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Heyo! I'm Catpaws, I'm hairy, and I shoot both fetish and vanilla content. When I'm not making porn, I'm usually playing FFXIV, working on a cosplay, or researching something weird. :) I release new videos every Friday! I do custom videos, if you're interested feel free to message me your idea!

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Upside Down Facefucking Endurance video from
Upside Down Facefucking Endurance Let's see how my gag reflex training is paying off! This is Part 2 to my clip "Using His Mouth To Cum", but now the tables are turned: In the 69 position, my partner Boypaws lowers his cock into my mouth until his balls touch my lips and the head of his cock is right at my gag reflex. I can just barely take it, and thankfully he starts out gently, but once he gets into it he starts to lick my pussy and I realize I could be in trouble! All I can really do is lie back and take it, do my best to resist gagging, and patiently wait for my chance to breathe. He licks me relentlessly, and I happily suck his dick, moaning wantonly as my eyes roll back and I transform into my true form: a brainless little subby bitch. I fucking love this and it's obvious from my loud, gurgling moans. He enjoys bullying me playfully and condescendingly - making me talk with his cock in my mouth (with just a little face-slapping), making me call him Step-Daddy (no Step) and laughing at the crazier noises that come out of my face hole. Some of my most intense throat training ever - to the point that I have to turn my head to escape a couple times, and I even retch so hard he checks to see if I'm ok, lmao. (Very considerate!) The entire time he never stops stimulating my clit, making me cum over and over (4 times!), although it's understandably a little hard to tell if I'm announcing an orgasm or just making noises. At the end he jacks himself off til just before climax, then slipping into my mouth for an intense, moaning, shuddering CIM orgasm, then spitting out an absurd amount of cum and bubbly spit. The last 3 minutes are a long wind-down with some cleanup, banter, and various Insufferable Couple moments. Turns out I'll do a lot just to be called "good girl" - Do you think I earned the praise? :o) (FYI, there is a sizeable amount of Hairy Dude Taint and Asshole in this clip. Feel free to request a censored version if you're sensitive about it)
Desperate Slut Gooning For Audio Porn video from
Desperate Slut Gooning For Audio Porn Indulging myself with my favorite audio porn for a nice, long edging session - featuring a handy Denial Counter, plus an Orgasm Counter! I'm in my bedroom completely nude, earbuds in, with sexy red lighting to help get me as relaxed as possible. I don't waste a single second, spitting on my fingers and bringing them down to rub my aching clit, writhing and groaning with pent-up need. My goal here was to focus only on pleasuring my clit and listening to my erotic audios... but the idea of recording this is too hot, so naturally I look up at the camera several times to ogle myself. I rub one wet finger on my clit for 11 minutes, massaging all my brain cells out until I'm nothing but a brainless little moaning and groaning hand-humper... THEN it's time to bring out my g-spot vibrator! Just sliding the toy into my sloppy pussy is enough to make my body tense and desperate to cum... and the toy isn't even ON yet. It takes me less than two minutes to get to the edge of orgasm, whimpering "oh my god" and getting so close I have to pull my hand away. I keep sliding the toy in and out, moving my hips to meet it, rubbing my clit and my g-spot at the same time, really turning my brain off. Soon enough I'm back on the edge, and my entire body shivers when I pull both hands away, hips bucking feebly to try and reclaim my lost orgasm. As I keep going I get more and more vocal, groaning and murmuring occasionally, becoming stupider with every stroke of my clit. My entire body clenches, and I even get out an "I'm gonna-" before pulling away, gasping and squirming with frustration as I edge again, hard. Just when I think I can't take any more, I finally turn the toy on. The shock of pleasure overwhelms me, and in no time I'm tense and shaking with imminent climax. (The earbuds come off at this point, so I don't get tangled up!) I try to avoid it by taking my hands off my clit, which just turns into me rocking my hips with the toy inside. Rolling onto my side, and eventually onto my stomach, I mindlessly buck my hips with my legs closed and the vibrator nestled deep against my cervix, groaning and grimacing at the intensity. I'm weak to prone masturbation in particular, so reaching down to rub my clit makes me lose control and finally cum, reaching an intense and long full-body orgasm. (Which I announce!) A wave of pleasure washes over me as I shudder and moan into my pillow, and when it's over and I'm drained but I can't stop humping, and the vibrator is still stimulating my g-spot. I unexpectedly cum again - slowly, gradually, but intensely, with my ass muscles spasming. I'm now totally wiped out, and flip onto my back again to pull the toy out. I intended to stop here, but my clit was too greedy, so of course I had to vibrate it just a bit for one final orgasm. By this point my eyes are vacant and I'm in total ecstasy, all I can think about is humping the toy until -- I suddenly cum hard, my body tensing up, eyes rolling back in ecstasy. That last one really knocked the wind out of me, so I choose to stop there, ending the video by rehydrating in a post-orgasmic daze.
