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2020 #Nut4MeNovember Contest
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Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV video from
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV [custom vid] New Gopro Video! POV throughout entire video, no male dialogue [imagined dialogue] female only dialogue, Lesbian sperm donor fantasy roleplay. Originally the video starts with an CNC tone but turns to enjoyment throughout the sex scenes. Vid description: You're lying on your bed relaxing when you hear a knock on the door. In walks your Sister's wife Molly, your sister-in-law. She says she wants to talk to you about something. Her and your sister have been trying to have a baby for a while. As they are a lesbian couple, they need a sperm donor. They've not had much luck so far, so your sister has convinced Molly to come and ask you to be their donor. She's not keen on the idea, but will do anything to make your sister happy and has even come prepared with a sample cup. You agree and she is pleased to hear your decision. She is about to leave you "to it" when you tell her you're having troubles getting hard.. Molly isn't buying it.. but after questioning her on her desire to get pregnant she reluctantly agrees to "help" you.. but she isn't happy. She strips off her clothes and asks if that's enough to get you going.. but its not. You tell her she needs to touch you, which she is grossed out by. She strokes your cock and eventually gives you a blowjob.. despite her disinterest and distain. Now you really want to push your luck, you tell her that you want it inside of her. She thinks about it and agrees as at least your cum will be going directly to the source! She rides you reverse cowgirl and once your big cock is inside of her she starts to really enjoy herself. She moans and even lets you touch her ass. She slides her pussy up and down your cock giving a great view of her asshole. She can't believe she's doing this. Now Molly is really getting into it and asks you to fuck her doggy style. You fuck her from behind as she looks back at you. Finally she gets on her back and you push your cock inside of her and fuck her fast. She wants your cum so badly. You cum inside of her and it pours out of her pussy. Hopefully it will make a baby, just don't tell your sister how it happened!! Tags: british, tattoos, english, cute, pov, pov sex, pov blowjob, handjob, blowjob, brat, cnc, lesbian, lesbian impregnation, sperm donor, donor, sperm, cum, creampie, impregnation, fantasy, fetish, kink, striptease, big dick, big cock, sexy, slut, roleplay.
Best Friends Become Lovers - POV GFE video from
Best Friends Become Lovers - POV GFE [custom vid] COMPLETELY POV for full immersion :) romantic, confessing of love, best friends, gfe, purely pov, montage of sfw shots at the beginning to set narrative, Roleplay, kissing, oral sex, implied female oral sex, cowgirl sex, cuddling, sweet talk. You have known your best friend - Molly for as long as you can remember. You were friends from a young age who have stayed close all of this time. You are always hanging out and making plans together. [beginning montage of friendship moments] You are always there for each other. It’s the evening and you are sat in bed reading one of your favourite books. You hear the door opening downstairs and a “hello?” It’s Molly. She comes upstairs and tells you she left her house keys at work. It’s quite late and she doesn’t want to go all the way back so wondered if she could stay the night? You say yes, of course. She sits on the bed next to you and it looks as if she has something on her mind. She says that she’s been thinking about you a lot lately and finally built up the courage to tell you how she feels. She doesn’t want to just be friends anymore, she wants to take it to the next level. You feel the same way and she is so happy and relieved. She asks if she can kiss you and leans in. You start kissing each other and she leans back to take off her dress. She guides your hand onto her breasts, you caress each one and gently pinch her nipples. She moves down to your trousers and pulls them down. You’re already so excited and she notices. She slowly kisses your cock up and down, taking her time to build up to sucking. She sucks your cock whilst looking up at you. After a while you flip her onto her back and start touching her legs and pussy. You pull her panties aside and rub her clit. You get down between her legs and start to lick her out [implied through camera angle] she moans with pleasure whilst she plays with her nipples. She asks for you to put her fingers inside of her. You put two fingers in as she rubs her clit. It feels so good for her that she can’t help but have an orgasm. Now she wants you inside of her. She climbs on top of you and rides your cock whilst you look up at her. It doesn’t take long for the pace to quicken and you cum inside of her. She hops off of you and gives your cock some tender kisses. After the sex you lie together whilst she wears one of your t-shirts. She strokes your hand on her face and tells you how happy she is and full of excitement!
