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Son has urges for mommy. Explore and experiment with mommy. Taboo HD video from Rosemarieloves
Son has urges for mommy. Explore and experiment with mommy. Taboo HD by Rosemarieloves Honey... I wasnt going to ask but I just got off he phone with you principal.. Dont ignore me. You have to be honest. Usually I would just let you coming home from school early because you are going through one of those phases but when we get a call from the principal thats where we draw the line. This is serious, SO i need you to tell me what happened today.

There you are ignoring me... Im not having it. All your principal said is you were being bullied.. by your friends. The ones Ive invited over and made dinner for... So tell me honey.

So what you keep a pictured of me in your locker??? thats nothing to be bullied about. Im sure other boys have pictures in their lockers of their mothers. What do you mean its not like that??? its a picture its harmless.. OMFG you cant just take pictures of your mom in the shower, of course your going to be bullied. You cant just take pictures of me in the shower and hang it in your locker. I Know you love mommy but thats different. What do you mean you really love me???? did you tell your friends this.??? You are not supposed to have urges for mommy. Thats why they made fun of you. You cant just go telling your friends you jerk off to me and spy on me. Honey honey honey why.... At your young ripe age you have urges and your confused..

How can you tell the difference between and urge and actual feelings.. Well thats tricky. I guess the only way is to go experiment and have fun with other girls. Cause Ive been the only women in your life.

****Continue to watch to see how my boy explores me. From feeling my breast up and touching them,licking and sucking moms tits, me flashing my pussy, mommy sucking his cock and making him hard, mommy riding his cock pov style, and even teaching him how to jerk off JOI till he cums all over himself.
duration 20:26
Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex video from Jessica Starling
Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex by Jessica Starling Dating life hasn't been easy for your newly-single mommy. There aren't a lot of good men out there. She comes home from a failed date one night, crawling into bed next to you, wanting to tuck you in. She expresses her disappointment in her dating life and tells you her lack of success hasn't been making her feel attractive. You assure your mommy she's beautiful, making her blush. She wishes more men were like her baby boy. She tells you she wants to be close with you tonight. You make her feel better about herself, more than anyone else. She moves her hand to your crotch and starts rubbing. You're confused, but mommy says it's okay that she's touching you. She just wants to make you feel good, the way you make her feel good. Mommy has been thinking about this for a while. After each failed date she'd come home and touch herself... and think about you. She doesn't need or want anyone else. She takes her big tits out of her sexy red dress and tells you to suck on them before begging to let her fuck you. She gets on top of you and rides your face first. You have an excellent view of your mommy's pretty pussy and her tits as you lick it. Then, she starts to mount you, telling you she's going to be gentle with her baby boy. She bounces up and down on your cock. Her pussy is dripping, she loves fucking you. She tells you it's okay to want to fuck mommy, and it's okay she wants you inside of her. Mommy begs you to get on top of her and pound her pussy. You fuck her missionary as she moans in ecstasy. You pull out and cum all over her stomach. She tastes it. Mommy tells you she'll never need another man again.
duration 15:35
Our Last Chance For Impregnation video from BlackxRose92
Our Last Chance For Impregnation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "I just had a vasectomy a week ago so we don't have the all clear yet. We don't know if it worked or not (but either way I've still probably got some swimmers left). It has been, however, just long enough that we can have sex- You're extra horny because...

Faced with the thought of never being pregnant again, you think it may have been a mistake to have the vasectomy. You realize that if you're going to get pregnant again- we need to start doing it now- and that secretly you really do love being pregnant, especially since it's such a turn on for me- and you bashfully admit it. You know the mere thought of getting you pregnant is a major turn on and play that up as you convince me to cum in you without a condom before the "all clear" from the post-vasectomy test.

You admit you love being pregnant- you love the curves and you love the big preggo belly. You love how sexy you feel with a bump, the extra curves of your ass, and how full your tits feel. You love how good sex feels when you're pregnant and how much you crave my cock.

You undress from your "mom outfit" of a graphic tee and leggings to your simple boyshorts underwear and bra, which show off your amazing ass and begin to trace your fingers up and down your stomach, talking about how you remember me being so turned on by your bump- and that maybe if I cum in you deep enough tonight I can live out that fantasy again in a few months. You even tease me by pushing your stomach out, begging me to fill you with my cum and put a baby in you.

Your tits come out and you grope them the way you want me to and you notice how hard I'm getting. You finally remove your underwear and play with yourself, standing just far enough away that I can't grab you, pushing your tits up with your arms as your fingers find your clit. You moan a little- driving me crazy. You tell me I can't touch- not yet, not until I promise to cum deep inside you and knock you up.

