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Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around, and check out all the sexy content I have to offer you. You can shop using a Cart, or buy tokens in advance for easy one-click purchases.

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Oily Ass Anal Beads Stretching ATM video from
Oily Ass Anal Beads Stretching ATM What are you looking at huh? Looking at my butt? My big ass is so jiggly and soft. What are you thinking about? How good it would look jiggling up and down on your cock. How it'd feel when you squeeze it while it grinds up and down on your face. Makes want to press yourself against it. You want to feel everything my ass can do. You want to see what my cute little asshole can do? You want to lick it and eat it. It's so close you can almost taste it. Lick it all up and down my crack, covering my asshole in your slobber so you can slide in an out with ease. Slide in your fingers, your cock, maybe even a dildo. See I knew you'd love it. The only thing that could make my ass look even better right now than these tight fishnet stocking squeezing my thighs right below my cheeks is some oil to make my ass nice and shiny while it glistens in the light. I know just how bad you want it. Tell me how bad. I want to know how bad you want this big fat ass hehe You love to see it coated in oil. My ass is so slippery I can slide just about anything in here. Mmm I want you to watch while I pull these anal beads in an out of my asshole, wrapping around every curve as they pop out. Hehe I wonder how far they can go. Mmm but I need more inside of my ass. I need to stretch it even more when my fingers! Watch how my asshole takes my fingers one by one until I stuff 4 of them in there to get my asshole ready for you to slide in. And I want to taste the inside if my ass while I do it too.
Gay Cock Slut Training video from
Gay Cock Slut Training You love to suck cock. You fantasize about it, watch videos of other men doing it while you imagine it was you having a cock going in and out of your mouth. You can stop thinking about men draining their balls into your slutty little hole, tasting their salty, bleachy cum touch your tongue. You want to be a little cock sucker for me? You can try to resist it all you want, but you'll give in eventually. This is who you are. You're a cock sucking slut. You're gay. Sop resisting. Stop pretending you don't like dick. You have so much more than a fetish for dicks. You loooooove cock. You even love the way the word falls off my tongue. Spilling out my lips into your ears. Tell me you love cock. You love big, fat, meaty dicks. You know it. I know it. And your search history knows it. You're a wannabe cock sucker. If you haven't already tried to suck cock by now, you're going to do it eventually. Because you're so obsessed with it you're willing to pay hot girls to tell you to suck cock. Girls you know would never want to fuck you. You've been rejected so many times you figure it means you should be the one being used as a fuck hole instead. You're gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay. But being a pussy isn't okay. Stop being such a fucking pussy and denying that you love cock. Give into your desires already and start sucking cock. Give into your desires. You know you want to. If you're this obsessed with sucking dick, maybe I should train you to be the perfect little cock sucking machine. I'm going to train you to think about sucking cock every time you see one until you're salivating, begging to put your mouth on it. Then finish you off with a nice fat load in your mouth to fully immerse you in your cock sucking fantasies until you finally give in and take the real thing.
POV Valentines Day Pussy and Ass Eating video from
POV Valentines Day Pussy and Ass Eating Happy Valentine's Day baby! Thank you so much for taking me out to a lovely dinner and spoiling me with lingerie. You've been so good to me these last few months. It's made this Valentine's Day so special. I really feel like I can trust you. As a way to show you how much I appreciate this lovely date, I want to let you do something I've never let you do before. That's right baby, I want you to eat my pussy tonight. I know, I know, I've been really apprehensive about letting you eat me out. It's something I like to save for guys that a really special, and you're special to me. Tonight feels like the perfect night to try it. What do you say baby? Wanna finally get a taste of my little slit? I know it's all you've been able to think about since I let you see it. Hehe I can tell you're getting a little hard at the thought. I'm getting so turned on thinking about it. You look like you'd eat my pussy so good! I want you to do it right now in the middle of the living room. Get on the floor for me I want to sit on your face. How does my butthole look hidden behind this little thong? That's it baby I want you to take a big whiff. I want you to eat my pussy and my ass! Stick your tongue out and let me grind on it. I'm going to fuck your face with my ass. Mmmm that feels so good baby. You're getting so hard! Go back and forth just like that. Your tongue feels so good on me. I want you to make me cum on your mouth. I'm going to turn around and rub my clit up and down your tongue while you taste me. Ugh I can feel my pussy tingling! I'm getting so close baby! You're going to make me cum on your tongue!
