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Public tail plugs and forced orgasm with Nymph

photo of OrianOrian

18:00 | Added 3 years ago

I have never worn my tail out in public before until now. My new friend and I start off by inserting our plugs and hopping out of the car. After finding a nice place to sit we start showing off our tails. Not long after that, Nymph started in on me with the vibrator right on my clit! But we cant get away with what I want to do here so we find an unoccupied bathroom and I get to take the vibe to Nymph. I even steal a little taste. Finally we head back to the car. I then have all the fun in the world with this new super high tech device. You control the vibration and g-spot stimulation on your phone via bluetooth. I try a few setting on her but after a bit I just cant take it anymore. Watching her and controlling her pleasure made me so wet. I set her on the one that made her squirm most and turn it up. I take the vibrator and begin rubbing it over my clit until we both cum. Hard. And good thing because I truck pulls in next to us seconds after we cum


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