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Lusting After My Step-Daddy (Custom)

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This was a custom video! I've included first a condensed summary of the scene, followed by the full scene description provided to me by the customer. Adjustments were made between the original description & the final product.
Watch the EXTENDED PREVIEW: https://apclips.com/xmochapuffx/lusting-after-my-step-daddy-extended-preview

Mocha wants to use her step-Dad's laptop do do some "homework" (aka watching Netflix). While browsing, she stumbles on her step-Dad's browsing history, which leads her straight to some porn sites. She's both shocked & turned on by what she sees, and immediately begins conducting a plan for seducing her step-Dad the same way the pornstars she watched were. She orders some hot attire online using her step-Dad's credit card. She plans to sneak into the kitchen & surprise Daddy when he's refilling his water. She craves her Daddy so badly.
On the night of, it's time to make her move. All dolled up, she sneaks out...but hears some faint sounds coming from upstairs... Curious, she goes to investigate & walks right onto her parents fucking!!! They don't notice, as she's on the other side of the door.., she watches intently, unable to stop herself from getting hot n' bothered, rubbing her warm clit as quietly as possible while she imagines that she's in the place of her mom...

She takes her opportunity to sneak back downstairs... grabbing the coconut oil from the counter with haste to put the final touches on her slutty girl look.
Daddy makes his routine trip downstairs, & there Mocha is ready to be his good little slut.
This taboo encounter between step-Dad & daughter begins with some firm spanks to Mocha's ass for trespassing Daddy's browser history...She's then made to give Daddy a blowjob on all fours, so Daddy can see her sexy, tall slut-heels trail behind her barely covered ass before he busts all over them. Mocha licks Daddy clean before Daddy fucks her HARD just as she was craving. The pulsing of Mocha's wet horny pussy makes Daddy pull out & blow his load all over HIS pussy.. yes, that pussy belongs to him now.


"Scenario:  You borrow your step-fathers laptop to get some research done for a upcoming test at school when you accidentally stumble across his search history. Curious, you start to browse through his history links shocked at the porn your step-father secretly watches. As you continue to browse you start to get a little turned on as you start to fantasize about your step-father getting hard to this stuff. It's  funny, you never thought about him in that way and now he's  all you can think about. You think to yourself how you can dress like some of the women online to draw his attention your way. You quickly browse some online stores to find some slutty clothing that could turn your new found fantasy into a reality. A couple of weeks pass until one day on your way home from school you find a package for you sitting on your front door step, excited you rush to your room to open and look at your new slutty attire. Your plan is to sneak quietly into your step-fathers bedroom in the middle of the night and wake him to the sight of your outfit so you can get what you've been longing for. Later that night as you're getting ready you start to hear some noises coming from your parents room. You quietly make your way to their bedroom door, carefully opening it to find to your surprise your parents fucking. As you continue to watch you start to get aroused, feeling yourself up as you start to masturbate, whispering to yourself, wishing it was you he was fucking instead of your mom as you try and hold back the moans until you finally climax. You sneak back to your room lusting after your step-fathers dick after what you just witnessed until you hear his bedroom door open. You peak outside your door to see him head towards the kitchen, "he's probably heading to the kitchen for a midnight snack" you think to your self "now might be your only chance". Your so turned on you decide to add some baby oil that will make you look extra slutty. You walk into the kitchen, startling your step-father from behind as he gazes at your slutty attire and body soaked with baby oil. His growing erection causes your body writhe with anticipation as you start to feel yourself up confessing to him how much of a bad girl you've been for secretly watching him and your mom in the bedroom. you beg for him to fuck you like he did her and without hesitation he grabs you by the wrist and throws you up against the kitchen counter, commanding you to stick your ass out which you willingly comply submissively. The sensation of his slaps causes you to start playing with your pussy as you try to hold back the moans so you don't wake up your mother. As punishment he tells you you're not allowed to touch your pussy as it belongs to him now. To further torment you he takes his cock and begins to slap your pussy with it, making you beg for it. He then pushes you on the floor, complementing the slutty shoes you have on and how he wants you to rub his cock with them. You willingly do as your told as you begin to give him a shoejob, playing with yourself in the process until he cums all over your heels. His punishment doesn't stop there as he commands you to clean his cock with your mouth. Lying on the floor with your cum covered heels dangling in the air you start to lick and suck him off getting him hard again in the process. he pulls his cock out of your mouth and cruelly proceeds slap your face with it a couple times before flipping you over to start fucking your pussy from behind. the sensation of his dick thrusting in and out of you is so good that you beg for him to make you his little slut. He flips you over on your back and proceeds to fuck you, pulling on your nipple clamps to add to the already exhilarating experience. Your soft moans grow as you draw nearer to cumming. He finally puts his hand gently around your neck causing you to explode into a powerful climax causing him to pull out and cum all over your pussy. Sexually spent but still caught in a lustful stupor a few moments pass as he tells you to go clean your self up and to return back to the kitchen to clean up the mess you made. In the midst of you sauntering off to your room (your pussy still aching for more) He reminds you that from now on you're his little slut and you will perform every sexual action he desires at his beck and call. you nod your head in agreement as you turn the corner. -End-"


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