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Webcam Oops video from Cazzy Kush
Webcam Oops by Cazzy Kush Are you into sexy XXX slapstick like I am? Then this crazy fun/funny film is right for you! Its been a looooong time since I have been on cam so I went out for some drinks and good food to chill my nerves. I get back to my house and my computer was all set up and ready to go (I forgot I prepared for this ahead of time). As I am winding down from my awesome night out my belly begins to make some pretty nasty sounds and the pain was horrible so I let out a huge burp with a fart then fell down on my chair. OMG, I screamed as I remembered I had a paid show and he was waiting on me, I turn my computer back on from sleep mode and sure enough there he is waiting as I apologize and hoped like hell he didn't actually see me fart like that it just was NOT cute. As I get into my show I begin to have multiple blunders, I could not get it together I was so out of it but holding strong and he was laughing about it so I kept going. I had trouble just getting my headband off when it finally snaps back and makes me punch myself in my face knocking me dizzy. Trust me the rest of this is even worse, I had way to much trouble taking my outfit off and trying to be sexy at the same time while everything is falling apart, it's so embarrassing. So anyways towards the end I wedgied myself so bad that I could not even pull it out AT ALL so I had to run it out but end up running into my wall knocking me and my farts right out. Can't find something you're looking for in my studio or want to collaborate? Want to see more of something?! Email me now let's work together and make some magic! 2019 Panther Productions Entertainment Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @CazzyKush

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