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Specializing in detailed taboo roleplay

taboo, MILF, mommy roleplay, pet plat, bad dragon, daddy's girl, POV sex, virtual sex

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Sex Ed with Futa Mom video from
Sex Ed with Futa Mom Son has started going through changes and wants to talk to dad. But dads away on business and mom wants to know what’s wrong. He has some questions only dad can answer but mom has a secret. She’s not a regular mother in the physical sense. Though her overall appearance is mom but you see, mommy has a little secret. Mommy has a futa cock, and knows everything her son could want to know. Her son is shocked, how is this possible? How did he never notice? Well mommy too can keep a secret. She is VERY good at keeping secrets. And just being around her boy right now well…. She has an erection. Would her son like to see? Well, being very curious at the changes in his own body well.. yes, yes he would. Mommy shows her son her hard futa cock. Explains how when we become aroused the penis becomes erect. Another word is hard, or boner. Mommy can see that you’re hard too. Mommy wants to see it. You take it out to show mommy because something strange is happening. Seeing mommy's huge futa cock has make you throbbing. Mom wonders have you felt a mouth around that cock? No? Here, let mommy show you. There is no better person that your mom for helping you experiment with these feelings. No one to break her boys heart, or make fun of him if he cums too soon. Mommy would never do that. Mommy only wants to take care of her boy. Mommy sucks your cock and it feels amazing! You’ve never had a real blowjob before. Only in your imagination. The real thing is so much better. But mommy stops suddenly when your whole body feels tingly. She can tell you’re close. Close to what? That just felt so good you lost track for a few minutes. She’ll show you. She just wanted your cock lubed up. Masturbation is so important. It's part of a healthy sex life. She’s going to show you how to stroke until you can’t help but cum. Cum? What’s cum? Don’t worry.. mommy will show you XO Contains: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, POV, futa, futanari, blowjobs, mutual masturbation, love, eye contact, long hair, tattoos, cum shots, cum on tits, cum fetish, masturbation encouragement
Bullys MILF Takes Control video from
Bullys MILF Takes Control Part 1: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2782339/Bullys-Relentless-Humiliation/ **Contains: Bully theme, POV pussy eating/rim job, POV Sex, pee fetish, anal fingering, submission, closeup, asshole fetish, loving mommy, POV nipple sucking, real orgasm** **POV is Son** Your mom has his back at your house again. Your bully. You're nervous. Why would she have him back over, after last time? But this time, your mommy seems, different. She's not afraid. Shouldn't she be scared? She explains, your bully tried to take something from her, the last time. But something ignited inside her. It's all she's been able to think about. Fucking her own son. She wants to show your bully that he doesn't have any power over you both. She abruptly takes off her clothes, has you suck her nipples again. She has your bully suck on them too. She likes it hard. She pulls and tugs on her nipples while you suck them. She's wet now, and wants you on your knees. She opens her legs and spreads her pussy for you. She wants you to see it, see the pussy where you came from. The pussy that gave birth to you. Can you see how wet she is? She wants you to feel how good it is, to be back there. She spreads for you, and confesses. She wants forbidden things now. She turns around, has you lick her ass again. It's all she wants, her own biological son, licking her tight little asshole. She spits and fingers it too. Rubs her pussy at the same time. This time she knows your bully is jealous. She gets down on her hands and knees. Puts her ass in your face. She uses her vibrator until she cums. Hard. All while your bully watches. She likes all forbidden things now. All she wants is to cum, and fuck, and pee. She pee's all over the floor in front of you both and she fucking loves it. Now she gets your cock nice and wet for you. She came for you, now she wants you to cum for her. She gets you hard, harder than you've ever been in your life. Then she fucks you, until you fill her up. So much cum drips out of her pussy, she can't wait to show your bully XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, POV Sex, pee fetish, asshole fetish, dirty talk, humiliation, submission, pee, creampie
Bully Ruins Good Christian MILF video from
