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Harley Sin

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Specializing in detailed taboo roleplay

taboo, MILF, mommy roleplay, pet plat, bad dragon, daddy's girl, POV sex, virtual sex

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Bully Spit Roasts Mom ~Bully Series video from
Bully Spit Roasts Mom ~Bully Series Part 1 In **The Bully Series** Part 2: Bully-Bully-Gang-Bang/ Part 3: Total-Slut-For-Bullys-Threesome **Contains heavy reluctant mommy roleplay. Bully, mom, son threesome. Due to nature of this video, some scenes do not contain any dirty talk, as mom is reluctant until she's broken by bully. Contains multiple sex scenes with both bully & son.** Mom is watching TV when you come in with a new friend. Your mom notices you seem nervous, and asks you to introduce her. This new friend of yours calls her a slut. She's shocked, and starts questioning you. Who talks to someones mom like that? Then she realizes who this boy is. It's your bully. Well she's had enough. This bully thinks he can walk into her home and bully her too? No way she's having any of that. She asks you to wait outside while she talks to your bully in private. She tells you not to worry, she's got everything under control. You sneak up to the open door of her bedroom where you hear talking. They seem to be arguing. It sounds like your mom is in trouble but you're not sure what to do. She finally comes out, but she's practically naked. She's covering herself up, trying to hide her half naked body from you. She says this was the only way he would agree to stop. That he wants you to come in to finalize the agreement she's made. She's not sure what he wants, but its not looking good... XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, family, MILF, threesomes, POV, POV sex, facials, spit roast, virtual sex, blackmail fantasy, dirty talk, blowjob, missionary, humiliation
Loving Mommys Beautiful Feet video from
Loving Mommys Beautiful Feet **Contains heavy foot theme mommy roleplay. POV blowjob, POV footjob, POV sex & creampie. Virtual foot licking & toe sucking. Cum countdown and Impregnation Fantasy** Mommy found out your secret. She knows you've been pleasuring yourself with her pantyhose but she's not at all mad. Quite the opposite. She's happy. She's wanted this for a long time. She starts kissing you and takes her clothes off. Finding her pantyhose knowing what you were doing, turned her on. She wants to know why her pantyhose? Oh. It's because her feet were in them. Mommy gets down in front of you and starts sucking your cock. She wants you to look at her beautiful feet while she pleasures you. She uses her spit to get your cock nice and wet. It's her feet you've always fantasied about, and she wants you to enjoy them. She wants you to enjoy them so much, she wraps them around you cock. She strokes you with her feet and spits all over you dick for lube. She loves the feeling so much, she begs you to put it in her. Mommy fucks you, slow at first. She wants you to lick her sole, suck on her toes. Her toes curl in your face as you pound her pussy and suck on those long pretty toes of her. It feel too good she thinks shes going to cum. She wants you both to cum at the same time but by counting backwards from 10. She takes her time, counts down with dirt talk in between each number. She wants you to impregnate her. She wants all your seed. Won't you give that to her? XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, foot fetish, foot job, POV blowjob, cum countdown, creampie, dirty talk, impregnation fantasy, POV sex
Mother and Son First Time video from
Mother and Son First Time ** This is my most in-depth mother and son content to date. Please give yourself some time after this video for processing. This is my first content with background music, and I would love your feedback. Please send me a DM after purchase whether you liked or disliked it. Though I only showed snip-its of the sex scenes for effect, all the sex scene contain mother/son trigger dirty talk** You have surprised your mother. She works so hard, she's a single mom and has been for years. She comes home, thinking you must be having someone over but its all for her. Candles, cheese, grapes, and dinner cooking in the oven. She cant believe it. You've even drawn a bath and left her robe out so she can be more comfortable. You sit down to dinner, beautiful soft music playing just for her. When she hears it, its your song! You're confused, but of course you don't remember. She used to dance with you around the house when you were little, falling in love with you. But you get quiet, your mother starts to get uncomfortable. She doesn't understand, when you tell her you feel more than just mother son love for her. She gets flushed, because mothers and sons are not supposed to feel that way. But she can't lie to you. She feels that way too. But you can never act on it. She's relieved, having everything in the open. She laughs. You ask her to dance.... and down the rabbit hole you fall XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, POV, cowgirl, POV sex, POV kissing, virtual sex, pussy eating, mutual masturbation, masturbation encouragement, love, romance, music, aftercare
Mommys Cross-Dresser video from
Mommys Cross-Dresser What a loving, caring, encouraging mommy. She loves you exactly how you are. Her perfect, bisexual, cross-dressing son. And you know the house rule, you’re only allowed to cum when mommy watches. She wore your favourite dress today, she knows you have your own dresses and panties, but she wants you to wear hers today. She takes off her little black dress to your favourite. Black lingerie, stockings, and no panties. She has your favourite toy, she wants to see you put that plug inside your tight ass. She wore her panties all day, and kept them for you to wear. She send you away to get the stockings she forgot for you, and you come back, so pretty in her dress, panties and thigh highs. She knows you love to worship her body while you stroke it. Rule number 2? You’re only allowed to cum when mommy says so. And she’s got a surprise for you today, since she knows all your kink, all your fetishes. Mommy loves to watch you stroke it, but make sure you don’t cum until she says. She can see your cock jerking, and she’s close. She gets out her Hitachi, she knows if you get the spot just right, inside the panties, throbbing. Mommy knows how you like to cum, doesn’t she? Are you going be a good boy and cum for mommy? You have to hold back until Mommy is ready to cum, and she is is going to cum SO hard for her boy XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, cross-dressing, butt plug, Hitachi, panty fetish, dirty talk, virtual sex, mutual masturbation, lingerie, stockings, love
