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I'm a kinky butt slut who is ready to please! My videos have a lot of anal play, squirting, and fetishes.

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Squirting into my open Asshole video from
Squirting into my open Asshole As I begin, I am already wet and horny from playing with both of my holes. There is evidence of peeing and cumming on my bed.

I stretch out my asshole with my inflatable butt plug, and pull my asshole open with my fingers. I push my rose bud out and play with it, teasing you! I bring you closer to my asshole, and shine a light upon my glorious asshole. The vibrations of the butt plug are rushing through my body as I graze it against me, and push it in and out of my asshole and pussy.

Now it is time for my anal examination with my clear, plastic speculum. After giving you a perfect close-up view with lighting, I slowly insert the speculum into my lose, wet asshole, and I open it up wide. You can see EVERYTHING. As I start to play with my pussy with my fingers and toys, you can see every reaction my asshole has to the touching and vibrations. You can see my inside my butthole when my butt plug and fingers are sliding in and out of my pussy. It makes me so horny to be so vulnerable and to be put on display like this. I grab my magic wand and rub it all over my pussy and clit, moaning with delight, tightening my asshole - but not too much. My sweet juices are flowing, and dripping down me.

After a long session of edging my pussy while my ass is wide open, I finally let myself cum. And it is fucking intense!! I rub my wand all over myself until I can't take it anymore, and my pussy juice is flying out of me! I squirt and orgasm so many times, I can't even count. My sweet, wet cum is squirting all over myself, my bed, and gushing and pouring down into my asshole. At this point, the speculum has pushed out enough so that my asshole is open even wider, taking my cum. When I move the speculum to point my asshole downwards, my juices are pouring back out of my asshole. After I am FINALLY done cumming and squirting, it takes me some time to even get the speculum back out of me, moving it all around, pulling gently, until it finally pops out and my poor asshole can go back to normal.
Huge Orgasm after being Stretched video from
Huge Orgasm after being Stretched OMG I have a HUGE orgasm after being stretched open and having my holes examined!

I just got home from a party and now it's time to play. I slowly undress for you, taking off everything but my sexy lace thigh-highs. I roll over on my side and start playing with my butt. I bend over and finger my asshole and pull my butt cheeks apart and lightly spank myself. Soon, it's just not fair to tease the both of us anymore. The horniness and excitement for anal pleasure overcomes me, as I quickly grab for my lube and thick pink butt plug. I just start fucking my asshole. I am gaping and prolapsing within moments.

What I am really looking forward to, is you examining my holes... up close and personal. I need my asshole to get even bigger! So, I grab my inflatable butt balloon and start pumping myself out and pulling it out of me, making it huge and fucking myself stupid with it. I stick the butt balloon into my ass and make it as big as I can, and then I start fucking myself in my pussy with my other butt plug at the same time... Then I take my Hitachi Magic Wand and rub on my clit all at the same time! It feels so good, I can't contain myself and I let myself have a couple small, elongated orgasms.

While I am feeling so good, I decide it's time to let you examine me. I shine the light on my asshole, schooch up close to you, and open myself up wide with the speculum. After a good look inside me, I take out another speculum and play with my pussy... I take the speculums and put them in my holes, open them, and slowly pull them out of me, leaving my naughty holes gaped and stretched out... This just drives me crazy even more! I just have to cum. I vigorously fuck my holes, and gape them and prolapse myself, getting juicy and wet, teasing you, going crazy! I blow up my butt balloon HUGE inside my asshole one last time while my pussy is stuffed with a butt plug, and I use my Magic Wand on myself again. I am cumming, and moaning, and squirting all over myself and my bed. My butt plug is pushed out of me first, and I keep the giant butt balloon inside as long as I can until it is pushed out as well, as I reach my ultimate climactic, squirting, gushing orgasm!
TRASHY PAINTING TOENAILS FOOT FETISH If you like a good ol' American trailer park girl flick - foot fetish focused - look no further! This is me in real life when I haven't paid much attention to my feet lately. I have been busy working and partying all week. I am chubby from beers, pizza, and soda. I have a pad on under my cotton panties, and I am wearing a bikini top around my house.

I get all my stuff set up on my living room floor so I can work on making my feet and toe nails look nice :) When I first come out, my nails look wrecked. They are too long, chipped, and the old nail polish is wearing away. I start by taking off my socks and washing my feet with soap, using a coffee mug for hot water, and towels on the floor to dry them. I take a pumice stone and rub it all over the sore spots and calluses on my big toe and feet. I talk about how good it feels and really rub them down. Then I remove my old nail polish to reveal how my toe nails really look! So gross! Teeheehee!

