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Hello! I'm Asteria and he is Ulysses. We are Canadian high school sweethearts and we make porn together :) Add our public Snapchat: free420sextime

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Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt4 video from
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt4 [custom video] I arrive fully naked at the house of the divorced man that I've been helping. He was so used to fucking his ex-wife's bare pussy that I decided to offer him my pussy to use as a sort of therapy to get over his divorce. My services have been really helping him so he decided to tell all his friends about how nice I am and how much I have improved his life. In fact, he has invited them all over to his house so that I can offer my pussy to them and help them out too! There is a huge crowed of men here waiting to fuck me! I know this is a lot to accept as my boyfriend, but my friend needs my help and you know that I'm a good person. This isn't cheating, I'm just helping a friend in need. I'm going to let him, and all his friends use my pussy without wearing a condom and cum inside of me as many times as they want and then I'll come back home to you. I'm going to need you to help me clean up all the cum that they leave in me. I'll even video call you while they're using my pussy so that you can see what a good and helpful friend I am to them. You should be proud to have such a nice girlfriend! I don't want you touching your cock until I get home. My pussy is going to be all fucked out by the time they're done with me so I probably won't want to have sex with you for a couple weeks... I know you understand. It turns out that he invited even more men to his apartment than I thought, I might be here for awhile. Includes: taking the condom off before cumming, cuck, cuckolding, role play, fantasy, fetish, creampie, cum in pussy, big dick, big cock, uncut, dirty talking, implied video call, mean gfe, cheating girlfriend, doggystyle, missionary, speed bump, condom removal, bareback sex, unprotected sex, soft femdom, magnum condom, therapeutic sex, train, creampie train (This video includes one male actor playing the role of multiple men. There is only one real cumshot at the end of video but there are many implied cumshots throughout.)
Cucked By Her Boss pt. 1: First Day video from
Cucked By Her Boss pt. 1: First Day [custom video] Did I tell you that I'm working under a new boss today? It's kinda funny, I knew him in university... He was tall, smart, and really handsome, I actually had a crush on him at the time but he had a girlfriend. Anyways, you have nothing to worry about, you're cute too and I've never even been with anyone else sexually. Do you think my boss will like this lingerie and short skirt that I picked out? I know you love when I tease you with this stuff. You should come by after my shift and pick me up, you'll be able to meet my boss and see that he'd never do anything to interfere with our relationship... You walk in to my office to find me bent over my boss's lap. He has pulled up my skirt and is spanking me. I explain that I got horny thinking about him and he caught me masturbating, now he has to discipline me. He whips out his cock and I start sucking it in front of you. You get hard but I could never tell from your bulge compared to the way I could with my boss's. He cums all over my mouth and begins fingering me while I explain to you that this is necessary punishment. You like seeing me all slutty like this don't you? My boss doesn't want me to wear lingerie to work anymore because it's too distracting, instead I'll be going to work without anything under my clothes and he'll be checking under my skirt and my breasts everyday to make sure that I'm following his orders. You support all the steps throughout my career so I know you'll support this too. Includes: office roleplay, cuck, cuckolding, dirty talking, fingering, blowjob, facial, lingerie, pencil skirt, office clothes, see through top, lacy panties, high heels, short skirt, upskirt, spanking, discipline, bratty, masturbation, got caught, sloppy blowjob, uncut, big dick, lipstick, dialogue, voyeur, boyfriend, cheating, slutty girlfriend
Is She Awake? Creampie video from
Is She Awake? Creampie [custom video] You just divorced your wife and you're moving back home to the city you grew up in. You ask this cute girl who you used to know if you can stay with her while you search for new apartments. The conversation begins with boring small talk but it quickly turns to detailed talk about how much her boyfriend cums inside of her. She tells you that she doesn't even use birth control and she only relies on not having sex during her most fertile times to not get knocked up. Sometimes he shoots his sticky semen deep into her pussy multiple times a day. She reveals that the risk of pregnancy turns her on and sometimes she even lets him cum inside of her at night when she's in bed. Once she goes to bed, she's out. You can move her around, make noise, but she won't wake up to anything. She even told you that she goes to bed naked... She says she gave her boyfriend permission to use her body whenever he wants and it turns her on so much. It's totally consensual! She loves waking up with his cum dripping out of her. She feels bad that you're divorced and not getting any sex... She tells you that she's going to take a nap and that she'll leave her door open so that you can come in and grab extra blankets, pillows, or to do anything that you need to do in her room. She tells you not to worry about being noisy or bumping the bed because she won't wake up anyways. Is she implying that you can come in and have sex with her? You quietly sneak into her room and pull the blankets back, you grope her and then eat her out... She hasn't woken up yet.. You start fucking her and she moans a little bit, is she awake? Sometimes you swear you can see her do a little sneaky smile.. You cum inside of her and leave the room. She immediately gets up and starts playing with your cum leaking out of her. She loves it. She tricked you into thinking that she didn't know it was happening but she was actually awake the whole time! Includes: impregnation fantasy, cum worship, creampie worship, cum in pussy, taboo, cheating, role play, dirty talking, groping, pussy eating, oral, fertile, semen, sperm, skirt, sweater, big dick, uncut, friend, fetish

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About Me

Joined Apr.02, 2016

Hello! I'm Asteria and he is Ulysses. We are Canadian high school sweethearts and we make porn together :) Add our public Snapchat: free420sextime

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Age 26
Height 5'7"
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

My Stats

Videos 140
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