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shrinking and playing with tiny slave video from Yourlittlewhore
shrinking and playing with tiny slave I am a teacher at the local college. Currently working through my latest project, a shrinking serum. I've already used it on one of my human testers. I get the said human out of the front of my underwear and puts him on the desk talking about how small I could possibly make him and all the things I can get away with now he’s in my control, all the while hovering my bare feet above his body. I start to get horny playing with his tiny body between my toes and decide to rub him over my boobs and panties under my skirt, using the human tester to pleasure myself in my panties. I'm naked on the desk rubbing the tiny man over my nipples and pussy, still mentioning about how insignificant he really is, I start to run the tiny man on my asshole, proceeding to fart him out onto the table. later my curiosity and libido get the best of me, I still needs to preform one more test. I stop abruptly and goes back to the desk shrinking the human one more time. Once shrunk I begin to tease the man who is laying down on the desk with my nipples, boasting about how huge they are compared to his minuscule body. Finally I turns around and teases the tiny man with my ass mentioning about how my asshole could devour the microscopic man, laying down on the sofa or floor I proceed to put the tiny man onto my asshole and clench and use him to clean it. After a moment I get bored and proceed to fart him out over and over, eventually toying with the tiny man pushing him Inside and back out over and over, using him as the worlds smallest butt plug. Eventually pushing him in far enough that you can no longer see him.

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