I then put toe spacers in between all of my toes and start clipping. I take out my brand new pink nail polish and make my nails look good as new! I am having so much fun making myself pretty, I giggle and wiggle my toes around in your face and ask you to blow on them for me. I smoke a menthol cigarette and drink my soda while I wait. Next, I slowly remove the toe spacers and I take handfuls of lotion and rub them all over my feet and in between my toes, putting my fingers in between my toes. It feels really good and I show off my pretty feet to you!
Prolapsed Goddess video from
Prolapsed Goddess It is time again, for extreme stretching and prolapsing of my sweet asshole. I start out by teasing you, wearing black, lacey thigh-high tights and a bikini. I have a clear, glass butt plug in my hole, so you can see inside me right away. My asshole starts out so small, and I am ready to play with it until it's a huge, gaping, prolapsed rosebud.

I take another butt plug, and begin to fuck my asshole with it, and fingering my asshole... taking two or three fingers with each hand, and stretching my asshole open and pushing it out. Then, I take the glass butt plug, and the pink rubber butt plug, and insert both of them in my ass at the same time. My asshole is gaping and getting stretched out bigger and bigger and wider.

I fist my ass and open my fingers inside of it. I then attempt to put a soda can inside myself... after struggling with the immense size of the can, and failing to get it inside me, I decide to try a different technique. So, I grab my Hitachi Magic Wand, and work it into my asshole. I turn on the vibrations and let it loosen me up, stuffing the head of the wand entirely into my ass. I put it in and out, pushing out my rosebud every time I take it back out of me.

Then I take a HUGE clear rubber butt plug, and continue to struggle, using lots of lube, cramming it into my loose hole. I wine and moan, and wiggle my ass around the toy, pushing, until I finally get it inside of me. You can see right into my asshole. I do extreme close-ups of the view inside me... still pushing out my rosebud with the toy inside me.

I take the toy out, and spread my ass cheeks apart, and let you enjoy my rosebud, huge and expanding with every push. This is the biggest, wettest, and most delicious looking rosebud I have ever done. It's the size of a fist, and I don't even need to stretch myself to make it come out anymore, I just give myself a good push, and every thing comes out. I take my fingers and finger and slap my rosebud. Then I finger my pussy until I am squirting all over myself. Lube and pussy juices are running down my asshole, and I am pushing the juices in and out of my delicious hole. I cum over and over again until I can no longer take it... I lay back and stretch out both my asshole and pussy for you, sopping wet and drippy with cum, for you to gaze upon.
Anal Prolasping and Accidental Farts and Pee video from
Anal Prolasping and Accidental Farts and Pee I have come here to tease you and please you with my asshole. I bend over some pillows and tease you with my tight fishnet dress stretched over my little black lace panties... teasing you with my ass in the air. As I move around, I begin to queefe and fart; my holes are being very loud and naughty. I slowly wiggle my butt and lift up my dress, and I pull down my panties to reveal my tight asshole. I remain face down and ass up for the entire duration, having to reach all the way back to spread my butt cheeks apart and finger fuck my little hole. I push my asshole in and out and slowly stretch it using my fingers on both hands. I begin to prolapse a little bit before I grab my transparent dildo and stick it inside myself. I ride and grind my rubber cock, taking it out of me several times. Every time I take the dildo out of my asshole and push out, I either fart or **** my bed, or both. I actually have to pause and grab a towel to **** so I don't make a huge mess. Once I am finished fucking my ass with the dildo, I bring myself closer to you, and really start making myself prolapse. I struggle because I am trying to make my asshole prolapse using mostly just my muscles, and my fingers a little. I fart even more, and I really wet the bed as I push my asshole out in your face. I am now kneeling in my own piss as I spread my ass apart and keep pushing. I am whining and moaning and sweating... I finally turn over and look at how much of a mess I have made wetting the bed. I sit down in my piss and give you a couple more good pushes so you can really appreciate my naughty, stretched out rosebud
Creampie in my Pussy video from
Creampie in my Pussy A total sneak peek into my home life with my daddy. Tonight isn't about D/s though; tonight he is going to cum inside me.

I get cozy in some nice lingerie and approach Daddy in the living room while he is naked. I get so excited to see his nice cock, that I immediately get on my knees and begin sucking him off. I bounce my head up and down on his hard dick, feeling it pulsate and throb on my tongue. I tease him, from his shaft to the tip of his dick, and back and forth, switching between deep throating him and teasing him playfully. He is enjoying it so much, and he tastes so good... I can tell that he might explode in my mouth if I don't stop soon!

