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Jessica Starling

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24-year-old internet dream girl, specializing in mommy role play, sister role play, submissive dirty talk, and impregnation fetish.

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Jill Valentine BG Bondage Creampie Fuck video from
Jill Valentine BG Bondage Creampie Fuck Jill Valentine awakes to find herself in one of Umbrella Corp.'s labs, hands bound and at the mercy of a twisted Umbrella scientist. The scientist tells Jill that Umbrella has created a new virus -- the D-virus -- and it needs more resilient hosts to survive. He tells Jill she's the perfect candidate. Jill is defiant, but is subdued when the scientist informs her Umbrella is also keeping Chris Redfield captive. Although hesitant, Jill is ready to do whatever the scientist says to ensure the safety of her friend. She undresses completely at the Umbrella scientist's command, unsure why her nudity was required for the transmission of the virus. The scientist inspects her with latex gloves, groping her face and her tits. He opens Jill's mouth and sticks his fingers inside, running them along her tongue and down her throat, causing her to gag. The scientist restrains Jill in a harness, leaving her helpless. He takes out his hard cock and guides Jill's hand to it. The scientist says that if Jill doesn't do a good job, he'll put her back in the handcuffs. He commands her to put her mouth around his cock. Jill sucks the scientist's cock, letting him fuck her throat. She gags and drools all over his cock and her face. Then, the Umbrella scientist fingers Jill's pussy, getting it ready for him. He slides his cock inside Jill's wet pussy. Jill knows it's wrong, but she's thrown into ecstacy as the scientist fucks her, begging for more. He fucks her from behind, Jill's ass bouncing and jiggling on his cock. The scientist fucks her missionary again and cums deep inside of her, then watches his cum drip out. The realization pours over Jill that she's now infected with the D-virus, and asks what's going to happen to her next.
Babysitter Takes Your Virginity video from
Babysitter Takes Your Virginity You're probably a little too old to need a babysitter still. Your babysitter isn't just a gross girl anymore, she's an incredibly sexy woman that you can't stop ogling. Your babysitter knows you're going to be a pain in the ass to watch -- you're going to keep acting up to get her attention. She says she has something special she does to control boys like you. She asks you if you've ever seen a naked girl in person before. She slowly strips down for you, remarking that you must still be a virgin and teasing you. You're rock hard by the time she's fully naked. Your babysitter then says she might need to do more to make sure you behave. She asks you if you want her to take your virginity, to which you anxiously and excitedly agree. She takes out your cock and is surprised by how big you are. She takes you in her mouth and down her throat, deepthroating you. Then, she gets on top of you and slowly lowers herself onto your cock. Her pussy feels amazing, but she tells you you're not allowed to cum until she says so, and not until after SHE cums. You have to hold in your orgasm, no matter how good it feels when she bounces on your cock. She confesses that she loves taking boys' virginities, seducing them and corrupting them. She's sad she only gets to take yours once. She rides your cock until she cums, then allows you to blow your load inside of her. You watch as your cum drips out of her soaking wet pussy. She tells you she may need to do this again to make sure you behave, but not to tell your parents.
Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex video from
Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex Dating life hasn't been easy for your newly-single mommy. There aren't a lot of good men out there. She comes home from a failed date one night, crawling into bed next to you, wanting to tuck you in. She expresses her disappointment in her dating life and tells you her lack of success hasn't been making her feel attractive. You assure your mommy she's beautiful, making her blush. She wishes more men were like her baby boy. She tells you she wants to be close with you tonight. You make her feel better about herself, more than anyone else. She moves her hand to your crotch and starts rubbing. You're confused, but mommy says it's okay that she's touching you. She just wants to make you feel good, the way you make her feel good. Mommy has been thinking about this for a while. After each failed date she'd come home and touch herself... and think about you. She doesn't need or want anyone else. She takes her big tits out of her sexy red dress and tells you to suck on them before begging to let her fuck you. She gets on top of you and rides your face first. You have an excellent view of your mommy's pretty pussy and her tits as you lick it. Then, she starts to mount you, telling you she's going to be gentle with her baby boy. She bounces up and down on your cock. Her pussy is dripping, she loves fucking you. She tells you it's okay to want to fuck mommy, and it's okay she wants you inside of her. Mommy begs you to get on top of her and pound her pussy. You fuck her missionary as she moans in ecstasy. You pull out and cum all over her stomach. She tastes it. Mommy tells you she'll never need another man again.
Homewrecker Marriage Counselor BJ Facial video from
Homewrecker Marriage Counselor BJ Facial Your marriage is on the rocks. You and your wife have been seeing a marriage counselor for one last attempt at staying together -- the only thing is that you definitely want to bang the hot, young marriage counselor. After a few sessions, the counselor asks your wife to leave the room in order to have a one-on-one with you, something she assures your wife is essential to the therapy process. Once your wife is out of the room, your counselor admits she can't save your marriage. There are too many things that can't be worked through. And she thinks you deserve better. She advises you to leave your wife. There are better women out there -- like her. She begins to unbutton her top. You're nervous with your wife sitting right outside but rock hard from looking at your counselor's big, natural tits. She tells you she's so much better than your wife -- so much hotter and younger. She's simply a superior woman. She takes off her bra. You're stupefied by her body. She puts her hand on your crotch and assures you once she's done with you, you'll forget you ever had a wife. She begins to suck you huge cock, taking all of you effortlessly. She loves your cock, putting it all over her face and slapping it against her tits. She's gagging on your cock and spitting on her tits, playing with it. She keeps telling you that you need to leave your wife, that you need a hot young thing like her to service your cock. She's sucking your cock so well, you can't resist her. She tells you to cum on her face -- and then invite your wife back into the room to witness the aftermath of your infidelity. Aren't you ready to leave that old hag?
Brat Milks Your Virgin Cock 4 Times video from
Brat Milks Your Virgin Cock 4 Times You've been a virgin for a frustrating amount of time. Tonight, you muster up all your courage and go to a party in your neighborhood to get laid -- except you don't know anyone and end up hiding upstairs instead of mingling. In walks the hot, bitchy popular girl you've had a crush on since forever. She immediately starts bullying you, telling you you're a loser and wondering why you're even here. You're nervous and silent, and she figures out you're here in hopes of losing your virginity. She laughs in your face. No one is going to fuck you, and even if they did, you'd last all of two seconds. She then says she's thought of something fun to do, something to torment you with. She begins teasing you with her body, squeezing her tits in her shirt before peeling it off, revealing her natural DDDs. She grabs your cock from outside of your pants. She's going to train you to last longer. She takes out your cock, gets on her knees and starts stroking you. It feels fucking amazing, and it's the most contact you've ever had with a girl. She teases and makes fun of you while she jerks you off, and before too long you blow a load on her tits. But she keeps going, milking you. She's not done with you yet. Eventually she reveals how much she loves cum and how she wants you to cover her in your virgin cum. You were perfect because of your lack of experience. You were sure to drench her in your cum multiple times. She begs for your cum again and again, making you cum on her tits another three times. She says that maybe next time, since she's trained you, she can take your virginity too.

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About Me

Joined Jul.21, 2017

24-year-old internet dream girl, specializing in mommy role play, sister role play, submissive dirty talk, and impregnation fetish.

  • Jessica Starling photo
  • Jessica Starling photo
  • Jessica Starling photo
  • Jessica Starling photo
Age 27
Height 5'2"
Weight 110 lbs
Bra Size 32DD
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Chestnut

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Videos 101
Views 89,022
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