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I made a shrunken man my fart slave

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I have found a shruken tiny man on a underground website and I decide to buy him to be my fart slave. I tell him a little about what I do online and how I intend to use him, describing how smelly and dark its going to be for him. I then proceed to sticking him inside my asshole and unleashing many farts on him. I fart many times in different positions, always making sure he is deep inside when you fart. I show in great detail, sometimes extreme close up of the tiny man (since he is < 1cm) trapped inside my asshole being farted on. Every few farts, I take him out (sometimes he just flies away) and inspect on how he is doing, commenting on how sick he looks, taunting him how this will be his life from now on, wondering what his life was before. I pretend to feel sorry for him at times, only to laugh how I couldnt care less about his faith. I also comment on how bad some of your farts smell and how I feel him squirming because of it. In the end, I bring the tiny up to your face and tell him how nice it feels after you fart to feel him squirm, so you decide to keep him in there as you will go about my day, nobody knowing of his existence.


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