I lay back on the floor with my head on a pillow, tear off my panties, and spread my legs wide open in the air. Daddy enters my tight, wet pussy, and starts ravishing me! He pushes my body down on the floor as he fucks my cunt. He pounds me hard as he puts his hand around my neck. His hair is hanging over me, brushing against my face and breasts as my pussy is fucked deeply.

I moan in pleasure and beg daddy to cum in my pussy... I want to feel his hot load of cum shoot into my raw pussy. His cock gets harder and bigger the closer he gets to finished. I grab his body closer to mine, and take all of his cum. He slowly lets his cock out of my snug, wet, post-orgasm pussy... and I lay facing the camera to show off my cum-filled cunt. I suck the remainder of cum off of his dick while I push his cum out of my pussy, showing off my cute creampie!
Severely Punished - Spanked and Face Fucked video from
Severely Punished - Spanked and Face Fucked I have been a very naughty little girl. I thought I could go shopping and just buy whatever I wanted, but daddy caught me. He found receipts in my purse that added up to $300. I am instructed to wear my pantyhose with no panties, and shirt with no bra and meet him in the living room. He starts out by spanking me very hard with his bare hand. I bend over and take several strokes to my bottom and back of my thighs with a wooden spoon. Then I get on my knees and he puts his hard dick right down my throat and starts fucking my face. He uses me like his naughty little toy. I can't argue with Daddy or say no... I know I was wrong and deserve my punishment.

I am then bent over the sofa for more beatings with the wooden spoon. I count out-loud as I receive 10 hard spankings. It hurts so bad that I start to cry and whine. I try to make up for my actions by pleasuring Daddy's cock the best I can. He deep throats me hard and fast and I end up gagging. I am then bent over his lap for more over the knee spankings, and he ends up breaking the wooden spoon against my ass. When this isn't enough punishment, he puts me on my belly with my ass lifted by pillows and starts tying me up with rope. My wrists are bound to my ankles and my ass is wide open. Daddy gets his belt out and gives me lashes across my bottom, my pussy and my thighs as he stands in front of me, fucking my face.

I start to change my attitude at this point of my punishment, and he takes off my pantyhose so I can ride his dick. Daddy uses my holes and fucks me deep and hard until he can cum. I beg for his cum in my mouth; I want to taste his sweet release. After taking his cock doggy style, I am instructed to get on my knees and lick and suck on his balls while he jacks off over my face. Daddy shoots a big load of cum into my mouth, and I let the cum sit there and spill out all over my front. Thank you Daddy!
Anal Creampie and cum play video from
Anal Creampie and cum play I am so horny for anal play, as I lay in bed... waiting for my fuck buddy. All I can think about is taking his thick, hard cock deep into my holes. I entice him by offering to suck his dick.

He lays down in my spot on the bed; I pull my hair back in a ponytail, get on my knees, and proceed to pleasure him with my mouth until his cock becomes engorged. His sweet dick grows in my mouth, becoming bigger, vascular, and rock hard!

I can't wait for his cock anymore, so I tell him I want him to fuck me in my asshole. I bend over doggy style, pushing my open ass up in the air, and my wet holes are craving attention... My pussy juices have been dripping into my asshole so much that I don't even need lube. He enters my asshole raw, and deep! He fucks me like crazy; I am LOVING IT! I moan, and scream with immense pleasure! The hard tip of his cock is massaging my anal G-spot. My breasts are bouncing back and forth as he pounds my ass. His hands are gripping me firmly, warm and tight against my hips, and he gives me a few spankings as he fucks me hard. I want to cum sooo bad! And even more... I want to take his big load of cum in my asshole.

I flip over on my back and put my legs up in the air. I take his cock deep as he rubs my swollen clit. I cannot contain myself! I beg for him to go deeper and faster, as I grab him, pulling him into me. I cum hard, and he shoots his load of hot cum inside my asshole.

Now it is time to push out Daddy's cum. So, I flip back over on my knees, and get ready to open up my asshole... My fuck buddy hands me my metal speculum, and I gently insert it into my freshly fucked ass. He helps me open it, and cum starts to flow out of me, dripping into a puddle on the bed sheet. The speculum didn't open as much as I wanted it to :( so I pull it out and decide to use my fingers instead. I finger and stretch open my asshole, pushing out lots of cum, and making myself fart. Hot cum is dripping down my wet cunt, and I play with it, rubbing it all over myself. We use a flashlight so you can see inside me. I get on my back and push out my gaping asshole in your face; i make myself prolapse as I have even more cum farts. My open asshole creates a huge rosebud; it's wet, sweet, and sensitive to the touch.

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About Me

Joined Oct.02, 2015

I'm a kinky butt slut who is ready to please! My videos have a lot of anal play, squirting, and fetishes.

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