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Bratty School girl Receives Punishment (Stacy Sadistic)

photo of XMochaPuffxXMochaPuffx

32:00 | Added 1 year ago | 2 Loves

(update: I realized the preview was the wrong one, but just fixed it! Apologies, not sure how long it's been like that! )

Stacy Sadistic has been hired as a private tutor by Mocha Puff's parents. Discouraged by her performance in her classes, Mocha brings a very sour attitude to her tutoring session. She's bratty & just can't seem to focus. Stacy thinks it'll take a little more than some 1-on-1 studying to get her act together.. And she's right! Mocha gets a well deserved spanking and paddling before she's instructed through oral on Stacy. They both move to the bed where Stacy can really have her way with this unruly student. To finish off, Stacy leaves a nice, beautiful load all over Mocha's face.
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