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Free Use Mommy - Extreme Taboo video from Darling Kiyomi
Free Use Mommy - Extreme Taboo by Darling Kiyomi Viewer Discretion Advised! This video contains themes of heavy taboo, reluctance, and blackmail. * After skipping school, you walked in on your mother with a strange man. She's sat you down to talk about it.. to try and explain that your father just doesn't meet her needs anymore. This affair is for the sake of their marriage, for the family. Begging you not to tell him, she begins to offer you anything as you show her videos on your phone you took of the incident. You tell her that unless she gets on her knees and sucks your cock, you'll make sure that he sees it. Reluctantly, she begins to suck your cock. With tears in her eyes, she sucks you off, reminding you of how wrong it is for a mother to do something so disgusting with her son. After making her take her tits out, you cum into her mouth while she begs for you not to do it again. (Scene 2) The next day you walk into the kitchen, and demand your mother does it again. Your cock isn't satisfied, and you're not deleting the videos off your phone until your cock is pleased. She fights you on it, screaming at you about how this can't go on. After ripping her top off, you back her onto the countertops and take whats yours. She reluctantly gives in, and lets you cum over her ass while she pretends not to be cumming all over your cock. (Scene 3) Days later, your mother calls you into her room while your father is away. Stripping away her towel, she reveals herself in tight, lacely lingerie. She can't pretend not to like it anymore. She's addicted to her sons cock.. the way you dominate her. She wants you to fuck her, she wants to feel the cock she made. Suck on the tits you used to feed from, fuck the pussy you once ruined, and give her the dick that she made just for her. Your mother wants you to creampie her, while you kiss her and suck on her tits just like you used to.

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