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Twenty Minute Ride on the Motorbunny

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Paris has been invited to shoot a live streaming video of her riding the Motorbunny masturbation machine.  She doesn't believe it's everything people say but her husband convinces her to do it because he knows how horny she stays. She starts off with having multiple orgasms without even taking her dress or panties off, but moves on to get her dress off, then bra as the intensity continues. Lastly she mounts up on the latex cock and it fucks her into orgasm after orgasm till she is completely exhausted. It only took 20 minutes until her milf pussy couldn't take anymore...and she doubted the Motorbunny could please her. For exclusive content of Paris and all her friends, visit our websites at: MsParisandFriends.com and TampaHousewives.com


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