I'm not completely convinced, so you get on your knees, take out my cock and use your mouth a different way (rather than talking)- thinking maybe this will convince me to forego the condom. You can't keep it up for long though. You've got me so turned on, thinking about knocking you up, that my dick is huge.

You whisper to me that you're ovulating and that there are probably a few swimmers left but that I need to cum really deep into you if I wanna knock you up. You want to feel my cum deep inside you and keep it there- hoping to get pregnant again tonight.

I agree at last and you guide my dick, still wet from your mouth, into you. It hurts a bit- I haven't been this hard in awhile- probably because neither of us like condoms. That sensation only last for a few seconds before I start plunging my cock as deep into you as I can. You have a very small orgasm quickly as your tight pussy wraps around my cock. You swear you can feel the build up of cum as a I pound you harder and harder.

It feels so good to fuck without a condom again- you're getting so wet. It's amazing to feel this close. You decide to straddle me, pushing my cock deeper into you. You grind, rhythmical, back and forth gaining speed and depth with each pulse. You stop sharply and stifle a scream as I thrust deeper into you at the just right moment at just the right angle and you have another orgasm. This time it's complete and you ride it out as it slowly fades leaving you breathless and shaking just a little. It's almost too much, but you want to get pregnant tonight.

You decide it's my turn to cum- you should be plenty wet and my cum should get even deeper into you. You lay onto your back and I slide back in and begin pounding you.

You can feel me start to cum and beg me to get you pregnant. You erupt with another intense orgasm out of nowhere. You can feel my huge, multiple loads, filling you up. This sensation pushed you, almost violently, into that surprise orgasm.

Finished, I pull back to watch you try to keep all my cum in but you turned me on so much, and I haven't been allowed to cum since the procedure, that it's a massive amount. Some of it leaks out, which you rub on your clit- sending shivers throughout your body. That last orgasm was so intense, your body feels electric and even the thought of cumming again is too much. Instead, you admire, proudly, how much cum you got out of me and wonder if this much got out, how much is inside of you?

You tell me you, exhausted and almost delirious, that you can feel my cum inside of you- finding its way deeper up into you. You gently caress your abdomen, looking at me with a smirk and sultry eyes. We both know, that it may have been stupid, but you're probably pregnant now. You tell me you can't wait to show off your bump- how crazy it'll make me. You lay there a bit longer, letting the last of my cum that's going to escape out while the rest of it stays deep inside you.

But now, it's time for Netflix and ice cream- maybe the cravings are starting already. And if you're not pregnant now, there's still a few weeks before I'm supposed to go in for the vasectomy follow up... plenty of time to try again."
duration 16:43
WET DREAM COME TRUE FOR AN INNOCENT JOURNALIST by Ellie Idol You're a journalist who will be interviewing me, a writer of notable success, on film in a private room at a local cafe. I show up with my hair in a bun, a black leather skirt and a trenchcoat...one of your favorite looks. This is intentional. After our interview is over, I ask to talk about YOU for a bit. We can leave the camera rolling in case something else pertaining to my job is brought up. I place a hand on your thigh because I like touching things I like and want. You're a little nervous over it, having a girlfriend and all, so I lean back and begin to unbutton my top. Look, you didn't get this interview because you were the best man for the job. Your boss Kyaa only sent you because she wanted to bring out the slut in you. And yes, her "accidental" touches of your crotch in the office were very much intentional. I'm here to corrupt you which seems like it will be very easy, as I'm your dream girl. I have the looks, the smarts, the attitude, and the outfit! Let's play a little blowjob game. I'm going to suck it, but when I do you MUST hold your breath. You've had an erection the entire interview, so I imagine you'll do ANYTHING I say. I am calling the shots here, slut! You'll be my obedient sex slave. After a bit of oral, I hop on for a ride, while slapping, scratching and spitting on your sexy body. To me, you're just a piece of meat made for my pleasure. You'll be giving me that camera card for my personal collection with the intention of filming a sequel. Oh, and be sure to avoid fucking your girlfriend for a few days so she doesn't see all those scratch marks. She'll know you cheated on her if she sees. ;)
duration 23:03
Late Night Romp with Stepsister video from MsCakes
Late Night Romp with Stepsister by MsCakes Custom vid - the name Alex is used throughout. It’s late at night but you’re feeling horny and wide awake, so you decide to sneak over to your stepsister’s room. You quietly open the door and see her curled up in bed, wearing just a skimpy crop top and panties. She looks so good lying there, you can’t help but start kissing and caressing her through her clothing. As you slip a hand down her panties to rub her pussy, she starts to moan with pleasure and suddenly wakes up, surprised to see you there. Although reluctant at first, she quickly gives in when she realizes how turned on you’ve gotten her. She agrees to help you get off before bed, as long as you both stay quiet so you don’t wake up your parents who are right next door. With that, she quickly takes off her clothes and helps you out of yours as well. You enjoy fingering and rubbing her hairy pussy as she starts stroking your hard cock and kissing you some more. Then you get on top of her and begin to tease the outside of her pussy with the tip of your cock until she whispers for you to put it inside. You slowly enter her tight wet pussy, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. You just love looking down into your stepsister’s eyes as you gradually fuck her harder and faster, both of you struggling to stay quiet as you get closer to orgasm. She puts her legs up on your shoulders so you can get even deeper, and it feels so good that it doesn’t take long for you to cum inside her. Satisfied, you slowly pull out and start to make your way back to your room. But of course, your stepsister isn’t gonna let you leave her hanging like that, so she follows you back to your room. With a smile, she says that it’s her turn to cum now, and starts sucking your dick to get it hard again for round two. She starts gently running her tongue all over your cock before sucking it til it gets nice and hard in her mouth. Then she gets on top and slowly slides your dick inside her again. She starts riding you hard and fast while rubbing her clit, building up to that much-needed orgasm. You feel her wet pussy tightening around you as she cums hard all over your dick, barely able to contain her moans of pleasure. Just as she’s catching her breath, you decide that you’re not done yet, and grab her by the hips so you can thrust back into her again. Even though you’re both extra sensitive from your first orgasms, it feels so good that you don’t wanna stop. She gets into a squatting position and continues riding you until you both cum again at the same time. After you pull out, she lays down next to you and gives you some sweet goodnight kisses, both finally ready to collapse in each other’s arms.
duration 23:19
Son Your Girlfriend will never Be Mommy taboo HD video from Rosemarieloves
Son Your Girlfriend will never Be Mommy taboo HD by Rosemarieloves Hi guys!!!! Im so excited you two finally came over for dinner. Im so glad my son finally decided to bring you. Its about time you've been hiding your little girlfriend for too long.-----........

