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duration 25:05
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie video from MsCakes
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). Mommy just left for Vegas this morning, so that means you and I have the house to ourselves all week, Daddy! Perfect timing, because there’s actually something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about in private. You see, I was scrolling through Tinder the other day, and I was shocked to find your profile on there! What the hell are you doing on a dating app, Daddy? Were you planning to cheat on Mommy this week while she’s away? Well there’s no way I’m gonna let you hook up with some random slut... what if you get her pregnant, or bring home some nasty STD? I think I have a much better solution for these urges of yours. You should just hook up with another girl you already know and love - ME! Come on, all my girlfriends at school have had sex already and they keep making fun of me for being a virgin. Besides, I’ve already screenshotted your Tinder profile, so if you say no, I’m just gonna send it to Mommy right now! Hehe, that’s what I thought... let’s go do it in my room then. I’ll strip out of my school uniform and show off my tight young body for you. You’ve secretly been wanting this too, haven’t you Daddy? I think I’ve noticed you admiring my body a few times... and I can already see the outline of your hard dick in your pants. Wow Daddy, your dick looks HUGE! I’m not sure if I can take it inside my tight virgin pussy, but I’ll do my best. But before that, do you think I could try giving you a blowjob? I’ve been watching lots of blowjob porn lately, and I really want to try it. I’ll start by slowly running my tongue all over it... and then I’ll try sucking it as deep as I can. Mmm I love the way your thick cock feels in my mouth, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too, Daddy. Now my pussy is really wet, so I think I’m finally ready for you to take my virginity. There’s no need for you to wear a condom - I’m on the pill, so there’s no risk of getting me pregnant. Besides, I want my first time to be a fully raw, skin-on-skin experience. I’ll just lay on my back, so you can get on top of me and slowly ease yourself inside me. Oh my God Daddy, your cock feels sooo big, stretching out my tight pussy... it hurts a little bit, but it feels good at the same time. Are you feeling good too, Daddy? Is my pussy tighter and wetter than Mommy’s? I think I’m starting to get a little more warmed up now, so you can try going a little bit harder and faster. Just give me a signal when you’re about to cum, so we can lock eyes when you do. Hey, why don’t you lay down now so I can try riding you for a bit? I’ll start in reverse cowgirl, to give you a nice view of my ass while I ride you. Mmm, look at how much of your dick I can take inside me now... I just love being your naughty girl, Daddy. I’ll turn around and face you too, so I can look deep into your eyes while I ride you. Then I’ll get into a squatting position so I can take your cock as deep as possible. Are you getting close now, Daddy? Are you about to cum deep inside your daughter’s pussy? Well guess what, I’m not really on the pill. I lied about that to get you to fuck me without protection, and now I have you right where I want you - at the point of no return. That’s right, I won’t let you pull out til you empty your balls deep inside me, and knock me up! Oooh, I can feel your dick throbbing inside me right now... that’s it Daddy, give me every last drop of your sperm, and put a baby inside me. Mmm, just look at that huge creampie you just gave me. I’ve been tracking my period for the past few months, and I just so happen to be ovulating this week, so I’m definitely gonna get pregnant now! Mom’s probably gonna leave you when she finds out about this, but don’t worry, you and I can just start our own little family together!
duration 17:42
DADDY I'M A VIRGIN DDLG ROLEPLAY FIRST TIME SEX DOM DADDY LITTLE GIRL FETISH DADDY IM A VIRGIN DAD CREAMPIE DADDY POV by Jessie Lee Pierce DADDY I’M A VIRGIN - Daddy takes my virginity and gives me a surprise creampie POV “I finished school and was in my room and was rubbing my virgin pussy, I must have been too loud cause in walks daddy! Daddy caught me masturbating, but he wasn’t mad at me, he gave me a bullet vibrator present and told me I might enjoy that more than my hands. Daddy was right, my virgin pussy loved daddy’s present. Daddy asked me if I was a virgin, I told him yes, Oh my god I just noticed Daddy playing with his cock while he was watching me. I ask to see Daddy’s cock - it’s so big! Daddy told me he wants to take my virginity, stretch my virgin pussy open with his cock for the very first time, I told daddy yes, that out of everyone I could lose my virginity to, my daddy would be the one. I tease daddy with my tight virgin pussy for a while then tell him I’m ready, it’s so big, it’s hurts a little but feels so good! Daddy fucked me in missionary first, then I jump on top of his cock, it’s so deep and I cum all over his cock three times, then something happened to daddy, his face got all flustered and he started moaning, I feel a liquid inside me and the sex stopped, I ask daddy what the liquid is, is it from me? I show daddy the inside of my pussy, dad said he gave me a second present, daddy said it’s called a creampie. ****this clip is filmed as virtual sex scene all POV*** This clip contains: impregnation fantasy POV, virgin, virtual sex, creampie, daddy, daughter, family, dad, cum in pussy, school girl, Blonde, big ass, roleplay, taboo, daddy’s little girl, socks, caught masturbating, surprise creampie, surprise impregnation, big tits, curvy blonde, Australian, Jessie Lee pierce, school girl skirt, pigtails, submissive, daddy takes my virginity, dirty talk
duration 18:43
I Need You To Teach Me How To Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
I Need You To Teach Me How To Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name James is used) Your girlfriend's super religious and conservative best friend comes over one day with a strange request - she's recently split up with her husband, the only man she'd ever been with, and your girlfriend suggested that she get a bit more experience before she goes out into the scary world of dating... You guys are in an open relationship so your girlfriend has no problem with you doing anything with her friend, in fact she's encouraging it! Her best friend is nervous and feels really awkward asking you to do anything with her; she's had next to no experience and pretty much only had missionary sex with her husband, in the dark, under the sheets. She's never given so much as a handjob before! She asks if you'd be willing to show her some stuff to help get her ready for dating again, and of course you oblige her. She nervously asks to see your cock and when you pull it out she's fascinated, it's so much bigger than her husband's, and she's never seen one this close up in daylight before! You gently talk her through touching it with her hands, and then her mouth, and as she relaxes a bit she starts to enjoy herself. After a while she asks if you'd be willing to lick her pussy, as she's never had that done before! You happily oblige her and she starts to get super turned on as you eat her out. She's getting less and less shy and more and more filthy the more she gets into it! Soon she's begging you to fuck her pussy and using language that shocks herself, but she's so wet and horny now! She even gets on top of you to ride your cock, which she's never done before, and gets really filthy with the dirty talk until she cums hard on your cock and then begs you to fill her with your cum! She's a little embarrassed at how carried away she got but she enjoyed it so much she asks if you'd be willing to fuck her again sometime...
