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duration 26:26
A Christmas Star Ahri ~ Resist Sub 4K video from OmankoVivi
A Christmas Star Ahri ~ Resist Sub 4K by OmankoVivi Christmas time brings with it newfound cheer, take home your very own star this year~!! In this heart-pounding adventure, Garen hunts down Star Guardian Ahri, in a CHRISTMAS OUTFIT? He uses Caitlyn's brilliant traps to ensnare Ahri in her own holiday hell. Binding her with rope-like pink lights, he grabs his star and prowls in to collect his reward... Ahri pleads with him for release, but can hardly resist when his smelly man cock stands before her! Garen makes her get strong whiff after whiff, rubbing the head of his dick against her soft, supple lips. He slides it in, softly grazing her fangs, and feeling the hot wetness of her mouth wrapped around his throbbing dick. Unable to help himself, he begins softly pounding her throat, holding the lights that wrap her pale and shaking body. Ahri struggles against the warm lights, quivering with each thrust, and gasping for air and throwing insults in-between. After sitting a moment, Garen stands over Ahri and slaps his cock on her face, shoving his manhood right before her. As she swallows his cock, eye crossing and tongue lapping up each delicious drop of pre-cum and spit, Garen finds himself right on the edge and he pushes his cock down her throat, a thick warm load of cum spilling into the depths of her mouth. Gagging and spitting most of it up, Ahri finds herself overcome with the sudden smell and taste of man. She is powerless against the stench of man and quickly surrenders to Garen, worshipping his dick. Ahri bounces while she sucks his cock, slurping and drooling. Greedily she fondles her breasts from a lewd angle, simultaneously rubbing her clit through her lingerie and sucking down Garen's stinky dick. As Garen fucks her mouth and throat, as Ahri worships every inch of his delicious member, Ahri blows spit bubbles and relishes in being her Master's onahole. She makes several ahegao faces while performing lewd acts for her favourite enemy team member~!!! (Leave a kind review for the photoset!)
duration 14:09
Nurse Gives You a Double Dose of JOI video from MsCakes
Nurse Gives You a Double Dose of JOI by MsCakes You recently came across an ad requesting sperm donors for medical research, and decide to volunteer. As you enter the lab, you’re pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a hot young Asian nurse. She thanks you for coming and explains that they’ll require two sperm samples from you today. Unfortunately since it’s a research facility, they don’t have any porn magazines or videos available, but luckily you’re welcome to admire her beauty while you jerk off instead. You’re a little nervous at first, but with her gentle encouragement you take your dick out and start stroking slowly to her beautiful face. She seems to know exactly how to get you going just by licking her lips and sticking her tongue out seductively, getting you rock hard in no time. You continue stroking harder and faster at her command, imagining that warm wet tongue running up and down your cock. When you’re ready, she gives you a countdown from 10 and tells you to cum for her pretty face and tongue. You fill up the first container with your big creamy load, which she tells you to seal up promptly. Then since she knows that the second round might be a bit more challenging, she decides to give you a little extra encouragement. She’s noticed you glancing over at her feet ever since you walked in, and guesses correctly that you have a foot fetish. With that, she takes her sneakers off to reveal her beautiful bare feet for you to admire and jerk off to. It doesn’t take long for you to get hard again at the sight of her perfect soles and pedicured toes, especially when she wiggles and spreads them for you. When she sees that you’re starting to get close again, she teases you even further by wiggling her toes and flicking her tongue out at the same time. Then she gives you another countdown from 10 and tells you to imagine cumming all over her pretty feet. You can’t believe you were able to cum so much in such a short period of time, and the nurse is quite impressed with the amounts as well. She invites you to come back and donate again anytime, and you think you’ll have to take her up on that... y’know, for science! ;)

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