Honey I really loved meeting you girlfriend..she was soo gorgeous .. She reminded me so much of someone. Her beautiful eyes her round face her honey skin tone. How did you find a beautiful girl. ...hehe Im sorry if I embarrassed you its just Im so proud of you. I just can't believe you found a girlfriend that you mommy approves of. You Im picky when it comes to girls you date, I only want the best for you

I can't stop complimenting her.. Im sorry she just reminds me...well.....of me... just younger. Why does your girlfriend look so much like mommy???? hehe Im just teasing you honey. Im sorry if im embarrassing you.. But just tell me why does she look so much like me.. Coincidence?

Sooooo does she you know put out??? *laughs.. You're a grown boy now and I just want to look out for you and make sure you are being pleased... Wow if she's no putting out theres something wrong.... She may look like mommy, remind you mommy, care for you like mommy but mommy would not leave you hanging for months without getting your dick tip wet.

Is this too much for my itty bitty boy ... I can see you are a big boy literally I can see more of you if you

know what I mean . I think im turning you on..

So tell me how does his girl keep you on a lease??? I think I can break that. Because she cant compare to me honey. No one can compare to your mommy no matter how hard you tried. I think you were being a little naughty boy and wanted someone as gorgeous and loving as your mother. You may have found somebody who looks similar but she still cant give you what I can.