Clit Rubbing With My Lesbian Roomie video from
Clit Rubbing With My Lesbian Roomie Here's one for the gals! In this clip, the viewer is assumed to be a girl who's never "been with" a girl before. One day you hear mysterious noises in your apartment, and discover your cute roommate's door wide open... and so are her legs. OMG, she's masturbating to porn! She must've thought you weren't home! When she notices that you've caught her, she's startled but excited... and since you don't look away, she invites you in to join her. Once you're up close, you can see she's watching lesbian porn (censored for copyright reasons) - you knew she liked girls, but not this much. She questions you about your history with girls, casually rubbing her hairy pussy, and you don't know whether to look at the screen or at her. Soon enough you're both fully nude, rubbing your clits together like it's no big deal. Normally you'd think this is weird, but she can't stop smiling and laughing, so she's clearly enjoying herself... and you. Even though there's porn playing she can't stop looking at you and commenting on how the room smells with both of you getting increasingly sweaty while completely nude. She wants you to cum with her, but cums first (oops!), and keeps going when she sees you're close to cumming too. At the end she collapses into ecstatic giggles, thrilled to have gotten this far with her hot roommate! Dialogue includes the words "titties", "pussy", and "clit", with dirty talk using words like "pervert" and "slut" in a positive way! (Filmed on my Pixel 3A!) (Originally a custom video!)
Using His Mouth To Cum video from
Using His Mouth To Cum This time I'm in charge of Boypaws for a change! We start out fully nude with his wrists restrained by velcro cuffs attached to tethers, and I tease him by hovering just out of reach before turning around to plant my ass on his face, allowing him to lick and kiss my clit. He's a very enthusiastic pussy eater, so not only does he do it loudly and passionately, he gets rock hard just from licking me. I get up suddenly to interrupt his fun, leaving him gasping, and turn around to ride his face with my bush toward the camera. Sure, I touch his uncut cock a little to work him up, but this is about my pleasure, and when I'm close to orgasm he licks my clit so eagerly his abs flex with the sheer effort he's using to please me. I change position again, and he sucks me to orgasm loudly as I bounce my big butt on his face. Once I catch my breath I dive down to lick his cock, and his surprised moan is just adorable. Throating his cock turns me on, so I slide it in deep, stopping just before my gag reflex so I can keep it in. I reposition to put my pussy on his face and continue sucking and testing my gag reflex, and we end up in a kind of half-standing 69 position as he continues licking obediently. We both make some ridiculous noises, with my moaning and gurgling on his cock combined with his intense groans and loud wet noises when he sucks my clit. I usually want to cum with a cock down my throat, and I pull away to ride his face partly just to make him think I won't - but when I'm right on the verge of cumming I slide his cock down my throat in one motion and cum hard. Once I'm done I suck him off a little more for fun, but pull away without letting him cum... Which he will soon get revenge for in a future video!
Edging With Overwhelming Rabbit Vibrator video from
Edging With Overwhelming Rabbit Vibrator My first experience with my overwhelming new rabbit vibrator, complete with sucking and thrusting action! I start off bottomless, and show what the toy looks like before sliding it into my hairy pussy. It's longer and more textured than the toys I'm used to, and I slide the toy deep inside, getting used to its length. In order for the clit sucker to work correctly, the toy has to be inserted all the way, which is pretty overwhelming even with the toy off. Once I turn it on, the toy starts sucking my clit and thrusting against my g-spot, and instantly my hips start moving by themselves, bucking gently as I hold the toy deep inside. It feels amazing, but alas: the speed of the clit sucking is just intense enough to get me close to cumming, but too slow to get me over the edge. Whenever I get close, my hips start bucking, which knocks the clit sucker out of position... leaving me in an endless unintentional edging cycle. I go from quiet to breathing hard to panting and whimpering as I work myself up over and over, not worrying about performance, just fucking myself and focusing solely on the pleasure. After 7 edges my first orgasm hits me surprisingly hard. It feels so good I can't stop, and I hump the vibrator to a second orgasm not long after - which lasts for nearly a full minute, complete with on-screen timer. Once I'm officially drained, I pull out the toy and spread my wet pussy to show my sloppy labia and my swollen, shiny clit. Features a counter for each time I edge, and an on-screen timer to show the length of my second orgasm!
Hairy Pussy Licked For Intense Orgasms video from
Hairy Pussy Licked For Intense Orgasms Licked and sucked thoroughly by my loving partner Boypaws... until he gets HIS fill! I'm on our couch fully nude, and my hairy pussy, armpits, and legs are very visible throughout. He teases the everloving hell out of me by playing with my bush, spreading my pussy lips, rubbing his finger on my clit, and kissing all around my pussy. I'm so worked up I moan out loud when he FINALLY dives in, dragging his wet tongue up my clit. His tongue works my clit, and even though he starts out gentle, he's not at all afraid to really get his face in there! He knows I love relentless clit stimulation, and he starts sucking my clit hard my eyes roll back almost instantly lmao. He licks my clit persistently and loudly, hard and fast, causing me to make some ridiculous faces and moans, and I can't stop shaking and thrusting. He wraps his hand around my throat and squeezes hard, a surefire way to make me cum - when I let him know I'm close, he slides 2 fingers into me while sucking my clit to finish the job. I cum hard, gasping and panting and calling him daddy, but he doesn't stop and I go from ecstatic to twitching and whining as he (loudly!) licks and sucks another orgasm out of my sensitive clit. By the time he's done I'm no longer human, and he slows down the pace then comes up to kiss me, then pulls away, leaving me exhausted and fully wrecked. Forget "eating", he devoured the pussy. (Price reduced due to occasional ceiling fan noises) (Please note that I say "Daddy" four times in this video, without the "Step" part! Just so you know!)