Mom Is Your Valentine PART 2 video from
Mom Is Your Valentine PART 2 It’s been a long 8 months. You and your mom have been flirting and sneaking looks since that night but nothing else has happened. It got so bad, you even went out and got a girlfriend. But you mommy has always been #1 in your heart. You come home to yelling, and you don’t understand what you’re hearing. Mom has dads things packed by the door, and is confessing you fucking on Valentines day. She’s telling him to get his things and move out, that your “girlfriend” was only a bystander because we couldn’t be together. You walk into the living room and see your moms bag disorganize on the couch. You hear the door SLAM and in walks your mother, surprised and relieved to see you. She’s finally told him everything. That she couldn’t take it anymore. Not being able to touch you, kiss you. You’re still confused to why she decided to tell dad now about this. So she explains. Months of searching and she has finally found it. A place, where mothers, and sons, are free to live together as lovers. A commune. Hundreds of them. All living as lovers, having families together. Free. She starts kissing, and touching you. Your face, your chest. You have an interview with the Head Mother next week, and it’s important you sever all ties here. Dad is gone, and now we need to get rid of that ‘girlfriend’ of yours. Mother will do it, your girlfriend is confused to why she’s calling. But she explains, as she takes your cock out of your pants. That the two of you fucked on Valentines day, just before he started dating her, and you two are going to run away together now. She sucks your cock openly on the phone, tells her she’s deep throating your right now, like she never could. Mother knows her son needs an experience woman, not some young thing who can’t satisfy you. Mommy can’t listen to her cry anymore, so she hangs up the phone and put your cock inside her.. you need to practice your positions, for the interview with Head Mother. She needs to see you really are mother and son lovers XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, kissing, POV kissing, impregnation fantasy, creampie, missionary, doggstyle, POV blowjob, exhibitionist
New Boss Makes You A Bet video from
New Boss Makes You A Bet **POV is office girls, then husband, then boss** The new boss is such a dick. All he does is tell all the female employees how good he is at sex. He says he's so good, in fact, that he's willing to make a bet. That he can make ANY woman cum before him. And if he win, he'll pay for an all inclusive vacation for you and your significant other. But if HE win, he gets to take you on the vacay and fuck you as much as he wants. Well, she is sure she is going to win this bet. She convinces her husband, that she might only need to suck his dick for a few minutes. But she thinks he'll probably cum as soon as she takes off her dress. I mean, look at her. She's gloating to her husband how EASY this will be. The easiest free vacation she's ever won. The new boss is shown into her bedroom, and the husband is staying to see how this whole thing unfolds. She takes her boss's cock out, and is in awe. Its so... big. Like, really big. Bigger than anything she's ever seen. She tries to get him to cum with her dirty talk but it looks like she's going to have to do this the hard way. She gets onto the bed and starts riding his cock. It actually feels really good. Surprisingly good. Her husband is watching, and can't believe its gone this far. She keeps moaning, telling her husband she's sorry but its really good. Shes getting close to cumming. She flips over and it doesn't take long for her to cum. A SECOND later the new boss gives her the biggest creampie she's ever had. And she's lost. Once she starts coming around, she can't believe she lost! Her boss tell her to only pack slutty lingerie, because he's not leaving the hotel room XO Fantasy includes: kink, authority figures, boss, boss/employee, big dicks, creampie, POV sex, POV blowjob
Total Slut For Bullys Threesome video from
Total Slut For Bullys Threesome Part 3 In **The Bully Series** Your mom is surprised to see you with your bully in her house again. You never seem to give her a warning he's coming over. His parents are away on vacation, and he gets bored at his house, all alone. She doesn't think thats a good idea. But after he reminds her the bullying as been reduced since... last time.. she reluctantly agrees to let him stay, in the guest room, ALONE. **Later that night** You are in your room, its the middle of the night. You hear noises, quietly, coming from your moms room. Soft, moaning noises. You try to listen harder. Something else is getting hard too... you can hear your mom saying her son is going to hear, that she's trying to be quiet but she cant control herself. Asking your bully to pound her wet pussy. You press your ear against the wall to hear more clearly, she's getting louder. She cums hard, and tells the bully to quickly get back to his room before her son wakes up..... Next thing you know, its light out and your mom is crawling into your bed. Looking like, she's been fucking him all night in her slut lingerie. She seems really guilty, asks you if you heard anything last night? She knows you did already, and wants to apologize. She takes your hard cock out, it's bigger than the bully's. Even though he fucks really good, she likes your thick cock better. She puts it in her mouth, but can hear the bully wake up. He's looking for her, for round 2. He knows at the door but she tells him to stay out. Tells him she's making it up to her son for what he heard last night. The bully opens the door and catches her red handed. With your cock in her mouth. She asks the bully if he wants round 2... of course he does XO **Fantasy includes: POV, threesomes, creampie, facial, messy, dirty talk, cumshots, taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, spit roast, bully**

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About Me

Joined Oct.24, 2021

Specializing in detailed taboo roleplay

taboo, MILF, mommy roleplay, pet plat, bad dragon, daddy's girl, POV sex, virtual sex

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  • Harley Sin photo
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