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Hi I’m Molly! I'm currently 6 months pregnant!

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Pregnant Girlfriend Knows You're a Cuck video from
Pregnant Girlfriend Knows You're a Cuck [custom vid] It's your birthday and your girlfriend has snuck in to your bed to surprise you. Earlier in the year she found a lot of videos on your phone... femdom, cuckolding and lots of content of girls with guys with huge cocks. Knowing that you obviously have a thing for being a cuck, she went out on an adventure of her own to find a guy with a big cock. It didn't take her long and she found one.. a guy with a huge, 9 inch, fat cock. It started off with her just giving him lots of blowjobs and him filming it.. she even measured it on video one time. After a while it escalated to them having sex and him giving her loads of creampies with his big dick. There was also something else she found on your phone videos which is the second part of your birthday surprise.. she lowers the quilt to expose her big pregnant belly. She found your pregnant cuckolding videos too. Now she's 6 months pregnant with her big dick lover! It turns you on so much. She kisses you and asks if you want to try some Femdom for your birthday and tells you to open your mouth wide. She slowly spits into your mouth knowing it will make you even harder. She spits and drools into your mouth, all over her tits and lets it run down her growing pregnant belly. She tells you to lick it all up. She loves being a sub to her lover and a dom to you, her other boyfriend. You're such a sweet boyfriend and she loves teasing you. Soon she will be making milk and if you're a good boy, you might be able to get some. She shows you her pussy, you no longer have access to it unless you're pleasuring her with your tongue. Her pussy is now for her lover only. Your new "sex" is being teased with her big pregnant belly and jerking off to it, knowing that her lover did it to her.. not you. She wants to feel your warm cum all over her bump.. she encourages you to rub the tip of your cock on her pussy and keep stroking it. She encourages you to cum all over her stomach until your balls are completely drained. She loves this new lifestyle for the both of you. girlfriend experience, cuck, cuckold, pregnant, 26 weeks pregnant, bump, spit, spit fetish, drool,
Pregnant Stepmom is Horny for your Cock video from
Pregnant Stepmom is Horny for your Cock Step-mom roleplay// dildo simulated BJ and cum in mouth // virtual pov sex // simulated creampie // real pregnancy // 25 weeks pregnant // Your young, cute stepmom comes into your room to put a few pairs of your socks away. She opens up your sock drawer and is shocked to find a hidden pocket fleshlight! She didn't know that you did stuff like that... you feel really embarrassed whilst she questions you on what it is and how often you use it. You think for sure she is going to be grossed out.. but instead she confides in you and tells you how ever since your Dad got her pregnant, he doesn't seem interested or attracted to her anymore. She understands feeling horny.. since she's gotten pregnant she feels crazy horny like you wouldn't believe. Your Dad never wants to have sex with her anymore and she's desperately craving cock. She asks if you want to help each other out and relieve both of your sexual tension. Your Dad doesn't have to know, it can be your little secret. She gets on her knees and gets your huge hard cock out, she loves it.. even more than your Dad's. She licks and sucks your big dick and soon enough you feel like you're going to bust a huge load. Luckily for you she loves having cum in her mouth. You shoot your cum, filling her mouth. She lets it all pour out of her mouth onto her big pregnant tits and belly. That was just the warm up, she still is desperate for that big young cock in her tight pregnant pussy. Your Dad would go fucking crazy if he knew what you were both doing. You slide your cock inside of her and fuck her until you both cum together. You give her another big load of cum inside of her wet pussy. You watch it drip out of her.. she says she's going to keep your cum inside of her even when your Dad is home later. She's such a naughty slut for you.
Pregnant Homewrecker Ex Seduces You video from
Pregnant Homewrecker Ex Seduces You [custom vid] Virtual pov sex // implied sex angles // dirty talking // home wrecker ex girlfriend roleplay // 24 weeks pregnant // Your ex girlfriend has messaged out of the blue and requested that you go to her place for an “urgent chat”. You’ve been split up roughly 5 months and were hoping to move on with your life, as far away from her as possible. You get to her house and she is sat on the bed, she thanks you for coming over and knows that you didn’t want to hear from her.. but she has a few things to tell you which you’re definitely going to want to hear. Before you split up you had one final “night of fun” with her where the details got kinda blurry and you ended up having a lot of unprotected sex. You thought she was on some kind of birth control so ended up busting more than one load of cum in her pussy thanks to her enthusiastic encouragement. Turns out she wasn’t on any birth control and made sure to get as much cum inside of her as possible… although she acts like it was a huge “accident”. Fast forward to now and she reveals the big secret behind her cushion.. you’re gonna be a daddy!. Her belly is bulging and pregnant and the smile on her face tells you all you need to know. You’re totally freaked out but she reassures you all your worries will melt away once you see her body and how big her tits have gotten. She starts stripping off, showing off her huge milkers and growing pregnant belly. You can’t help but start to feel turned on. She puts on a show for you and uses her vibrator to cum and get her pussy nice and wet for you. You give into the temptation and let her ride your dick.. she’s won. You fuck in different positions and she loves every second knowing she has you right where she wants you. You both cum together.. You’re well and truly trapped now.
