bed then your sisters finger themselves until they cum for you. Now that you're fucking your sisters you never need to use your hands! You can jerk off into their pussies and fill them with your cum. (featuring littlepuck.manyvids.com. Shot by xxjalbxx.manyvids.com)
duration 99:41
BBW Sex Party #2 Full Length Film video from TROUBLEfilms QueerPornTV

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