Scuba Mask Fetish Blowjob video from
Daddys Little Girl Gets Fucked DDLG video from
Daddys Little Girl Gets Fucked DDLG [custom vid] Roleplay Simulation Your little girl has come home from school, she’s wearing the shortest skirt you’ve ever seen. Immediately you confront her about it. She’s argumentative and a total brat about it, rolling her eyes, huffing and crossing her arms. She tells you she’s all grown up now and can wear what she wants! Time to cut that attitude problem down. She asks if she can go to the toilet as she’s desperate.. but you won’t let her. You make her stand there until she pisses herself. She’s embarrassed for a moment but then starts stripping off angrily. You feel your cock getting hard.. she notices and asks if you like what you see. She shows you her big girl panties and teases you, you want to stroke that cock so badly don’t you? She gets onto the bed and spreads her legs, showing off her ‘big girl’ parts. She touches her pink pussy and shows you how naughty she is. You wanna see something cool? She gets into her hands and knees and starts queefing. You like watching her queef and it makes you uncontrollably horny. You can’t take it anymore and you push your huge cock into her tight pussy. She loves it and you pound her in doggy style for a while until she says she wants to ride your cock. She bounces on your huge dick reverse cowgirl so you can see her big round ass and her little holes. You’re getting close to cumming. Are you gonna give your little girl a creampie? She leans back and you thrust her pussy, she counts you down from 10 and you fill her up with your load. You pull out and the cum pours from her pussy. British, tattoos, DDLG, roleplay, fantasy, taboo, ageplay, queefing, pee, piss, wetting, panty wetting, simulated, creampie, brat
A is for Anal - Daddy's Girl Loses Anal Virginity video from
A is for Anal - Daddy's Girl Loses Anal Virginity DDLG/roleplay/anal/simulated sex/imagined dialogue/female only A is for Anal ;) Your little girl has good news! She had her English test results back and she got an A! You knew she would do well, so you had a present ready for her. She’s very eager to see what you got her, but you tell her she needs to get your cock nice and hard first. She eagerly licks, kisses and sucks your cock until you’re throbbing hard. You pass her the gift, there’s a pink buttplug inside! She loves it, although is confused as she has no idea what it is. When you tell her where it goes, she is shocked! She’s never had anything in her butt before!! As she’s such a good girl for Daddy she said she will give it a go. She pushes the buttplug in her tight little asshole and then lies back for you to fill her pussy. She loves having both holes filled. You get her in doggy postion and tell her that you’re going to fuck her ass now. She’s worried, what if you don’t fit? She pulls the buttplug out and you push your cock inside her ass. She makes sounds of pleasure and is so suprised to find out it feels amazing. You pound her ass and she cums so quickly. She tells you to fill her ass with your cum as you explode inside of her. She can’t wait for next time! Daddy’s girl is going to be a bit of an anal slut! Tags: British, English, accent, tattoos, ddlg, daddys girl, babygirl, simulated sex, dildo, anal, ass fucking, first time, roleplay, cute

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About Me

Joined Sep.26, 2019

Hi! I’m Molly Darling. An innocent-looking baby princess who is actually complete filth underneath.

I am a “professional-amateur” if you like. I create full length HD porn clips from home with the help of my film-maker fiancé - Ohhikeanu! (I also occasionally do cam shows!) I am super kinky and very open minded to a lot of fetishes. We put 110% effort into everything we create. It's a passion for both of us and we love what we do. Come check us out!

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  • Molly Darling photo
  • Molly Darling photo
  • Molly Darling photo
  • Molly Darling photo
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  • Molly Darling photo
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  • Molly Darling photo
  • Molly Darling photo
  • Molly Darling photo
Age 25
Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Bra Size 32C
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black

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Videos 60
Views 2,491
Loves 1
Faved 49

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