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OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/ellierowyn

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Fuck Him While I Watch video from
Fuck Him While I Watch Soooo. My friend that you were checking out the last time we had a party is coming over. And...well...I thought you might want to have some fun with him while I watch. Obviously you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, but. I think it could be really, really hot. The idea of you sucking and fucking dick makes me soooo wet. When my friend arrives, you are definitely ready to go. I "direct" a little bit, but I want you both to have fun and just really enjoy each other. You start out kissing and touching. My friend asks if he can give you a blowjob. You enthusiastically say yes. He gets down on his knees and slides you into his mouth. After you cum in his mouth, I ask for a taste. Your cum taste so good in his mouth! Now it's your turn to suck his dick. We've practiced this. I get so turned on watching, I reach down and jerk you off while you suck on him. You're doing so good. He cums in your mouth and I ask for you to spit it into mine. You both taste so good. Your cock is already hard again and you're ready to fuck him. I start touching myself as you slide your cock inside him. Fuck you look so hot. After you cum inside his asshole, I ask to suck your dick. Are you ready to get fucked now? You lay down on your back and my friend slides his cock inside of you. He finishes and I lick your ass clean. This was soooo much fun. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, ass, ass fetish, bi, bisexual, bi curious, bisexual encouragement, bi encouragement, gay, gay encouragement, lingerie, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, lingerie, hairy, hairy pussy, hairy bush, pale, freckles, gfe, cei, cum eating instructions, spit, spit fetish, mouth, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, joi
Mommy Wants You to Be Gay II video from
Mommy Wants You to Be Gay II Do you remember that talk we had about how I wanted you to be gay? Well. I bought something for us that I think will help you become more in tune with your queer identity; a strap-on! You get to practice a little bit and see how it feels in a safe space with me. And of course you can stroke your penis while we experiment. First, I want you to get down on your knees and practice your blowjob skills some more. Get my dick nice and wet. Doesn't it feel sooo good in your mouth? Are you imagining a real dick in your mouth while you stroke? You're doing so good! I can tell you've been practicing. I even face fuck you a little bit and use your throat. Do you like how that feels? I want you to lay back on the bed now while mommy slides her dick inside of you. Doesn't that feel so good? I can tell you've been practicing in this area too. My dick slid in sooo easy. Just imagine how great this is going to feel with a real dick inside your ass? Keep stroking for me. I want you to say "I'm gay" for me. Doesn't that feel so good to embrace it? Now I want you to say "I love cock". Here, let me take over stroking for a bit while I fuck your ass. Do you like how that feels? Don't cum yet though. I'm not quite done with you yet. I fuck you slow and deep before picking up speed and fucking you harder. I love hearing you moan. Stroke faster. Are you ready to cum for me? Cum for mommy. After you cover your hand in cum, I want you to take alll that cum and lick it off while my dick is still in your ass. I know you can't wait to taste someone else's cum. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, bisexual, bisexual encouragement, bi encouragement, joi, jerk off instructions, strap on, pegging, pov strap on, blowjob, dildo sucking, dick sucking, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, cei, cum eating instructions, freckles, taboo, step mom, mommy
Use Your SIL As a Surrogate video from
Use Your SIL As a Surrogate I know you and my sister have been trying to get pregnant for a while. My sister actually went and got some testing the other day and well...it looks like maybe she can't have bbs. She wanted me to break the news to you so I could also offer you an alternative. She wants me to be a surrogate for you both, but she wants this bb now. She doesn't want to have to go through all the red and for me to just be implanted with the embryos. Soooo what we're thinking is...the bb would technically be mine, from my eggs. And then your sperm. If you're uncomfortable with this, that's understandable, but my sister really wants this. Annndddd if you want, you could make a...direct deposit of sperm...so to speak. You can fuck me. I know you've thought about it, the way you look at me, undressing me with your eyes. And I can't say I haven't thought about fucking you. And now we have permission from your wife to do just that to make a bb together. If we're doing her a favor, we might as well have a little bit of fun. I slowly strip and tease you. It's not long before your cock is hard and you can't resist. You slide into me from behind, feeling how wet and fertile my pussy is. I moan for you. You feel sooo good. Fuck me as hard and as deep as you can. I want you to cum inside of me, fill me with all your cum. After you cum inside me, I tell you we should definitely do this more often. You know, just to be safe and make sure I get pregnant. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, taboo, sister in law, sil, impregnation, pregnant, pov, pov sex, stripping, striptease, ass, ass fetish, redhead, tattoos, tattooed
Mommy Drains Your Cum video from
Mommy Drains Your Cum I have something really important I need to talk to you about. I've noticed for the last year or so that you've been watching me shower, putting clothes on, maybe even caught me doing private things like masturbating. It's totally normal to be curious and to get hard for step-mommy. So I'm sure you're also getting very curious about sex and what it's like. As your step-mother, I can't help but feel protective of you. I don't want you to get your heartbroken and I know you have a date later tonight. But there are some things other women besides me don't deserve. I'm the only one who truly deserves your orgasms, your cum. I'm the only one who can really take care of you. So I thought, maybe I could help you out before your date. I start to strip out of my clothes for you, making your cock nice and hard. Once I'm completely naked, I grab your cock and start to stroke it. Do you like how your cock feels in mommy's hands? I love the way your thick, beautiful cock feels in my hands. I put your cock between my tits. I want you to really fuck them. Finally, I take your cock in my mouth and drain you of cum. Didn't that feel amazing? I want to make sure you're completely drained though. Lay back so mommy can slide your cock inside of her pussy. I climb on top and begin to ride you. No one can fuck you like I can. You feel so amazing inside me. I ride you harder and harder before telling you to cum inside me. Empty your balls completely for mommy. This was a custom order! Order your's here: ellierowyn.manyvids.com/custom-vid. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, ass, ass fetish, stripping, strip tease, handjob, blowjob, tit job, boob job, tit fucking, riding, pov, pov sex, pov riding, cowgirl, hairy, hairy pussy, taboo, mommy, step mom, step son, mommy son, redhead, tattoos, tattooed
Suck Cock For Me JOI video from

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About Me

Joined Feb.28, 2018


OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/ellierowyn

  • Ellie Rowyn photo
  • Ellie Rowyn photo
  • Ellie Rowyn photo
  • Ellie Rowyn photo
  • Ellie Rowyn photo
Age 26
Height 5'2"
Bra Size 36C
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn

My Stats

Videos 303
Views 45,202
Loves 49
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