Bully Ruins Good Christian MILF The mom of the boy you've been bullying shows up at your place unannounced. She's so prim, so proper, and best of all. She's just come from church. You're still wet from the shower, and only wearing a towel. She asks if your parents are home, and doesn't understand you've been left on your own, on a Sunday. She agrees to speak with you, but won't sit down as it won't take long. As she's standing in your living room, she explains that she needs you to stop bullying her son. She'll do anything, she can't stand it anymore. You ask her inappropriate questions, does she lay in the same bed with her husband, why isn't he here with her. She doesn't understand the purpose of your questions, but she answers them. There is not purpose to intercourse except to procreate, and she only has one son, so laying in the same bed does not serve. You tell her you'll stop bullying her boy, if you get to have her, for an hour. She doesn't understand, have her what? It finally hits her, when you remove your towel and she see's your huge hardon. She's never seen anything so massive. Even compared to her husband, who is the only man she's been with. She agrees, it's only an hour, to save her son from you. She sucks your cock. She is very hesitant at first, but slowly succums to your huge dick. She can barely fit it in her mouth. She's sucking you off when her son calls. He's checking in on her, seeing how the conversation is going. As she's talking to her son, she lift one of her legs up and slide it in. She's trying not to moan as she's talking to her boy, but a few escape her lips. He's asking what she's doing. At first she tries explaining, covering it up. But you're fucking her so good, after only.a few minutes, she's begging for more one the phone with her son! She tells him you're fucking her, and that she fucking LOVES it. She tells her son she has to go, and now has your full attention... What is this ruined MILF going to say, after she realizes she's fucked you in front of her boy? What will her husband think? Will she come back for more...? Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin
sister sucCumbus : the beginning video from
sister sucCumbus : the beginning Part 1 in my halloween series, sister sucCUMbus, contains: taboo, kink, femdom, imposed ejaculation, POV, femdom POV, possession, demon, spells, handjobs, pussy eating POV, face sitting, face riding, blowjobs, cum play, facials, cum shots, closeups, voyeur, Halloween, Harley Sin Your sister has been acting, strange lately. You notice unusual noises coming from the attic. You slowly creep up the steps and you see her. But something about her, you cant speak. You just watch. She slowly lights all these candles. One candle at a time, you can hear each wick crackle. She turns to look at you but. Her eyes. They're not right. She doesn't speak. You slowly back down the stairs. When you come out of your room she's waiting for you in the living room. You sit down. She's made you tea, but it looks funny. She promises it's your favourite. You ask if she is having any but she's not thirsty. Your sister definitely doesn't seem right. The way she's moving, it's oddly.. sexual. You ask if she's alright. She says she's the best she's felt in, ages. You have your tea and suddenly become very tired. Don't worry, she'll take care of everything for you. Of course, you're her brother! You wake up and she's in bed laying next to you. Except you think you're awake. wait, something doesn't feel right. You MUST be dreaming. Because you can't move, and you must be dreaming because your sister is practically naked beside you. She looks at you with those eyes again. Something about them.... she sees you now. And she feels you too. You don't want an erection but your body cannot help it. Your body is betraying you. You tell her no, you don't want this. She thinks you're cute, like you're in any position to say no to her. She takes her panties off, spreads her legs around your face. She wants you to lick her pussy, and grinds up against you. She can feel your boner poking her in the back. You try to resist her again but she's too close to cuming for you to stop now. She won't have that. She cums all over your face, but she's not done with you yet. She takes that cock out, she needs your cum. Some call her succubus, but for you brother, she's a sucCUMbus XO
Impregnate Your Cock Loving Aunty video from
Impregnate Your Cock Loving Aunty Your aunt so appreciates you being here for you. She cannot believe she is a widow at forty. They had so many plans, get pregnant.. start a family. But that's all over now. You comfort your aunt and she doesn't want you to leave but she needs to be alone for a few minutes. You go in to check on her and she doesn't see you at first. You can't believe how gorgeous she is. She sees the way you are looking at her, sees your massive hardon. She knows its wrong but. She hasn't had sex in a really long time. And your cock looks so.. big. She offers to help you with that erection if you return the favour. There's an itch she hasn't been able to scratch and your young cock might be the perfect solution. Your own aunty wraps her mouth around you cock. She makes you swear you'll never tell her sister. She would never understand. It's so.. wrong. But feeling that cock in her mouth makes her want it other places. She warns you tho. Its been a long time.. At first she tells you to slow down but the more she moans the harder you fuck her. She's tight at first but your cock helps with that. Helps stretch her out. She's crying out in pleasure, she's never had a cock this big before. You can feel her pussy contracting around your cock when her phone rings.. its.. your mom! She really cant leave it, she never stops calling if she doesn't pick up. Your aunt tries to keep quiet but she keeps letting out moans. Your mom asks her what she's doing and she tells her you're helping move something really.. hard. She's cums all over your cock right as she hangs up! She is very scared now, that was too close. She gets on her back and you continue to fuck her. Your young cock is throbbing hard still. And she just knows you're full of cum for her. She wants that cum, since she cant get pregnant by her husband anymore.. you'll do. That young, strong cock of yours is sure to get her pregnant. She can't get enough of it. Even after you spill your load into her, she keeps fucking you. You really should have done this years ago.. XO Contains: taboo, kink, family, impregnation fantasy, aunt-nephew roleplay, MILF, creampie, emotional, lingerie, submissive sluts, eye contact, long hair, POV, cowgirl, blowjobs, cock worship, tattoos