******watch to see how mommy gets her sons to touch her big tits and admits his love for mommy . Admit it and see how Mommy gets her sons cock out, rubs her pussy for her naughty boy, lets him fuck her in the kitchen, makes her cum on his cock, lets him taste her pussy, makes mommy bend over after cumming so he can cum. You will get to do exactly what you want and have been wanting to do with your mother.
duration 9:04
GFE | Virtual Handjob With Cum Countdown video from Nicki Young
GFE | Virtual Handjob With Cum Countdown by Nicki Young I am so glad you are home hunny, but unfortunately I have another migraine and I don't feel like having sex tonight, but I will give you a hand job, so take off your pants and whip out your cock for me. I start jerking you off and realize--oops--I forgot to take my shirt off and get some lube! I squirt some lube in my hand, and then spit in my hand for good measure. Speaking of measure, I love your big cock so I jump right into stroking it nice and slow. When I can manage to look away from you beautiful dick, I make eye contact and keep you going with some dirty talk throughout. I spit multiple times in my hand so your cock stay nice and lubed up. I even grab my tits with my spitty, wet hands a few times, because I know you love my natural, perky tits. I jerk you off slow, fast, in-between, and go at it pretty rapid for you after I give you a cum countdown and let you shoot your huge load onto my face, tits, and I'm pretty sure some hit the wall. Good aim, baby! I know handjobs are not as good as sex, but a handjob isn't a job for me when it comes to you--I enjoy it very much, and I love to do it for you to help you relax; it is so fun to stroke you. This time I did it because my head hurt too much for you to fuck me but I would gladly give you a handjob anytime. To make you cum, to make me wet, even just to pass the time. Again, when it comes to you, it's not really a handjob...more like a handhobby :) So hunny, I hope you enjoyed it.
duration 15:01
POV Valentines Day Pussy and Ass Eating video from Leila Cherry
POV Valentines Day Pussy and Ass Eating by Leila Cherry Happy Valentine's Day baby! Thank you so much for taking me out to a lovely dinner and spoiling me with lingerie. You've been so good to me these last few months. It's made this Valentine's Day so special. I really feel like I can trust you. As a way to show you how much I appreciate this lovely date, I want to let you do something I've never let you do before. That's right baby, I want you to eat my pussy tonight. I know, I know, I've been really apprehensive about letting you eat me out. It's something I like to save for guys that a really special, and you're special to me. Tonight feels like the perfect night to try it. What do you say baby? Wanna finally get a taste of my little slit? I know it's all you've been able to think about since I let you see it. Hehe I can tell you're getting a little hard at the thought. I'm getting so turned on thinking about it. You look like you'd eat my pussy so good! I want you to do it right now in the middle of the living room. Get on the floor for me I want to sit on your face. How does my butthole look hidden behind this little thong? That's it baby I want you to take a big whiff. I want you to eat my pussy and my ass! Stick your tongue out and let me grind on it. I'm going to fuck your face with my ass. Mmmm that feels so good baby. You're getting so hard! Go back and forth just like that. Your tongue feels so good on me. I want you to make me cum on your mouth. I'm going to turn around and rub my clit up and down your tongue while you taste me. Ugh I can feel my pussy tingling! I'm getting so close baby! You're going to make me cum on your tongue!
duration 33:25
Lil Sis Big Sis Taboo Bikini Fuck video from Leila Cherry
Lil Sis Big Sis Taboo Bikini Fuck by Leila Cherry While your parents are away you and your sisters plan a trip to the beach. Your big sis (Little Puck) is so excited to spend time alone together. There's so many things she wants to do together. Puck has a big crush on you and is saving her virginity for her little brother and wants to finally give it to you while you're alone. Your little sister (Leila Cherry) walks in dressed in a super slutty bikini that immediately catches your eye. Puck looks so covered up compared to Leila, she points out how slutty she looks. Leila gets worried that maybe the bikini may come off at the beach so she twerks for you to check and make sure it doesn't come loose. You're completely distracted by her ass you can't help but stare at it jiggle and shake. The bikini stays intact so Leila feels safe for the beach! Watching her little brother flirt with Leila makes Puck feel insecure so she pretends that she's sick and can't make it to the beach. Your little sister gets concerned and runs off to check on her sister. Puck confesses that she knows you two have been fucking each other and it makes her jealous because she can't be as slutty as Leila. Her little sister lovingly offers to teach Puck how to be a major slut for her brother and catch his eye! She dresses up Puck in slutty bikinis, teaches her how to twerk, touches her, and praises her beautiful body to get her feeling confident enough to finally be deflowered by her brother! Your sister notices you spying on them and gets Puck on her knees ready to please your cock. Puck and Leila give you the hottest sloppy double blowjob with lots of tongue and ahegao faces. Next it's time for you to fuck Leila (virtual sex) while Puck sucks her nipples then you deflower your big sis Puck. Your cock feels so good inside her! Puck wants you to fill her up with a creampie and be a little cum dumpster for her brother. The now cum thirsty Puck slurps up your cum puddle off the bed then your sisters finger themselves until they cum for you. Now that you're fucking your sisters you never need to use your hands! You can jerk off into their pussies and fill them with your cum. (featuring littlepuck.manyvids.com. Shot by xxjalbxx.manyvids.com)
duration 20:49
Say you want Mommy's milky tits Son HD video from Rosemarieloves
Say you want Mommy's milky tits Son HD by Rosemarieloves Oh there you are hun...sorry to walk in on you peeing son but uhhh.... sorry go ahead and finish I wont look. So this party is fun I didnt know your friend had such great taste in food and music. But anyways mommy has a problem, My breast are bursting at the seams they are so full. I didnt bring a pump and your little brother isnt hungry. Im desperately needing them to be emptied. I NEED YOU.. I NEED YOUR HELP SON. How can you help? well remember when you were little you used to suckle on mommy's breast? Im hoping you can just do that for me. I really dont want to leak out of my shirt people will talk and its embarrassing. You dont want mommy to feel embarrassed in front of your friends?

