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duration 25:07
Stupid Fuckable Snake Food video from Miss Lollipop
Stupid Fuckable Snake Food by Miss Lollipop Lacey is a jungle babe wandering around looking for Kaa! She's clearly already been put under his spell.. many times before because she has a big stupid grin on her face and she's completely oblivious to the danger she's walking into. When she finds Kaa she tells him that she wants to be his "Fuckable meal for the day". Kaa coils her up happily, then gives her a little appetizer with his cock! She sucks him eagerly, getting more and more stupid and silly until Kaa fills her mouth with snake cum! Kaa tells her since she's had a taste of him, it's his turn to have a taste of her as he swallows her entire head! He releases her - covered in his snakey saliva and she giggles and tells him how much it tickled! But now it's time for Kaa to fuck his meal! Wrapped tightly in his coils Kaa fucks her deep and hard. She can be as loud as she wants and no one from the village will find her! After her *final* orgasm, Kaa cuddles her in a mindless puddle before asking if she's ready to fulfil her role as food. As she smiles and nods, he swallows her whole. Lacey finds herself blissed out, deep in his stomach giggling and horny masturbating mindlessly as she fulfills her destiny to become stupid fuckable snake food! Details! This was a custom video I had so much fun making into a reality. There are no spiral eye effects in this one, but lots of blissed out eye rolling/crossing and smiling! Lots of squicky saliva which covers my whole body at the end! Kaa's dialogue is shown on screen as subtitles. There are a TON of different angles - lots of close ups and wide angles to show me coiled up and fucked in every way possible.
duration 7:19
Slutty Girlfriend Swimsuit Tease JOI video from Dani Sorrento
Slutty Girlfriend Swimsuit Tease JOI by Dani Sorrento We just got back from a day at the pool and I am feeling great. You look a little upset and say that everyone was staring at me. Laughing, I say of course they were! I mean my tiny little swimsuit doesn't leave much to the imagination. I don't think you are upset about it actually, but in fact you are turned on by watching all of those men looking at me. You like watching your girlfriend where a slutty little outfit and show off. Your cock is hard right now. Take it out and start stroking it for me, show me how much you enjoyed watching me at the pool. I'll tease you some more with my tiny slingshot, reminding you how every one was enjoying watching me. Like when I rubbed lotion all over my curves, slowly. Then when I shook off to dry, my tits falling out of my tiny suit. I got turned on too, seeing everyone watching me, unable to look away. When they weren't staring at me, they were looking at you with such jealousy. Knowing that I was going home with you and not them, but how much you wanna bet some of them are jerking off thinking about me right now. Just like you are for me. Keep teasing that dick and I'll let you know when you can come. First, let me get out of this suit so you can enjoy what they couldn't. Seeing everything uncovered as you jerk off for me like a good boy. I know how badly you wanna cum too, but I'll give you a 10 second countdown when it is time. Then you can blow your load for me! (custom clip, dirty talk, teasing, tiny outfit, strip tease, slut talk, bathing suit, swimsuit, slingshot bikini, red lingerie, pigtails, pigtail braids, long hair, brunette, brown eyes, makeup, tall girl, solo female, curvy, thick thighs, bbw, chubby, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, huge ass, jiggling cheeks, titty shaking, nipple play, tattoos, 38dd tits, 52in ass, 32in thighs, barefoot, jerk off encouragement, JOE, JOI, cum countdown, cum encouragement, girlfriend experience, role play, dancing, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)

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