Board Meeting turned Gang Bang video from
Board Meeting turned Gang Bang The CEO is not expecting the entire board of directors in her office. Did she miss a meeting request? No. She's lost this company millions, and will be made to pay the price. Its not what she expect though. She is very annoyed. Made to strip, and cum in front of the entire board. She is usually the one in control, the one making the rules. Not today. She unbuttons her blouse, revealing lingerie underneath. She lifts one leg on her chair and looks around the room. She is surprisingly wet, and it doesn't take her long to cum. She thinks she is done, it can't get any worst. But she needs to cum again for the board... which she reluctantly agrees but she has to pee. The board wont let her leave. She has to pee, right here, in front of them, on her office floor. She gets into her office chair and spreads her pussy and asshole. Is this what the board wants to see in order for her to keep her company? She will do anything to keep power. She is finally completely nude, and ready for her last task. Taking it in the mouth and pussy. Being spit roast by her very own board members. The final step in her complete submission. She doesn't mean to, but having all these men watching her like this, she cums all over that suck. She seemed to like it, even though she resisted the entire lesson. She gets to keep her position! She is so happy! She thanks and thanks the Board for giving her the opportunity to show much MUCH she wants this. How she'd do ANYTHING for it XO **Contains: exhibitionism, CEO, spit roast, lingerie, spreading, asshole fetish, POV, stripping, gangbangs, humiliation, boss, domination, toilet fetish, pee, authority figures, Harley Sin**
Mom Confesses ALL in Therapy : the Movie video from
Mom Confesses ALL in Therapy : the Movie **Part 1 in the series: Mommy Confesses ALL in Therapy : The Movie staring the shrink who convinces mommy the best way to combat these sexual feelings is by acting them out. Contains heavy mom/son trigger words and impregnation fantasy.** She doesn't know why she's even here. She can't even say the words out lout let alone confess her biggest secret in therapy. But she's been coming to you for years, she trusts you. You figure it's another woman but she shakes her head. You have never heard anything like this before she is certain. But you manage to convince her it's for the best. So she confesses. Its her son. Her own, biological son she's attracted to. She tries to get up, to leave but you tell her to sit back down. She always listens to you. You have a method, its.. controversial and new but, it just might work to cure her mom/son fantasies. She has to express her first arousal she felt for her son, in explicit detail. She needs to touch herself so she can process her sexual feelings in order be cured. She is hesitant but willing. She cant go on like this, living in the same house. And recently, her son has started.. looking at her in a way she might not be able to control herself. She confesses the first time she ever felt that arousal. She walked in on her son jerking off. She closed the door straight away but she couldn't get the vision of his precum out of her head. She wanted to lick it, the tip of his cock. She started only thinking about him when she touched herself after that. There was no going back. You tell her this is only the FIRST step of the treatment. She needs to express fully these feelings. She needs to act out her fantasies. You take your cock out, and pretend its her sons. You're leaking precum, and she cant help herself. The cock that she made, right there in front of her. Precum dripping for her to taste. She can't help but touch her own pussy. She's soaking wet. You know what the next step is. And when she's cumming, she admits it all. No one can withhold when their cumming, which is the deepest form of therapy. She's dressing after the session, a bit confused as she does not feel less aroused by the thought of her son. Cumming to her forbidden fantasy has only made it worst. But the treatment is not finished yet. Her son is to attend the next session with her.. it's part of.. the complete series XO Contains: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, POV, confession, confessions, authority figures, precum play, blowjobs, impregnation fantasy, eye contact, long hair, tattoos, Harley Sin

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About Me

Joined Oct.24, 2021

Specializing in detailed taboo roleplay

taboo, MILF, mommy roleplay, pet plat, bad dragon, daddy's girl, POV sex, virtual sex

  • Harley Sin photo
  • Harley Sin photo
Age 39
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