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Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around and take a chance on your sweet, darling Ellie! I create mainly taboo, daddy x daughter, barely legal, and family content!

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Seducing Your Sister's Beautiful Neck video from
Seducing Your Sister's Beautiful Neck You and your sister enjoy bonding over movies so, you decided to invite her over to spend the night to watch this new movie you've both been wanting to see. You are surprised to see your sister's night attire however.. It's very revealing for a night with your own brother. In fact, your sister's nipple slips without her even noticing. This situation only get's more interesting as your sister asks to rest her legs on you for awhile. That's when.. the sex scene happens. It's a bit awkward but, your sister tries to play it off. As she moves her legs slowly off yours to make the sexual tension of the movie less awkward- she accidently rubs her legs against your penis. She becomes flustered and stays over on her side of the couch. The scene progresses and to break the awkward silence your sister jokes about the sex scene. She thinks its silly that a man can seduce a woman by kissing her neck. So silly in fact, that a brother and sister could do it to each other. Your sister holds out her arm for you to start kissing all the way up to her neck. She starts to let out subtle moans but, she continues to pretend that the kissing is doing nothing for her. She starts to lay on her back as you lay on top of her and continue to kiss her beautiful neck. Her legs are now spread open so you can rest your pelvis against hers. It's okay.. just as long as you both aren't touching naked. You continue to kiss her neck as she starts to hold your hips closer in between her legs. Your sister is starting to get hot. So, she starts to take off her shirt while encouraging you to take off yours. Its okay.. its just hot in here. Nothing wrong with that. Right? You keep going at it. Just kissing your sister's neck until you don't even realize you both are starting to thrust against each other. Its okay.. Just as long as your cock isn't in her.. Right? You both are starting to go at it. You need to just feel your cock against her pussy.. She takes off her panties and then pulls out your cock. You start to slip it in. She abruptly stops you though. You can only put the head in. But, that doesn't work for long as it slides deeper and deeper into your sister's pussy. It feels too good to stop. Okay, she says you can keep going but, YOU CANNOT CUM IN HER. You thrust faster and faster as you continue to passionately kiss her neck. That's when she starts begging for it.. For your sperm. How are you supposed to hold it all in? You release into your sister's pussy all of your juices. Well, this night took an unexpected turn.. And look- the movie is over now. TAGS: Family, Brother x Sister, Taboo, Kink, Fetish, Neck Fetish, Dirty Talking, POV, POV Sex
Bred By Alien Brother: Halloween Special video from
Bred By Alien Brother: Halloween Special DESCRIPTION: It's just another normal pizza delivery shift on Halloween night. I park my car and head up to the door to deliver my 6th pizza of the night. There is something different about this house though.. Something ominous. I dismiss it and knock on the door. I try to remember the order for the pizza not paying any attention to the person whom I am delivering to. I slowly look up and I'm instantly confused. This person looks a lot like my brother? However.. my brother never told me he moved.. and why does his eyes look.. different? I ask what is up and I am invited in for pizza and movie with bro.. I don't particularly have the best judgement.. You look like my bro and I get free food so why not? I start to relax on the couch and dig in to some pizza. We watch a Halloween classic only for me to realize.. I'm kind of freaked out! My brother reassures me with a touch on my leg. An almost too friendly touch.. I know where this is going.. And why not? I'm down. I'm even straight forward with you about it. Your sis has been down this road once or twice.. And I'm down to fuck with my own brother. It's Halloween! I take out your cock and slowly start to suck it. Its kind of... slippery though? More slippery than a normal cock? Oh well! I'll get tipped for this though right? I'm skipping out on work to fuck my own brother after all! Things are starting to get heated now.. so we shift back to the couch. You leave the room as I'm getting undressed and come back in your underwear... Why do you have your boxers back on? You tell me there is something you have to show me.. I open your boxers to reveal.. A Tentacle dick?! My own brother has been taken over by an alien... and they want to use my body for breeding and birthing eggs... Fuck.. Well.. I'm down for anything tonight so why not get fucked by my alien brother? Right? **All actors and characters depicted are 18+*** TAGS: Brother x Sister, Breeding, Impregnation Kink, POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, Facial, Egg If you love the video it would make me so happy if you'd support me by leaving a review! I love to read them and they encourage me to make more amazing content!! Xoxo - Ellie Skyes