duration 27:06
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity video from Fiona Dagger
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - there are no toys used, I do get naked but all sex acts are simulated off screen) You're minding your own business one day in your room when you big sister barges in and starts complaining about all the chores she has to do. She tries to convince you to help her out and do some of them but you refuse, so she attempts to bargain. She thinks for a moment and then slyly suggests that she could help you out with handjobs in exchange for chores - she knows how frustrated and horny boys your age are, you must be dying for relief. You say no way, siblings aren't supposed to do stuff like that, it would be too weird! But she's not giving up so easily, and says fine, if a handjob isn't enough, how about a blowjob? You're unsure but you've been wondering what it would be like to get your cock sucked for a while now, and you're too horny to resist. So you nervously agree, and your sister excitedly tells you she'll give you your first one now so you know she's not tricking you, and then you can do the dishes for her afterwards! She kneels down to suck your cock and it doesn't take much time before you shoot your load in her mouth! She laughs and shows off how much cum you've deposited onto her tongue before swallowing it down and reminding you to get on with the dishes! The next day, you find your sister watching a show and shyly ask her if she'd want to exchange another chore for a blowjob... She looks pleased but says she has a better idea - if you do all of her chores this afternoon before mum and dad get home, she'll let you fuck her. In fact, she'll be your sex slave for 2 whole weeks - you can use her mouth or her pussy whenever you want, even if she's napping, and you can cum in her pussy too! You can't resist such a great offer and although you're nervous to lose your virginity to your sister you say yes please, and ask if you can get started right now in the bedroom. She strips off and jumps into bed, shyly getting beneath the covers and telling you to get your clothes off and get in with her. You climb on top of her and grind your dick against her stomach for a bit before she warns you to stick it in before you end up cumming! You slide inside her and to her amusement it only takes 3 or 4 strokes before you fill her pussy with cum! She laughs but tells you not to worry about it, it was your first time after all, and you've got a whole two weeks to enjoy her. In fact, as you seem to be getting hard again straight away, would you like to try again now? You say yes and she rolls onto her side so she can go on her phone while you fuck her again, chatting to you about what's for dinner later and whether you like cumming inside her. You last a bit longer this time before you cum, and she cups her pussy to hold your spunk in before running to the bathroom to empty it out! A few days later she's hanging out in her underwear and you ask if you can cum in her pussy again - she says yes, of course, and quickly pulls her panties to the side to let you fuck her. This time you last even longer and she moans as you fuck her and tells you about how much she enjoys having guys cum inside her and the feel of it in her pussy. After you cum she reminds you to finish all her chores and to make sure your homework is done too!
duration 14:49
Stepdad Gives Virgin Teen Her First Cock video from Delilah Cass
Stepdad Gives Virgin Teen Her First Cock by Delilah Cass Today is my 18th birthday!! Happy birthday to me. I can’t believe I am still a virgin.. Probably because I am so shy. My stepdad was talking to me earlier about filling in for a photoshoot for his girly adult website? I know my mom would not approve but I kind of want to do it?? I mean I am 18 and my stepdad won’t care. My stepdad gives me the outfit to wear and as I put it on I realize how short it is and I get embarrassed… My stepdad is calling for me and I finally come out. Is this really what you make your models wear? Yes, Delilah my step daddy says. My stepdad realizes it’s my 18th birthday and gives me 18 birthday spanks while I count them out. I stand up and my stepdad tells come here and he will show me how to pose for him. My stepdad shows me a few photography tricks that include spreading and licking my young, teen pussy! I pose in a bunch of positions and my stepdad slides my panties off when he is photographing my ass. I ask stepdad if he fucks the models and if he wants to fuck me…. Stepdad wants to be my first cock ever.. I take stepdad’s cock in my mouth, licking it until step daddy pulls my head onto his dick. I give his cock some kisses. Stepdad puts his cock inside me on the couch and it hurts a little but I want to have sex with him. He asks me if I know what doggy is and I get on all fours and ask stepdad to put his face in my ass. He does and licks me. He then fucks me in doggy and I take his hot cum load all over my face. I thank stepdad for being my first cock and taking my virginity and kiss his cock one last time. Tags: redhead redheads cheerleader cheerleader outfit all natural red bush hairy bush spanking birthday spanking stepdad daughter stepdaddy step daddy stepfather big cocks cut dick teen 18 eighteen photoshoot thigh highs socks pig tails glasses eye glasses facials cumshots cum on face virgin 18 year old virgin older younger Fantasy taboo thong short skirts shy timid spanks young teenager innocent virginity

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