Daddy got me pregnant video from
Daddy got me pregnant Daddy daughter DDLG roleplay // taboo dirty talking // pregnancy fetish // 22 weeks pregnant // breeding impregnation // dildo simulated blowjob & titjob // pov simulated sex scenes // simulated cum on tits & creampie You’ve been away on a work assignment for 5 months and today you’ve finally come home. Your daughter is eagerly awaiting your return. She’s so happy to see you. She has a surprise to show you. She lifts up her skirt to reveal her swollen pregnant belly. Before you left you gave her a very “special” goodbye.. and unknowingly put a bun in her oven. Don’t worry, Mommy just thinks she’s a dumb slut and gotten pregnant by one of the neighbourhood boys. It can be your little secret, no one has to know that it was actually you who got your daughter pregnant. She shows off her belly proudly.. it’s not the only thing that’s gotten big. Her once tiny tits have grown twice in size. They look so big and full, ready to be grown up girl mommy milkers soon. All the boys in the town have been staring at her massive tits and belly knowing that she’s had unprotected sex and gotten knocked up like a total slut. Mommy is so ashamed of her. She likes the attention though and just wishes everyone could know that it was her Daddy who put his seed inside of her. You’re shocked and a bit unsure but seeing her protruding belly and breasts barely contained in her tight vest whilst filth pours out of her innocent mouth is turning you on.. and she knows it. She reaches for your erection in your trousers. Your daughter is such a horny little slut.. it’s been such a long time since she had your cock and she wants it bad. Especially now she’s pregnant she’s extra horny and needy.
Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help - Part 2 video from
Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help - Part 2 [[[ Part 2 of a continuing series as my pregnancy progresses! Find part one here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/3627630/Pregnant-Sister-Needs-Your-Help-Part-1/ ]]] 2nd trimester, 18 weeks pregnant, small bump, real pregnancy belly, virtual sex, taboo roleplay, taboo pregnancy dirty talk TLDR; your pregnant sister needs help hiding her pregnancy from your parents.. so you agree to help her, as long as you get to fulfil your pregnancy fetish fantasies with her at each stage of her pregnancy. Long Description: It's been over 6 weeks since your first encounter with your pregnant little sister. You and her combined have been doing a good job of keeping her pregnancy a secret from your parents. You go upstairs when you catch your little sis peeking through the door to get your attention. She needs your help again! Mom's gotten her a cute outfit to wear.. which obviously no longer fits her. The skirt wont button up and the vest top wont go over her small but bulging pregnant bump. It's gotten quite a lot bigger since last time. You come up with a plan to make sure she doesn't have to wear the clothes and Mom won't suspect her. She's so grateful for the help again.. and she hasn't forgotten your agreement. She takes off her ill fitting clothes and models her growing bump for you. Isn't it cute? Her tits have gotten bigger too. Now she's in the second trimester she's finding that her hormones are crazy and she's so horny all the time. She wants her big brothers cock inside of her pregnant pussy again. Seeing her naked and how much her pregnant belly has grown makes you rock hard and you can't wait to fuck her again. She climbs on top of you and rides your cock so you can admire her bouncing belly and huge tits. It's so fucked up that you're having sex with your pregnant little sister, but it's so horny, it's almost addictive. Your parents could walk in at any time and see you balls deep in her pregnant pussy.. but it makes it even naughtier. She loves it too. She wants you to fuck her in all stages of her pregnancy.. maybe you could also be the one to put her into labour when the time comes. Imagine having your cock inside of her whilst she starts having contractions. She encourages you to put your hands on her pregnant belly whilst you push your cock in and out of her. The bigger her belly gets, the more horny you are.. she can't wait to grow some more. She begs for your seed deep inside of her pregnant pussy and you shoot a huge load inside of her whilst she simultaneously cums all over your cock. You both can't wait for next time.