The Fuckining: A Halloween Special video from
The Fuckining: A Halloween Special DESCRIPTION: My brother and I normally bond during the spooky season with a good scary movie. What could the movie be this year? It seems my brother has picked out a possession movie. Possession has always made me feel weird.. I can't seem to get the idea out of my head. Especially the idea of sexual possession... The idea makes me strangely turned on. I start to rest my eyes during the movie as I get comfy and rest my legs over my brother. The next thing I know I am waking up on the couch with the movie over and my brother standing and staring at me.. That's when I start to feel funny. I feel.. out of body. I feel.. out of my mind. My mind and body can't help to repeat over and over.. "I need to get on my knees and suck my brother's cock" It feels so wrong but, it feels so good. It's so fucked but, that's the great part. This uncontrollable need to fuck my brother. The pure fucked pleasure of it. Over and over. He covers my face with pure pleasure as I endure the pure perversion of it all. However, this isn't enough to cure the craving of my brother's cock. I need more. My own brother fills me with his cock as a possessed version of me repeats how much I love this. How much I love how fucked I am for fucking my own brother. How I need his cock in my pussy. A pure mind fuck that ends with my own brother cumming all the way inside me. Filled me with his evil juices. The next thing I know I feel like I am back in my body. Now covered in my brothers cum. What did we do? Was it because I brought up the idea of sexual possession? Who knows.. ***All actors and characters depicted are 18+ *** TAGS:POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, Facial, Mind Fuck, Brother x Sister If you love the video it would make me so happy if you'd support me by leaving a review! I love to read them and they encourage me to make more amazing content!! Xoxo - Ellie Skyes
Family Reunion Fuck Fest video from
Family Reunion Fuck Fest This year at the family reunion for my 18th I thought I'd host my own private event in my room.. All my family members are invited to come in and have a little stress relief from the family functions! On me of course! Everyone knows I'm secretly the family whore. I take pride and pleasure being used for my holes! However, I still come with a price.. $5 a hole! First is my pervy Uncle who fucks my mouth and gives me a quick facial! Uncle is still hard though so.. I offer my fresh pussy that he gets to be the first to fuck if he tips extra! Up next are my two cousins. It's going to cost more for the both of them to fuck me at the same time. As I start to cum on my cousin's cock; my other cousin gives me a nice facial! I love when my family's sperm and juices mix all over me! I'm bent over and a bit spent.. but, that's when my brother comes in.. He's been nothing but a bully and so I ask for him to leave. He spanks my ass to get me even more worked up. That's when my brother offers a whole bunch of money with a dog collar for me. He fucks me like the puppy whore I am! Finally, there's daddy.. But, daddy isn't supposed to be here because mommy said no. I'm Hesitant at first but, then daddy shows me his huge cock. I can't resist. I start sucking his cock. That's when mommy comes in and sees her cum drenched whore of a daughter. Daddy makes mommy watch as he fucks me. She's going to need time to recover. Tags: Family, Taboo, Kink, daddy roleplay, daddy's girl, barely legal, collars, leashes, pigtails, freckles, cream pie, creampie, facial, blow job, dirty talking, POV Blowjob, POV, POV sex
A Wedding Gift From Your Step-Daughter video from
A Wedding Gift From Your Step-Daughter DESCRIPTION: It's my step-dad's bachelor night and I know his friends have hired a stripper to give them all head for his last night as a single man. However, I plan on being the one to make it his special last night.. My plan is to dress as a stripper and sneak into my step-dad's bachelor party so I can give him and all his friend's the best night of their lives! My plan had almost worked perfect too! But, my step-father totally recognized me.. he didn't stop me though! Right as I was finishing off my step-dad and all of his friends there ended-up being a knock on the door.. It was the REAL stripper.. I quickly rushed out before anyway could say anything! This wasn't the only special gift I had in mind for my step-dad either.. I plan on giving my step-dad my virginity as a wedding gift! I'm so excited too! I decide to give this gift early because I want my step-dad to be the one to make me a woman. I hear how pleased mom is by step-dad's cock in the middle of the night and I get so jealous and fantasize about my step-dad being the one to fuck me with his cock. I want step-dad to make me a woman. A perfect wedding gift from your step-daughter! ***All actors and characters depicted are 18+*** TAGS: Teen (18+), Barely Legal, Daddy x Daughter, Daddy's Girl, Daddy Roleplay, POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, Facial, Wedding, Virgin, Virginity, Stripper, GangBang, Bukkake, Ahegao If you love the video it would make me so happy if you'd support me by leaving a review! I love to read them and they encourage me to make more amazing content!! Xoxo - Ellie Skyes