Premature Ejaculator 1 min Countdown JOI video from
Premature Ejaculator 1 min Countdown JOI So you're back here again paying a beautiful woman on the internet to tell you how to stroke your cock. Because you just can't get laid can you? You've resorted to getting humiliating by girls online because you're too pathetic to find anyone to have sex with. You have an itty bitty cock that's far too small to fit inside of any woman's pussy. So you just jerk and jerk and jerk. But you're a premature ejaculator, you can barely even last through the first minute of a video. So this isn't going to be a joi that goes on way too long for you to last, it'll go on for the perfect amount of time for you. I'm going to give you one minute to stroke then you're going to cum. After you finish I'll tell you about your tiny eager cock that can't last long enough to please any woman. I know your dick is already rock hard for Me. It's so eager to jerk for Me. I know for sure you'll cum before the timer is even done. Alright loser, start stroking that tiny little pathetic cock. Your cock is so tiny you have to use 2 fingers to jerk your pathetic excuse for a penis. But you don't even have a penis, you have a clit. Play with that little clitty for me loser. Cum as fast as you can haha You probably already came in your pants while reading this, because you don't even need to touch yourself to cum. Your sensitive little clit explodes just from hearing the word "cock". Only losers fucked up in the head love this instead of getting off to a beautiful girl get fucked haha I don't even have to take my clothes off to get you to cum. You're grateful that I even let you have the opportunity to stroke to me, because you know that you don't deserve Me. You know that I'm so much better than you. And that's why you loser me verbally abusing you, pin dick.
My Forced Bi Cuckold Fantasy video from
My Forced Bi Cuckold Fantasy One of My biggest fantasies is coerced bi cuckolding. It's basically the only porn I can get off to. I love the sight of of a weak, small man below a beautiful woman. Never getting to fuck Her, to feel Her pussy. And the closest he'll get is watching another man fuck Her. It's the most arousing thing in the world to Me. My fantasy is to take a submissive man that's in love with me, infatuated with me, that would do anything or me. He knows he'd never get to fuck Me because his tiny cock would never fuck me. He's come to terms with this. I invite him over, make him strip naked, place a collar around his neck--so he knows his place, then have him dress Me up in a sexy outfit. Afterwards, I invite a bigger stronger man over to please Me. He knows exactly what he's in for. In fact, he loves the idea and he's turned on by it, because he knows that fucking Me in front of a loser that loves Me would be truly heartbreaking for the cuck, and it makes him feel powerful. He knows how much it will turn Me on and it makes him want Me all the more. I have the loser open the door for Me and lead him to My bedroom. For all intents and purposes, that loser will be you in this fantasy, because we both know you wish it was you haha You're both rock hard for Me. You're excited. Your heart is pumping. Your cock is throbbing. You're so excited to watch his more substantial cock please Me. And you're even more excited to share it with Me. I start sucking his cock, then command you to suck with me. I shove your face deep into his crotch, gagging you with it. Fucking your face with his dick. All while you tell yourself that I'm making you do it, I'm making you suck cock. You don't REALLY like sucking dick right? Keep on telling yourself this so you can feel better about your homoerotic fantasies. Keep saying that you're bisexual, not gay, because you still love pussy. And maybe that's true. But what we both know for sure is that you love Me dominating you while a superior, stronger male fucks your mouth and pleases My pussy. You love being controlled. You love to be cucked. Finally I have him slide his cock into me. He fucks Me from behind while you spread his cheeks open to taste his asshole. You hold on with a tight grip to rim him as he rams into My hole. That sweet, sweet hole you know I'll never let you slide into. Then I make you lay down beneath Me with My pussy in your face while I'm bent over and he continues fucking Me doggystyle. He fucks me, then he slides his cock in your mouth. Fucking your face, making you gag on the taste of My pussy and his cock mixed together in your mouth. To finish him off I let him cum in My pussy, then I make you eat the creampie out of My pussy. Licking it, taste it. You swallow every sweet and salty drop. Then you suck the cum off his dick, pleasing him one last time before we're both finished with you.
