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duration 27:20
#19-18  18yo Arab Amateur Creampie video from Jay Bank
#19-18 18yo Arab Amateur Creampie by Jay Bank (2nd release from set of 8) Hello Everyone. This 18 year old amateur girl contacted me on July 4th when I was home in Detroit for a few days and I jumped on it asap. This video (along with another one - clip #19-17) was shot on July 6th, 2019 in Downtown Detroit. There are an additional set of videos shot as well, please see the ending of this description for the full list. This young amatuer had never done a Boy/Girl shoot like this but she had webcamed a little bit and did a couple blowjob vids with friends. This is probably one of the best pieces of pussy I've had the pleasure of sticking some raw dick into. Her fiance actually came to the shoot with her, and he's featured in the first clip (#19-17) as we are driving around Detroit talking about how we got connected. ALL of that is true, they are really engaged, and he was really sitting in the other room during both shoots. I actually never do that type of thing, it's just not wise because most dudes are weirdo's, but it was the only way this thing was getting done, and I had to get these clips. Anyways.. all of the vids are great, and most of them have UnCut Series offered as well. Thank God... this clip is a creampie. She wanted to do a facial because she's not on birth control, but I told her I'd pass. She decided to go for it.. Thank God. (*And Yes... she's really Arabic) PLEASE NOTE: The full list of scenes shot with this model, as of 9/15/2020 are: #19-17, #19-18, #19-27, #19-28, #19-36. And there are three sets of UnCut Camera bundles from #19-17-UC, #19-18-UC, and #19-27-UC. Thank you!
duration 93:18
#20-14  18auditions Creampie Amateur Blonde x Jay Bank Presents video from Jay Bank
#20-14 18auditions Creampie Amateur Blonde x Jay Bank Presents by Jay Bank Hello Everyone! Sorry about the delay in releasing this video. I lost the files that I had originally edited and had to do everything over again. I apologize. This video is a creampie scene and it's one of three I shot with this model. #20-14 is the very first video in the series, and she's never shot any video with anyone else, though she's done a few personal things for her OnlyFans. The second video in the series is #20-15 and was released a few months ago. You can link to #20-15 here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2318373/20-15-real-creampie-big-ass-amateur/ -- There IS an UnCut bundle for #20-14 which also includes the edited version. You can link to the 7 hour 13 minute 8-Camera UnCut Bundle here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2709141/20-14-UC-7-Hours-Creampie-Amateur/ -- Also, there was an issue with a small, yet important, portion of the POV camera. The section at the very end of the video where the cum drips out of her pussy was corrupted somehow. You can still see a little bit of the drip as I panned out to the Top Right camera and zoomed in. You will see a very massive drip when I first pull my dick out but then she moves her ass in a way that you can't really see much beyond that. At the very end you can see a few drops of nutt dripping from her pussy on the Front camera (I zoomed in) while she was waiting for me to grab some wipes. SO... if seeing the nutt drip from her pussy is paramount to any of you, you may want to reconsider picking up this video, as you will not see that much of it. That being said, the video is LONG.. very very long. And if you like this model I think you'll be happy with the video. PS - the #19-45 Brand New 18auditions Creampie video scheduled for release on Wednesday April 21st @ 6pm Eastern Time WILL be on time. Thank you very much, and have a great day! :)
duration 50:02
#21-8 Big Tit HOT Creampie Amateur video from Jay Bank
#21-8 Big Tit HOT Creampie Amateur by Jay Bank Hello Everyone! This is my brand new 18auditions Creampie release that was shot 2 weeks ago. I had to hold onto it until today. I've already released her blowjob scene, #21-7, and you can find that here: www.manyvids.com/Video/2834965/21-7-Silly-Hot-Big-Titty-Blowjob/ --- #21-8 is REALLY really good, and if you like my stuff you will NOT be disappointed. I also have 3 other scenes from this model coming out one after the other including a 100% Girl Girl scene. (Scenes #21-15, #21-16, & #21-19). I've been wanting to shoot that type of content for a very long time and just haven't had the opportunity until now. I shot 2 full Girl Girl scenes thus far and then a hybrid scene that starts Girl Girl and then added me 1/2 way in or so. Anyways, this model here is exceptionally hot and I have a lot of worked planned with her over the next few months including flying her to NYC to do a bunch of stuff and just hang out. She's actually become a friend of mine and that's not the easiest of things to accomplish lol. If you like my stuff, get this scene. You won't be disappointed. And if you are subscribed to my Membership, you don't need to pay, it's included. Thank you! PS - Check out my OnlyFans @JayBankPresents. I have the LIVE Streams up from our other shoots (#21-15, #21-16, and the Girl Girl #21-19).. I stream almost everything now. You can essentially watch the creation of the scenes live or watch on replay (I archive all the streams and repost to the timeline). I also record to the harddrive and then I'll post that shortly after, generally within a day or two, so that there is no lag in the footage due to bandwidth issues. OnlyFans streaming sucks balls in my experience. So that's my fix! Oh, and I repost a lot of the LIVE Streams here exclusively for my ManyVids Membership Subscribers AND OnlyFans is FREE if you have a ManyVids Membership too! When you see the "OnlyFans.com/JayBankPresents" at the top of the thumbnails, that is what that is. There's a whole bunch of information off the top of my head that you may or may not have wanted to ingest. You're welcome!
duration 71:40
#19-17  18 Year Old Arab Creampie video from Jay Bank
#19-17 18 Year Old Arab Creampie by Jay Bank (1st release from set of 8) Well Everyone.. you just can't make this stuff up (or at least I wouldn't attempt to). This young woman's fiance hit me up on one of my profiles to see if I was interested in shooting her. After looking at her pics I just couldn't say no despite the fact that I was flying out early the next morning to shoot clips #19-19 and #19-20 with another hot amateur teen. The fiance was adamant about being there while we shot, and though that is generally a deal-breaker (and something I had never done that before), I didn't want that to miss out so I went ahead and booked it with the hopes that he wouldn't be a weirdo. I also researched both of them on Facebook before agreeing and they seemed alright. The guy filmed her a few times giving blow jobs to other dudes so I figured he can't go THAT fucking crazy.. can he? Friends told me not to do it, but I had to "make that sale" as they say. I'm the type of guy that will fly half way around the world if I think the girl is hot enough (i.e. 'pre-famous' Rae Lil Black from clips #18-30, #18-30-UC, #18-31, and #18-32, and this latest Chinese girl in Paris that I just shot last week; Clips #19-21, #19-21-UC, #19-22, #19-23, #19-23-UC, #19-24, and #19-24-UC). This particular Arab amateur was absolutely hot enough to risk dealing with a 'flat tire' of a fiance should he have turned out to be one. Everything went great though and both of them were really cool. The guy was so good about everything that I'm actually going to put his ass in one of my videos for the hell of it, employing him as a 'Pipe Delivery Associate'. He is actually in THIS video in the car ride in the very beginning as we cruise through Downtown Detroit (he waited in the other room while both clips were shot). Oh.. and the clip is a creampie.. don't worry! There was NO WAY I wasn't laying some nutt up in that. Zero chance. In fact, at first she said, "No" to the idea, and I said I would pass then. It wasn't a bluff, it's that important. As I've said before... it's God's Will. Take Care! PLEASE NOTE: The full list of scenes shot with this model, as of 9/15/2020 are: #19-17, #19-18, #19-27, #19-28, #19-36. And there are three sets of UnCut Camera bundles from #19-17-UC, #19-18-UC, and #19-27-UC. Thank you!

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