The Cheerleader- Daddy Daughter Movie video from
The Cheerleader- Daddy Daughter Movie You are focused on your work when suddenly a knock at your office door breaks your concentration. Your daughter must've just got home from school. You permit her to come in as you ask her how school was. She seems to have something she needs to spit out to you as you see the papers in her hands. Did she fail a test? No, she wants to join an extra-curricular activity. What could it be this time? Last time she tried to join the swim team and begged to be taken out.. You tell her to spit out the information she is begging you to say yes to.. She wants to be a cheerleader. Your instinct is to say no but, then you look at your daughter's sweet face.. And then that's when your mind starts to wonder.. Having a cheerleader daughter in those hot uniforms walking around all over the house. The exposing poses she would be practicing at home.. Always seeing up her skirt and getting a peek of something a father isn't supposed to.. It's too tempting not to say yes. So you agree.. but, only if she does the thing with her mouth that daddy really likes. Your daughter is so sweet but, she is so dirty the way she gives you head. She is a very good girl for daddy. You reward your daughter with a facial and now it's time to sign those papers. She is so giddy! That night, you can't rest. You faintly hear your daughter calling for you.. you think you are only imagining it but, it continues to get more and more loud. You check in on your daughter to see her touching herself in her bed. You are shocked but, also turned on. She is thinking of her daddy.. That's when she sees you and is alarmed. You are stern and tell her that you both will talk in the morning. The next day your daughter hesitantly knocks on your door as you tell her to come in. Before you can speak she profusely apologizes and says it wont happen again. But, father knows best.. You know it will happen again, so you tell her that you can show her how to control those 'bad girl' urges. She needs to come to daddy to get fucked. You know its wrong and she knows its wrong too. You both don't care though. It feels too good being together. You reward your daughter with her first creampie and ask if she feels better now after having those bad girl urges. She is happy to finally feel relieved all because of the help from her daddy! A day or so passes when you decide to check how your daughter is feeling about the try-outs. You can tell she is very nervous and expresses that she might not be flexible enough. You are more than happy to show your daughter a few stretches that will help her become more flexible before her try-outs. You tell her she will need to do them without panties so she can have more mobility. She practices these stretches as you see all the way up your daughter's skirt. You know what you are doing you filthy perv.. You couldn't help but, to see up your own daughter's skirt. It is finally the day of your daughter's try-outs.. You watch the clock with anticipation for your daughter to come home. Will she make it as a cheerleader? Will your dirty fantasies come true? That's when you hear a knock on your office door. She is finally home.. And she has a surprise. She opens the door and you are greeted with a big smile and the hottest cheer uniform you have ever seen. She made it in. And your daughter wants to celebrate. Ice cream perhaps? No, she wants to celebrate a different way with daddy. She has those bad-girl urges. You are about to make that uniform so dirty with cum-stains before your daughter has the chance to cheer in her uniform. Your daughter happily gets on her knees and sucks that cock like a lollipop. She uses her own sweaty panties to rub your boner until you can't take it and bust all over her face. The fun isn't over yet though. Daddy has a huge boner still for his own cheerleader daughter. She takes your cock in her holes like a true cheerleader slut. You leave that cheerleader with a beautiful dripping creampie that doesn't seem to end even after she gets up and puts back on her panties. She is going to be the dirtiest cheerleader in her school. TAGS: Daddy x Daughter, Kink, Taboo, Barely Legal, Teen (18+), Panties, Panty Fetish, Cream Pie, Daddy Roleplay, Daddy's Girl, Dirty Talking, Upskirt, POV, POV Sex, POV Blowjob, Family, Facial, Cheerleader ** All performers are 18+ and are depicting 18+ year olds**

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About Me

Joined Nov.07, 2022

Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around and take a chance on your sweet, darling Ellie! I create mainly taboo, daddy x daughter, barely legal, and family content!

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