Cosplay Cuties Corrupted After Con video from
Cosplay Cuties Corrupted After Con You meet two amateur cosplayers at an anime convention and they like you enough to invite you back to their house to hang out some more after walking around all day. Leila and Puck are fawning over all the hot lewd cosplayers they saw at convention, wishing they had the confidence to dress that slutty in public. Puck tells Leila that she could totally be a lewd cosplay girl. Wouldn't you agree? She'd be just as hot as all of those other girls. You'd love to see both of them stripped down to next to nothing depicting your favorite anime characters. It's a little hot in their room and Puck wants to strip out of her cosplay. Leila is feeling hot too, but hesitant to take off her jacket in front of a stranger because she doesn't want to get too lewd. "You don't mind do you?" Leila asks before shyly stripping out of her jacket. Puck starts teasing you and Leila, talking about how hot she is to coax her out of her clothes. Your lust is starting to bring out the inner sluts from these two shy cosplayers. They want to see just how lewd they can be for you. This is what those lewd cosplay girls do with their boyfriends all the time isn't it? If they can do this for you, surely they have what it takes to dress up in sexy cosplays. Leila sucks Pucks nipples, they flash you their big round butts and spread Leila's ass for you while begging you to touch yourself for them. They can't believe they're doing this, and with a total stranger too! They want you to jerk off for them while they touch themselves for you. They want to feel you shoot your hot load onto them! They want to be covered in cum! You want to cum on Leila's pussy? She's more than happy to accept your yummy tribute. Leila cums covered in your load fingering it into herself and Puck gets so turned on she cums herself. Who would have thought these shy girls could be so slutty? featuring Little Puck
Lovesick Himiko Corrupts Ochako Into Villain | My Hero Academia Cosplay video from
Homewrecker Let's You Creampie JOI video from
Homewrecker Let's You Creampie JOI Thanks for letting me inside to grab my watch that I forgot a couple weeks ago at your barbecue. You remember that barbecue that you and your wife threw together? We had so much fun that night didn't me. I know you haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Tell me, how addicted to me have you become? I know you've been screenshotting my instagram stories. You must be saving those pictures to jerk off to them haven't you pervert? Haha I wonder how your wife must feel about that. That you love jerking off to her slutty friend so much more than you like fucking her. You probably haven't slept with her for weeks because you can't stop fantasizing about me. Come on don't be so shy, your wife isn't home. I could see that hard on in your pants since the second you let me in the door. Look I'm not even wearing any panties. I'm such a slut I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me. You want to look at my big nipples again don't you? I'll let you take out your cock and stroke to them while your wife isn't home. But I'm not going to let you fuck me, I'm not that much of a whore! Think about this soft tits bouncing around while I'm riding you. Thinking about it is making your cock drop with precum isn't it? I can see it leaking out. You love my body so much more than hers. I'm so much more curvy and irresistible. I want you to watch me spread my pussy lips while you stroke. I want to hear you moan while you jerk off to me, go faster. You love watching my pussy, nipples, and toes while you touch yourself for me pervert? I'm such a slut I love letting men jerk off to me. You want me to let you cum inside me? No haha are you going to keep on begging me to let you just stick the tip in? You want to feel my pussy lips wrapped around you that bad? Fine you get one minute then you need to cum. You better make it last because it's never going to happen again. Feel my pussy while you jerk off inside of me. Cum for me in 10...9...8...7...

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Joined Nov.01, 2018

Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around, and check out all the sexy content I have to offer you. You can shop using a Cart, or buy tokens in advance for easy one-click purchases.
Age 69
Height 5'6"
Weight 165 lbs
Bra Size 36B
Body Type Curvy
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

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