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duration 15:28
Super close Asshole tease/JOI video from MissAnja
Super close Asshole tease/JOI by MissAnja Here is another hot asshole video from me :) You've fallen love with this tight asshole don't you? You can't get enough of it. Am I right? At starting I wear my tiny black thong and laying on my side. Touching myself from behind teasing my pussy and asshole. Feel so good literally I get wet pussy. I pull over a bit later my panty and go close up to cam. I'm showing asshole. I really want you to worship my hole and pink pussy as well. Teasing you a lot with showing off it over and over in the video.Both of us know you're addictive to my ass. But I know what you like more than my ass. Shall I tell you? My tight and perfect asshole. I tell you how much I want to sit on your face and teasing you super close to my asshole. Spreading pussy and bum hole a lot, how much you would licking my pussy lips, stick your tongue into it and lick my holes. Worship me this is what you really want nothing else, if you can do worship this asshole I spread it many times, puckering and more. I let you play with it if you're listening to me. Smell it, eat it, lick it and more. Or I let you jerk to it. I can imagine you're already boned and stroking slightly your dick don't you? Ok let's jerk it well until I grab and squeeze my ass cheeks, hide and show up my this juicy asshole. Giving some jerking off instructions and obviously can't stop teasing you by my asshole. Puckering a lot spreading my juicy wet pussy for you, becasue both of us know you wanna cum on my holes. Shoot your cum into my asshole, well if you could jerk it harder and faster to me you can get permission to cum all over on my tight asshole. Let's do it. :)Great super close asshole teasing video, with lots of sexy talk, puckering, asshole and pussy spreading, teasing and lots more. Enjoy it
duration 14:17
Prove It; Bi Encouragement video from Ellie Rowyn
Prove It; Bi Encouragement by Ellie Rowyn You won my contest, so we finally get to meet. I can that you want to fuck me badly. I remember that you bought my Cuck Clean Up vid and wrote me that “I’d eat another guy’s cum from your holes just to taste them”. I tell you that I love Bi guys, but lots of guys SAY they’re Bi just to have me, so I made a new rule: “Prove it”. Once you agree to proving that you're bi, I call up my hot bi friend and ask him to come over. I tell me that anything that you want to do to me, you have to show me how badly you want it, by doing it all to him first. You have to show me how much you're enjoying it too, so I know you're not faking. While you fuck around with him, I'm going to gently guide you while I get myself off. I know how badly you want to finger me, so I ask you to show me how badly by jerking his cock. It's so hot watching you guys make out and touch each other's dicks. Now, I know you’re dying to eat my pussy and make me cum all over your face . Kneel down and show me how good your oral skills are on his big dick. I guide you on how I want you to suck his cock, but mostly just watch by touching myself. I want you to suck his dick until he cums. And when he does it's SOO hot. I ask how you want to fuck me the first time. You tell me “Face to face with your legs on any shoulders to go deep”. I tell you to show me. Fuck him that way and show me how much you’re gonna love getting me off that way, Work his dick to get him off too while you're fucking him. I know you want to fuck my hot little asshole, with me face-down/ass-up. Just like this. This time, I want you to pretend you're me; get in the same position as me, spread your ass for him, and show me how much you love him fucking you the way you want me to love you fucking me. And I want you to cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now, you're a little messy. Let's go to the bathroom to clean up. I grab a cup, pee in it, and ask you to wash your mouth and face off with it. And now, you've earned my pussy! This was a custom! Order your's by submitting a BTO! Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, bi, bisexual, bisexual encouragement, bi encouragement, mutual masturbation, joi, ass, ass fetish, asshole, asshole fetish, thong, thong fetish, teasing, pee, peeing, pee fetish, tattoos, tattooed, redhead

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