Pregnant Friend Seduces You - GFE video from
Pregnant Friend Seduces You - GFE [custom vid] Pregnancy fetish//GFE//romantic feel//virtual sex//kissing // Your best friend has been acting strange for the last few months, you've barely seen or heard from her. You were starting to get worried about what was going on with her when she invited you over to her apartment for a catch up. You're in her room and she's wearing a bathrobe. She thanks you for coming and apologises for the way she's been behaving for the last few weeks. Things haven't been good for her and she's had a lot going on in her head.. rather than confusing you more, she shows you.. opening her bathrobe to expose her newly pregnant belly and swollen breasts. You're shocked as you didn't think she had a boyfriend. Looking embarrassed, she explains that she went to a party and had a one night stand with a total jerk. She was careless and didn't use protection.. now she's pregnant and he doesn't even know. She sits you down on the bed and thanks you for being such a good friend. You've known each other for such a long time and have been through so much.. she had an idea that maybe you'd like to play happy families together. No one will suspect a thing. You could get married and it could be the beginning of starting your own family together. She takes her bathrobe off, completely nude in front of you. She looks so beautiful that you can't resist but to give in to her seduction. She kisses you passionately and climbs on top of you. Now that she's pregnant, you don't even need to worry about using a condom. You slide inside of her and she rides you lovingly, kissing you every now and then and telling you what a great wife she would be. You could make love like this every day if she was your wife. Eventually you both cum together and you finish inside of her. Afterwards you lie together in bed and you tell her that you agree to her plan. She is so happy and grateful to you. She kisses you and tells you she loves you.
Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help - Part 1 video from
Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help - Part 1 [Part one of a continuing series as my pregnancy progresses! 1st trimester, 3 months pregnant, little bump, real pregnancy test] [[[TLDR; your pregnant sister needs help hiding her pregnancy from your parents.. so you agree to help her, as long as you get to fulfil your pregnancy fetish fantasies with her at each stage of her pregnancy]]] Long description: You're sitting on your little sister's bed when she comes out of the bathroom holding something.. as soon as she sees you, she hides it behind her back. She looks worried and agitated. You ask her what she's hiding but she is hesitant to tell you at first. She soon buckles and tells you that she has been carrying on seeing the boy that Mom and Dad told her not to.. and even worse she's been letting him fuck her raw. Now she's pregnant.. and she doesn't know what to do. Mom and Dad will freak if they find out! She begs you for help, you'll be the best big brother ever. She wants your help concealing the pregnancy and keeping Mom and Dad clueless until it's too late for them to anything. Being the kind and amazing brother you are, you agree to help her keep the pregnancy a secret. She looks so relieved and thanks you. She thinks she's around 3 months pregnant and is already starting to show a little bit.. none of her clothes fit her properly any more. You suggest that she puts on something a little more baggy than her current outfit.. she agrees that it's a good idea. She stands awkwardly, waiting for you to leave the room... but you tell her that you'd like to watch to see how much of a bump she's showing. Considering as you agreed to help her, she lets you stay. She takes her clothes off and you see her stomach is already starting to poke out. She has a tiny little bump and her breasts are looking swollen. Something about seeing your little sisters pregnant body makes you aroused and you can't help but tell her how beautiful she looks. She looks bashful and confused. She likes hearing you say it, but knows it's wrong coming from her big brother. You gesture her towards you and start to caress her large, round tits. She lets out a little moan of pleasure.. then quickly backs away. She's not sure you should be doing that. You remind her how much of a big favour you are doing for her by keeping her secret.. and she agrees to let you, just this once. She takes off her panties and notices your hard cock through your trousers. She's flattered that you find her so attractive.. and it's starting to turn her on too. She lies on the bed for you, showing off her little bump. She can't believe how much you like her pregnant belly. You're so horny by watching her naked that you can't take it anymore and need to have your cock inside of her. She is worried at first, but soon you are pushing yourself inside of her pregnant pussy and she loves it. Her pussy is so sensitive and wet.. and it's so wrong that you're fucking your pregnant little sister whilst your parents are downstairs.. but you both can't help yourselves. After feeling how good your cock is inside of her, she agrees to let you fuck her throughout her whole pregnancy.. as long as you keep her secret. Imagine how much bigger her belly will be with every month goes by. You get full access to her growing pregnant body. You don't have to worry about protection as she's already pregnant, so you can dump your cum inside of her too. You release your spunk inside of her and can't wait for the next time she comes in for your help.
