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duration 13:23
A Cruel Blackmail Fantasy of Forced Feminization and beeing my Whore video from Ladyvampira
A Cruel Blackmail Fantasy of Forced Feminization and beeing my Whore by Ladyvampira You will go buy for me as my whore. Or do you want me to publish the embarrassing shots of my phone? You have no choice. Even your embarrassing maid clothes I'm looking for you and give the orders, what you have to put on how the chastity belt. I have you in hand and explain you my other perverse approach, while I put the slave collar. You're just a miserable doormat so far. A footstool for my high heels and earns as a slave every blow with the riding crop, so you learn obedience. Then you will put on my instruction slutty, kneel down and blow my BBC strap-on! Get used to the interracial gagging and other humiliations! [Dominatrix Lady Vampira - SM Studio Femdom Empire] / Du wirst als meine Hure für mich anschaffen gehen. Oder möchtest du, das ich die peinlichen Aufnahmen von meinem Handy veröffentliche? Du hast keine Wahl. Selbst deine peinliche Zofenkleidung suche ich für dich aus und gebe die Befehle, was du wie über dem Keuschheitsgürtel anzuziehen hast. Ich habe dich in der Hand und erkläre dir mein weiteres perverses Vorgehen, während ich dir das Sklavenhalsband anlege. Du bist nur ein jämmerlicher Fußabtreter. Ein Fußhocker für meine High Heels und verdienst als Sklave jeden Schlag mit der Reitgerte, damit du Gehorsam lernst. Dann wirst du dich nach meiner Anweisung nuttig anziehen, hinknien und meinen BBC Umschnalldildo blasen! Gewöhn dich schonmal an das Interracial Gagging und weitere Demütigungen! [Domina Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire]
duration 21:28
Your Wife's Sister - Part II video from Fiona Dagger
Your Wife's Sister - Part II by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a sequel to Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck) Since you and Fiona came to an arrangement that you would pay her rent in exchange for sex, you've been enjoying fucking her every day in front of your wife, Fiona's older sister. One day you come home from work to find Fiona greeting you with a mischevious look in her eye - she welcomes you and informs you that she has prepared a surprise and it's waiting for you in the living room... You follow Fiona into the room and see your wife bound and gagged on the ottoman, naked and helpless. Fiona doesn't immediately explain what's going on, instead dropping to her knees to take out your cock, teasingly sucking and stroking it as she asks you if you'd like to know what her plan is for your wife. She tells you that since she hasn't been able to fit your cock in her ass, as it's so big and her asshole is too tight, she has decided that tonight you can use your wife's asshole instead - but you have to imagine that it's Fiona's ass as you fuck it. Fiona will be there telling you how to fuck it, and you can take out all your frustration on your wife's hole while Fiona eggs you on. You of course agree and Fiona delightedly sucks and gags on your cock until it's rock hard, then guides your cock to your squirming wife's ass and tells you to slide it in. As you begin to pound your wife's hole Fiona watches and plays with her pussy, dirty talking about how much fun she's been having with your little arrangement, and how she hopes that you'll get her pregnant soon. She tells you to be sure not to cum in her sister's ass, as she wants you to fuck her pussy and cum in it so that you can impregnate her. You pound your wife's asshole until you get close to cumming, then Fiona pulls back her head and makes her clean her ass off your cock so it's ready to go in her pussy. She then begs you to fuck her tight, fertile young pussy while her sister watches, and you both cum together as you shoot your load deep inside her! She then shows off the load you've given her to your wife, taunting her and saying that you should leave her tied up for the rest of the evening and make her watch you fucking over and over again!

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