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cheating wife fucks husband's best friend while he is stuck on traffic - foot fetish

(dirty talk all video)
I prepared a surprise and dressed up for my husband. I get a phone call from my him saying happy anniversary and that he’s on his way home but he’s stuck in traffic and it’s gonna be awhile for him to get home. After we hang up I call my husband's best friend to come over and have some fun. My husband's friend comes to the house I tell him I wanna fuck him on my marital bed before my husband gets home. We go into the room and we start making up and I tell him to lay on my husband's side of the bed and use his pillow while I suck his best friends's dick. I flash my wedding ring all the time and talk about it while sucking his dick. Lots of dirty talk and foot focused sex. I put the used condom under his pillow.


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