Mommy loves your little cock SPE video from
Mommy loves your little cock SPE [custom vid] Mommy son taboo roleplay, SPE, lots of useage of "small dick/cock", virtual pov implied handjob/blowjob/sex, accidental impregnation [there is a very short scene at the end where I show my pregnant belly] //You're sat on your bed whilst Mommy is cleaning, when she notices you with your hands down your pants again. She tells you that its not appropriate to be touching yourself whenever and wherever you feel like! Luckily for you, you have a lovely Mommy who is willing to help show you how to deal with your little boners. Mommy sits down next to you on the bed and asks to see your cock. She thinks it's so cute and little. She wraps her hand around your little dick and shows you how to stroke it up and down. She explains how eventually it will feel really good and like you're going to explode. Whilst teaching you, Mommy finds herself getting turned on.. and tells you there are more ways to make your little cock feel good. She gets down to your pants and starts licking and sucking your tiny cock. You can't believe your Mommy is sucking on your dick. She loves it so much that she starts to take her clothes off, exposing her huge Mommy tits. They're so big and bouncy. She climbs on top of you and tells you your little cock is going to go inside of Mommy and it will feel really good. She sits on you, riding your cock and moaning. You're a real big boy now. It might feel a bit wrong, but no one will fuck you like Mommy. You're such a good boy for Mommy holding out this long. You get on top of her and slide your cock inside. You watch her big breasts bouncing as you thrust your tiny dick inside of her. You start to feel like you can't hold it any longer and she begs for you to cum whilst you're inside of her wet warm pussy. You release a huge load deep in her pussy and Mommy is really surprised to feel it pouring out of her. She looks a bit worried but reassures you it will be ok. Fast forward to 4 months later.. Mommy comes into your room and asks to talk to you.. she lifts her dress to reveal her pregnant belly. Looks like your big boy cum got Mommy pregnant after all.
Serving Daddy and School Girl Stories video from
Get Me Pregnant Daddy video from
Get Me Pregnant Daddy Taboo roleplay // taboo dirty talk // DDLG // Daddy Daughter // breeding impregnation encouragement // You’ve finished work and your sweet girl Molly is waiting for you on her bed. She’s so excited to see you! She’s been waiting all day for special Daddy Daughter time. You’ve trained her well and she is already eager for your cock.. she’s all worked up about it. You tell her that you want to see her first. Molly leans back and starts rubbing herself through her clothes, then un popping her crotch and showing off her cute pink pussy. Whilst rubbing her clit, she tells you she’s been thinking.. she’s been taking your cock in her mouth for so long now.. that maybe you’d like to go inside her tight wet hole? She’s a big girl now.. she can take it. You’re unsure.. but your girl has a way of convincing you to do anything. She puts your cock in her mouth and sucks you off. The idea of going inside of her pussy is so tempting but you know it’s wrong. She promises you it will feel good and says she can just start with the tip. Molly pushes the tip of your cock into her young fertile hole and it feels so good. You can’t help yourself and she pushes more of your cock inside. As you’re fucking her Molly confesses that she wants your cum inside of her. Big girls take Daddy’s cum. She wants to be bred by Daddy.. you can just keep fucking her and dumping your cum inside until she gets pregnant. She begs for your cum in her tight, fertile pussy whilst bouncing on top of your cock until you blow your load deep inside of her.
