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Girlfriend's Vore & You're Next! video from Delilah Dee
Girlfriend's Vore & You're Next! by Delilah Dee This is a custom video, no names are used. Female to Female. "Video begins with you burping and rubbing your belly while giggling that it's finally happened. The girl in your tummy finally accepted that she is food, and now, she gets to slowly melt away inside a superior woman like the perfect little piggy she is. Because that's all she ever was. Mmmmmm, just a piece of pork destined for your belly. And destined to be toilet trash. You can't remember what the name of this piece of meat was, but it doesn't matter. All that matters was how good she tasted, and how good she looked when you were done preparing her. You remind the camera what it's just seen, namely you seasoning up her girlfriend, sticking an apple in her mouth and swallowing her whole. This time from head to toe, because you've recently learned you like to feel legs kicking as they're hanging out of your mouth, and toes twitch just before the final gulp. Although you liked savouring her other assets. Sadly your latest meal didn't have big tits, but mmmmmm, her ass! Her ass was just so big and heavenly. You only just learned that your tongue can slide up and around a big piece of meat like that, and oh, did you savour that ass. You wish you could have just kept it in your mouth forever, but you just had to get it into your belly. You then press your belly to the camera so she can hear her girlfriend's final screams. You laugh and then show her the apple and the salt that you going to decorate her with tomorrow when you have her for dinner. Feel her final agonising moments, knowing that she is about to become your morning dump. That in the end, that was all she became. Someone else's dinner, then into the toilet. Then a fade to black followed by a scene on a toilet where you pretend to push out the fully digested girlfriend, or have just finished doing so. Either way you sigh contentedly, flush the toilet, and then point the camera to where the girlfriend has just gone, and where the other girl is going to end up. Then you confess all this is making you hungry, and you don't think you can wait for dinner. Mmmmmm, you need to find other girl, and turn her into your breakfast. Maybe you'll show her this video first. And maybe, just maybe, it will be the girlfriend of last night's dinner."

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