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Tickling Luna's Feet video from Blair Lennox
duration 10:19
Doctor's Orders video from Akira Shell
Doctor's Orders by Akira Shell Hello there! You must be here for your check up. It’s about time! Your resident doctor, the hot and gorgeous Scarlett Storm is going to test your sensitivity first. She puts her gloves on as she prepares to examine your external sensitivity. We’re gonna test how you are going to react while being tickled. Here we go! You are flinching, squirming around, and laughing. Seems normal. Maybe lower? More more squinching. Your heart is pumping so fast! You are squirming so much you can definitely feel this! But it isn’t over yet! It’ s an experiment so you can’t just stop. Let’s see how you’ll react when Doctor Scarlett puts her finger in your little belly hole. Tickling inside and in circles on your navel, to your ribs, and to your chest. Oh, seems it’s working so well! Can you put your hands up and lock it so you wouldn’t struggle while she continues tickling you? Now let’s test your endurance on how long you are gonna take this. Do you know that being responsive to tickling is a sign of a good health? She starts wiggling her fingers on your armpits as she watches you squirm. Oh yes! She can tell this is driving you crazy as your armpits are getting all sweaty now. She wants to dig in to your sweaty little armpits. And voila.. Your heart rate’s pumping even higher than before! Now she is going to move on to the next part of this medical test. You hop on and sit to the bed and remove your shoes. What a smelly feet you have! Next time, do wash your feet before you come here. The doctor aggressively tickles you again with her firm fingers as your feet sway into places from the amount of satisfaction you get from being feet-squished by your resident doctor. She thinks your feet are very ticklish! Now for the finale, she swoons over your armpits, going to your chest, belly button, side ribs, down to your most sensitive part of your body, your stinky feet. You are expected to come back for a test every other week. And please, do visit there with clean feet.

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