A Night Alone With Hermione - GFE video from
A Night Alone With Hermione - GFE custom vid] You, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Madam Hooch have been racing to find the Horcruxes and fight off bad wizards, hoping to make it back to Hogwarts in time. You all have recently escaped Gringotts with Belatrix's Horcrux. You have decided to travel back to Hogwarts, sneaking in via Hogsmeade. The journey will take a while so on the way, you all have taken refuge in a hideout for a much needed rest. Ron is in a room with Madam Hooch, Harry is with Ginny.. so you and Hermione have a room all to yourselves. Hermione is your girlfriend, she loves you very much. It's been a hard time and you both have a lot of pent-up horniness which needs to be released! Everyone is in their rooms and Hermione has cast a door curse spell to keep everyone out. No one will be bothering you. She unzips her jacket and shows you her big, wonderful breasts. You love them, she has the biggest out of all the girls. She is so happy to see your huge, hard cock. She licks you and lightly sucks the tip, getting you ready for her pussy. She climbs on top of you and slides your cock inside of her. It feels so good. She moans in ecstasy. She rides you until she cums on your cock. She switches around so you can see her juicy arse whilst she glides up and down your cock. It's not long before Hermione is cumming on your cock again. She could sit and ride you all day long. Now that she is good and satisfied, it's your turn. She strokes your cock, encouraging you to cum on her. Release all of that stored up cum. Cum for Hermione, Cover Hermione! british, roleplay, pov, virtual sex, facial, blonde, big tits, curvy, girlfriend experience, simulated
Mommy's Bedtime Treat video from
Mommy's Bedtime Treat Taboo roleplay//Mommy son fantasy// Handjob // You're in bed trying to rest, when you hear movement outside of the door. It's Mommy. She creeps in the room and gestures to be quiet. She tells you that Dad is snoring and she wanted to come in for cuddle. Dad never cuddles her anymore. She knew her best boy would be happy to give Mommy some attention. Mommy asks if she had woken you up, when you say you were struggling to drift off she says she knows a special thing which will help you and feel really good too. Mommy knows how much you stare at her body.. it's ok. She promises not to tell your Dad, if you keep this a secret too. She pulls her nightie aside to reveal her huge busty cleavage. You can feel yourself getting excited. Mommy takes your hand and puts it on her breasts, she moans in pleasure. She pulls the covers over to reveal your cock bulging in your underwear. She loves how hard you are. Mommy pulls out her huge breasts one by one, exposing her pink nipples. Then she gets your cock out slowly. It might feel a little wrong that Mommy is doing this, but it's okay because Mommy knows best. She licks and sucks your solid cock, rubbing you with her hand. It feels so good. Your Dad would be so jealous if he knew what Mommy was doing... but he had his chance with her. He's just too old now. Mommy needs her son's big dick to fulfil her needs. You can help each other. You give Mommy your big young cock and she will help you by draining your balls, whenever you need. You can't take anymore of Mommy's filthy talk and you cum whilst she jerks you off. Such a good boy for Mommy, she loves your cum. You're going to have a good night's rest now. Mommy, mommy son, taboo, extreme roleplay, taboo dirty talking, young cock, milf, big tits, huge tits, jerk off, wank, naughty, british, blonde, tattoos
Mommy loves you video from
Mommy loves you [custom vid] Taboo roleplay // POV virtual sex simulation // extreme taboo dirty talk // Mommy son scenario // Loving Mommy // Positive affirmations // breeding kink // impregnation fantasy // Mommy wants to talk to you. She looks upset. She reassures you not to be worried. Lately she has noticed that your Mommy & son bond isn't as strong as it once was. She's starting to worry that one day you won't be Mommy's boy anymore. You don't want that, do you? Luckily Mommy has the perfect solution! There's something very special that Mommy and her boy can do to make your relationship great again. Although, it has to be kept an absolute secret. Only the best Mommy's do this with their sons. It's okay, Mommy knows exactly how to look after you and make you feel good. It's been you and her from day one. Mommy gets down on her knees and starts to unzip your pants. Why don't you show Mommy your penis? Mommy holds your hard cock in her hand and admires it. You're such a good boy. She traces her fingers over your shaft, Mommy is always so very gentle. She licks and sucks your cock whist praising you for always being such a good listener. Now Mommy wants to show you her special parts. She lets her huge milky breasts hang out of her bra and takes her dress off. Now for the most important part of your bonding session. Mommy pulls down her panties to show you her pussy. You came out of Mommy's pussy and now you are going to go back inside to fuck her. You get close to her on the bed and Mommy instructs you to sniff her filthy pussy. She tells you she will help guide your cock inside of her. She pulls you on top and puts your dick in her pussy. You fuck her as she moans and talks dirty to you. Having her special boy inside of her is too much and she cums all over your cock. Mommy climbs on top of you and starts to ride you. She wants her son's cum deep inside of her pussy... and guess what sweetie? Mommy isn't on any birth control. She wants your seed inside of her. Mommy wants you to get her pregnant. She begs for your cum as she rides your cock until you shoot a huge load in her fertile pussy. Don't you feel so much closer to Mommy now? Your special secret.

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About Me

Joined Sep.26, 2019

Hi I’m Molly! I'm currently 6 months pregnant!

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Age 27
Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Bra Size 32C
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brunette

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