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Hook-Up with King Noire

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King Noire was in town, we linked up, and this is what went down!

In just a bra & panties, I embrace the sexy King Noire with a passionate kiss. You can hear the sounds of our lips moving as one, before he proceeds to remove my top. We crawl into the bed together where my panties are then removed too, in between soft kisses...The next few scenes (WARNING) get pretty.... loud. LOL. I wasn't prepared for the tongue & mouth magic that King Noire had ready for me this day! I just laid back & took every tongue stroke & smooch to my clit with *explosive* bliss.
Then, my turn to taste. & Damn was it a nice one! Taking King's huge dick in my mouth was surely no easy feat! Sucking & slurping, I continue giving King head (don't miss that rimjob...) I'm just anticipating what this cock is going to feel like in my pussy. I don't have to wonder a moment longer----King fills me up, stretches my tight little pussy right on open & gives me exactly what we've both been waiting for.
You need this scene NOW!

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