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duration 10:49
Got My Panties Stuck In A Twist: Double Wedgie Rips Off video from BlackxRose92
Got My Panties Stuck In A Twist: Double Wedgie Rips Off by BlackxRose92 Almost dressed, but I'm missing pants and can't go out like this! I left my pants in the closet, but I can just grab them, pull them on, and I'll be ready to go out. Oh no! Somehow my panties got stuck in the door! How does that even happen? I even double layered my underwear! Ouch! Owwie oww oh no! My thong is wrapped around the door handle and locked inside! My panties are so stuck that the wedgie from my thong and my struggling have caused my white panties to get stuck on the bed knob. Ouch owwie ouch! I can't just rip my underwear to get off, and this wedgie is hurting my butt! My poor booty is really, really struggling in this predicament bondage that is essentially flossing my ass crack. I try to bounce, shake, jiggle, wiggle, and pull, but all that accomplishes is making my booty clap and pop. Oh geez oh geez! I try to pull my panties off, but it gives me an atomic wedgie that rips my thong right off of me! My thong is ripped right out from underneath my panties and I'm left with my panties pulled up over my head. I'm stuck in an atomic wedgie! The fabric digs into deep to my skin, and leaves red slices where my struggling has pulled it so painfully restrictive. I inspect them, only to find out that my mega wedgie actually cut my skin! The thong wedgie was so hard that the lace cut right through my booty and has to be ripped completely off. Getting my booty stuck and jiggling in a predicament like this, with my panties pulled up and stuck over my shoulders is embarrassing and painful! My poor heiney hurts so bad! Will you kiss it and make it better?
duration 21:17
Wedgie Ass Bitch with Cum Countdown (Custom) video from Goddess Aaliyah
Wedgie Ass Bitch with Cum Countdown (Custom) by Goddess Aaliyah Mistress please wear your calvin klein outfit and your stockings and some sexy eye shadow in the custom. Ok walk to the camera then turn around and spread your legs wide and then bend all the way over touching your ankles then stand up and walk away slow and sexy.'LETTING YOUR PANTIES FORM A WEDGIE ALL ON THERE OWN". "PLEASE DON'T PULL YOUR PANTIES UP YOUR ASS JUST LET IT HAPPEN". And pull your wedgie out a couple times making your panties fit perfectly again and then bend over again and create another goddess wedgie and continue to tease the hell out of as you display your goddess wedgie by walking back and forth in front of the camera giving me mostly full body shots. And make me "SNIFF YOUR ASS" AND WORSHIP YOUR GODDESS WEDGIE". Also tell me to "JERK MY COCK" AND "BEAT MY DICK" MANY TIMES THROUGHOUT THE CUSTOM. And refer to me as "BITCH" AS IF ITS MY NAME. Also say "FUCK YOU" TO ME MANY TIMES. Also keep reminding me that "MISTRESS CAN EXPLODE MY BALL SACK ANYTIME SHE WISHES". And at the end give me a 10 second cum countdown before mistress allows me to release. 1080p HD, audio. Keywords: brat worship, internet princess, Goddess Aaliyah Worship GAW, Female domination, Femdom, Ebony Femdom, Ebony Mistress, Ebony Goddess, edging game, edging jerk off, stroke game, slave training, joi game, joe game, luck game, arrogant woman, bratty black babe, bratty goddess, cock tease, curly hair, afro hair, green outfit, green panties, knee high socks, long socks, long legs, ass tease, feet tease, legs tease, jerking motion, stroke motion.

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