My Neck Squeezing Fetish video from
My Neck Squeezing Fetish I love nothing more than when Boypaws manhandles me, so when he agreed to indulge my fetish for this video, I was thrilled! It begins with me fully nude sitting before him, nervous but excited. He pulls me forward, running his fingertips over my face and neck - feeling my boyfriend's hands anywhere near my neck is already an instant turn-on, and in less than a minute I'm already putty in his hands. He can do whatever he wants to me, and I don't even mind it when he starts playing with my sensitive nipples. He wraps his strong hand around my throat while pulling at my tits, and all I can do is yelp and whine. He pulls my hair to tilt my head back, sliding his fingers in my mouth, teasing my tits and my tongue until I'm quivering and my eyes are rolling. He knows I fucking love it, and squeezes me tighter until I'm on cloud 9, moaning without a care. Suddenly he reaches down to rub my clit hard, making me spasm, just to plunge his fingers back into my eager mouth. He even wraps both his hands around my neck and makes me touch myself while he squeezes me - a total dream come true. I love being at his mercy and, and my pussy is audibly wet as he plays with my body. I almost cum when he slaps his other hand over my mouth, and I'm so close I'm shaking - but he commands me to stop, so I follow his orders. He praises me, so I think this is enough to earn an orgasm, but what I don't know is when he reaches down to my pussy all he's going to do is get me to the edge then pull away again. So mean! But I trust him, so when he commands me to do it myself, I waste no time rubbing my own clit, my breath coming out in squeaky moans as he presses his big hand against my throat. I get sooo close that when he pulls my hand away I almost start crying, and when he asks me to beg for it I'm absolutely shameless. I'm lucky enough that he decides I get to make myself cum with my non-dominant hand while he sandwiches my other hand between my throat and his firm grip. This time I DO cum when he clamps his other hand over my mouth, pink in the face and eyes rolling, whimpering and groaning pitifully as I hump my own hand to an intense leg-shaking orgasm. When it's over my head falls against his belly, and there's some brief aftercare and silly stuff as he plays with my face while I'm cute and empty-brained. (Warning for some unavoidable DDLG vibes and talk, including the terms "daddy" without use of the "step" prefix; this is a dom/sub video, not a household drama)
Edging Myself Brainless in Self Bondage video from
Edging Myself Brainless in Self Bondage Pardon me while I indulge my bondage kink... by taping my mouth shut, securing a vibrator in my pussy with a crotch rope, and restraining myself to endure an extended edging session! I'm wearing a bright green bodysuit, with my ankles secured together and my wrists fastened behind my back. The vibrator under the fabric is already on, its U-shape stimulating both my clit and my g-spot, and when I writhe and squirm the crotch rope digs the toy in deeper. The vibrator is on its lowest setting so it's impossible to cum, I just have to endure it. Soon I'm writhing in pleasure and frustration, causing the high-cut leotard to ride up and reveal more and more of my thick bush - but this is the last thing on my mind, since all I can possibly think of is cumming, even though it's unattainable. I expend my energy too quickly struggling to pleasure myself, and only a few minutes in I'm exhausted and resigned to my orgasm-denied fate. I try my best to keep eye contact with the camera, but my eyes glaze over and roll back as my thoughts are overridden by pleasure, head empty. Gradually I lose the interest in appearing cute, and my noises evolve from subdued to raunchy... soon I'm totally brainless, hips thrusting as my eyes stare off into space. As I get more edged and sensitive, I realize I might actually be able to cum if I put in the effort - all I have to do is buck my hips like a good mindless slut to finally drive myself over the edge. My orgasm is intense, but I have no way to stop the vibrator, and the overstimulation leaves me twitching and shaking - Almost immediately another orgasm begins forming, and after the neighbor knocks on our shared wall (oops), I have to bury my face in the bed to muffle my loud, pitiful whimpering. I noticed some shoulder pain and decided to end it there, so I unfasten my cuffs, pull the vibrator out, and spread my satisfied pussy for you. :)

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Joined Nov.08, 2015

Heyo! I'm Catpaws, I'm hairy, and I shoot both fetish and vanilla content. When I'm not making porn, I'm usually playing FFXIV, working on a cosplay, or researching something weird. :) I release new videos every Friday! I do custom videos, if you're interested feel free to message me your idea!

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