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duration 19:59
Nurse Stacy Sadistic Makes a House Call video from Wood
duration 14:37
Mistress Sophie Spanks and Fucks Me video from Dani Sorrento
Mistress Sophie Spanks and Fucks Me by Dani Sorrento Sophie calls me into the room to ask why I didn't do what she told me to do yesterday. I make up some silly excuse how I thought it didn't need to be done right away and she isn't hearing any of it. Immediately I get pulled their lap and the spanks start. Mistress is going to make sure I listen and do what they say right away. First the spanks start over my thing pants and I am still not taking it super seriously, giggling and making excuses still. Then my pants come down and soon the panties follow. My big butt starts to really warm up and turn pink. I slide off Mistress Sophie's lap and think my punishment is finally over, but I see a leather paddle appear. I really start to feel the spanking now. The stinging slaps of the paddle hit all over. I beg for it to be over, but I am told to count out the last 10 swats. I am so thankful it is over and happy my Mistress cares about me enough to punish me that I start to thank her properly. I give her kiss and then start to suck her hard cock. Acting like the good girl I am and wanting to please my Mistress. I am surprised when she asks if I want her cock in my pussy and shake my head happily! I must have taken my punishment well if I am being rewarded with a good fuck. Mistress Sophie lays me on my back and starts fucking me. Eventually flipping me over onto my knees so they can really pound me from behind. I can feel myself getting close to cumming. I ask for permission to cum, so I don't get in trouble again. Thankfully she says yes! I cum so hard on her cock as she continues fucking me good. I get flipped onto my back again as Sophie stands up to fuck me now. Soon she is wanting to cum and has me swallow their load. I take it all in my mouth and not a drop slips out. My Mistress treats me so well! (D/s, Dom/sub, BDSM, punishment, spanking, otk spank, hand spanking, leather paddle, bent over the bed, pink cheeks, Mistress Sophie, Trans Domme, Trans mtf, Ts/g, Trans/girl fuck, thin and thick girls, punishment and reward, reward sex, bare bottom spanking, over pants spank, wedgie panties, white satin panties, tops on fucking, blowjob, bj tease, missionary, doggystyle, doggy position, close penetration views, close and full body views, brunettes, long brown hair, ponytail, hair down, tits jiggling, big ass jiggle, huge booty, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, curvy, chubby, submissive girl, cum swallower, swallowing jizz, hot and sweaty sex, hardcore fucking, Sophie Ladder, sophie_ladder, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, first time together)
duration 15:34
Bullied BBW Nerd Forced to Smell the Cheerleader's Stinky Pits! With Stacy Sadistic video from Wood
duration 32:03
Passionate Hard Fuck For Submissive Lita video from Sophie Ladder
Passionate Hard Fuck For Submissive Lita by Sophie Ladder Lita Lecherous and I are laying in bed in our sexy black lingerie, passionately kissing. We feel up each other’s bodies, suck on each other’s nipples, and then I give Lita a few pussy spanks. I pull out my girlcock and Lita sucks it with enthusiasm. She deepthroats my dick and slobbers all over it. I lay Lita on her back and slowly slide my cock into her desperate pussy. I speed up, and pound Lita hard, making her tits bounce. I fuck her hard, with my hand around her throat, until she cums on my dick. Next we move to doggystyle where I fishhook Lita, putting the fingers of both of my hands in her mouth from behind. I pull Lita’s face onto my cock and have her suck my dick some more, before getting back to pounding her at the edge of the bed with my fingers wrapped around her neck. I go down on Lita and eat and tease her pussy, then she sucks my dick more. We get back to fucking in doggystyle and I pound Lita from behind. Another blowjob from Lita then we’re back to fucking on the bed in missionary. Flexible Lita Lecherous holds her legs out of the way so the camera can get lots of shots of me pounding her with my cock. I continue to pound the hell out of Lita this way for fifteen minutes while dirty talking. I hold her down, hold her by the neck, hold her down by the legs and fuck her. When I’m done using her pussy I cum inside Lita and give her a trans girl creampie. Keywords: sophieladder, litalecherous, lesbian, trans lesbian, translesbian, blowjob, deepthroat, gag, slobber, drool, spit, hardcore, pound, fuck, tgirl, trans girl, tgirl on girl, hand around throat, face slapping, tits bouncing, doggystyle, pussy eating, pussy slapping, flexible, goth, hold down, creampie
duration 28:59
Petite Submissive Rough Fuck Facefuck Trans video from Sophie Ladder
Petite Submissive Rough Fuck Facefuck Trans by Sophie Ladder Hazel Paige begins bent over my knees, wearing a pink dress and pink collar, awaiting my spanks. I slap her ass, starting slow and warming her up. Hazel’s ass gets more and more pink as I spank her. I decided that all the sounds she’s making are annoying me, so I put a ball gag on her. I continue spanking Hazel’s ass as she moans through the ballgag. I begin to span her harder and harder, with her whole ass pink now. I take the gag out and shove my fingers down her throat, slap her pussy, and slap her tits. I lead Hazel by the leash to my hard cock and have her suck on it, gagging on my dick deep in her throat. I fuck her face and Hazel gags and gets spit all over my cock. Then I drag Hazel to the edge of the bed to fuck her face and throat. Hazel gags repeatedly as I shove my dick down her throat, her face getting messy with spit. Finally I give Hazel what she wants, my dick filling up her tight little pussy. We fuck as I slap her around, pull the leash, and hold her by the throat. I take out my dick to shove down her throat, then get back to fucking her hard. After more poundings I drag her over to the edge and start facefucking her again, and then pull her back onto the bed to gag on my dick some more. Next we move into doggystyle and I pound tiny Hazel from behind, pulling on the leash and then holding her with both hands around her throat. Then Hazel sucks my dick some more, showing me what a good cock-loving slut she is. After fucking her face I lay Hazel on her back to roughly pound her some more. Hazel moans in pleasure as I fuck her hard, bouncing her small frame up and down on my dick. I’ve used her holes enough to satisfy myself, so I have her suck on my dick for one last minute before I finish myself off and cum all over her face. Hazel is such a good slut she licks my cum off the bedspread too.

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