Can you please empty mommy? Thats all Im asking. *son worries "what will be people say about this?"

No one has to know. Everyone's enjoying the party having fun, dancing and eating to notice. We can just lock the door and if anyone knocks you just hush them away. SO will you help me??? ohh thats what mommy wanted to hear.

Do you want to come closer? Dont be shy. Thats it my boy just come closer to me. mmmmmmm Yes you can touch my breast.mmmm You like touching mommy's breast? They feel good dont they? mmmm.

There so big trapped in my bra. I told you I need to be released and thats what your here to make mommy do. mmmm.

You dont know how to suckle on them, dont worry mommy's here to lead you and teach you. mmmmm...mmmm. Mommy's breast are so full for you. Now you can get down on your knees your all mine. mmm. Lets put my nipple in your mouth. *mommy teaches you how to latch.

Its been so long since you've been on my tits...mmmmm..mmm take it slow.Light suckles.....mmm Perfect. Is this yummy? You enjoying mommy's milk?.... mmmm this feels sooo good..OOOOh my good boy thank you I needed some release. You want to touch the other breast?? you can. Its called twiddling, when you drink from one breast and play with the other. You used to do it all the time when you were little and it felt so good. ohhh you love mommy dont you??mommy loves you too. NOW SUCK HARDER NOW..SUCK HARDER FOR MOMMY. mmm your making me leak more. Drips of milk falling off my nipple. mmmm suckle harder. Drink me.. hmmm mommy loves the way that feels... mmm feast on me, feast on these giant breast the nurture you.

Come closer to me are you ready to get filled up my good boy. Get back down on your knees please , just for mommy please.You said you would help me, drain me. You dont want me to feel embarrassed at your friends party? I thought so now get down on your knees.

Say you want my milk. Thats what I love to hear. Beg for mommy's milk cause everyone knows only mommy's good boy gets her milk. Engulf my nipples and lick them. My veins are popping out just for you mmm... open up as I squirt my milk inside your mouth. mm.

Can you say your mommy's naughty naughty little boy? can you say you love sucking your mommy's tit? say that you love my big nipples on your face.. Why..because it helps my milk flow even more when Im turned on. Say your dirtiest thoughts of mommy please..talk
duration 14:30
Surprise Christmas Sex with Sister video from Cattie
Surprise Christmas Sex with Sister by Cattie “Your Sister is a Ho-Ho-Hoe!!” You moved away, so you only see your family on holidays.However, you keep in touch with your sultry sister. This year, you guys agreed not to exchange gifts. But I couldn't resist! I thought of the perfect one! And I just loves Christmas & you soo much... Don't fret! It's not an ugly sweater! Close your eyes!! When I tell you to open them, I'll be kneeling in front of you adorned in silky red lingerie illuminating myself as your bow wrapped gift and a Santa hat. HUMMINA!! And all I want for Christmas, is YOU! Let's open my gift first! Slowly, unzipping yourself and presenting your cock to me. Boy, did I miss you! Didn't you miss my mouth? Sucking, slurping, gagging and making a slobbery mess all over you! Your filthy sister, a cock crazed sucking machine. Looking you in the eyes and going cross-eyed. SOO much spit! Are you ready to open YOUR gift? I help you pull the ribbons to undress me. I'm soo wet from getting mine! Did you know I haven't fucked anyone since the last time you did?! No one could compare. I save my holes for you! Grinding on your rock hard dick before slowly entering between my lips. Frantically bouncing up and down. There's nothing like family love! Rubbing my pussy as you watch yourself slide in and out of my tight cunt. I'm soo wet, you slip out! But I stroke your cock and exclaim I want to make this Xmas XXX-tra special! CREAMPIE me! Something we've never done before. A Christmas miracle, right?! I want to take control from here. You laying on your back, tits bouncing in your face as I go wild on your cock! You love watching my breasts bounce around. Smacking my ass! Cum with me, brother!! A huge load squirts into me. Pulling out to see the beautiful grool pump from inside my pussy. Fingering myself to feel and play with it. Amazed at what is the biggest spunk drop of your rendezvous. This is by far the best Christmas EVER!! Video entails: taboo brother/sister roleplay, holiday/Christmas theme, POV blowjob, ahegao faces/eye crossing, spit/drool, lots of sexy teasing and dirty talk, striptease/strip tease, POV & virtual fuck, fake creampie, cum play and more!

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