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duration 15:01
POV Valentines Day Pussy and Ass Eating video from Leila Cherry
POV Valentines Day Pussy and Ass Eating by Leila Cherry Happy Valentine's Day baby! Thank you so much for taking me out to a lovely dinner and spoiling me with lingerie. You've been so good to me these last few months. It's made this Valentine's Day so special. I really feel like I can trust you. As a way to show you how much I appreciate this lovely date, I want to let you do something I've never let you do before. That's right baby, I want you to eat my pussy tonight. I know, I know, I've been really apprehensive about letting you eat me out. It's something I like to save for guys that a really special, and you're special to me. Tonight feels like the perfect night to try it. What do you say baby? Wanna finally get a taste of my little slit? I know it's all you've been able to think about since I let you see it. Hehe I can tell you're getting a little hard at the thought. I'm getting so turned on thinking about it. You look like you'd eat my pussy so good! I want you to do it right now in the middle of the living room. Get on the floor for me I want to sit on your face. How does my butthole look hidden behind this little thong? That's it baby I want you to take a big whiff. I want you to eat my pussy and my ass! Stick your tongue out and let me grind on it. I'm going to fuck your face with my ass. Mmmm that feels so good baby. You're getting so hard! Go back and forth just like that. Your tongue feels so good on me. I want you to make me cum on your mouth. I'm going to turn around and rub my clit up and down your tongue while you taste me. Ugh I can feel my pussy tingling! I'm getting so close baby! You're going to make me cum on your tongue!
duration 9:21
Squirting Through White Cotton Thong video from BlackxRose92
Squirting Through White Cotton Thong by BlackxRose92 Thank you, Dale, for the sheer red lingerie from Wishlist.BlackxRose92.com! I felt so sexy masturbating in it the first time, that I knew I needed to play in it some more. The short hemline makes it so easy to play with all of my favorite sex toys.

I dress the naughty lace lingerie with stockings and high heels. My white cotton thong shows easily through the transparent lingerie, but it makes a nice buffer on my pussy for my favorite vibrating wand. The short lingerie rides up as I masturbate, lifting breezily to give me access to whatever parts I want. When I slide a glass dildo down my throat until I gag on it, the straps of my lingerie slide off my shoulders. The lingerie moves and slides all over in cascading ripples of silky fabrics.

I shove the dildo deeper down my throat and some spit drips down onto my lace covered tits.I use the spit to slide the toy into my pussy until I find my g spot and fuck myself through the white, cotton thong. Grinding against my favorite makes the thong slide into a wedgie in my ass, so I pull the panties far to the side of my dildo and fuck myself harder. My loud moans and pulsed breathing make it obvious that I'm really enjoying masturbating as I start to squirt. My first orgasm produces a small gush, but my second and third orgasms leave me ejaculating a massive puddle of pussy pleasure right through my thong and spreading onto the floor. I desperately try to keep fucking myself but my pussy has other plans in mind and ejects my toy as a soaking of pussy squirt shoots out and makes an even bigger puddle beneath me.

You can see the gleaming, wet pussy ejaculate even before I lift the camera and give you a better view. Satisfied with my noisy, wet orgasms, I suck my glass g-spot dildo clean and show you my happy pussy mess.
duration 29:56
Sensual SWEATY Strip Tease, DANCING video from MissAnja
Sensual SWEATY Strip Tease, DANCING by MissAnja Here is another very sweaty video. This time I wear sexy tight leggings on and bra top. Little twist I also wear a red thong. I invite you for a sexy sweaty dance fun, come with me. I turn on the music and start to dancing for over on 21 minutes. Moving my hips, shaking my ass all around for you. Enjoy my abs and belly button close up many times. Once I feel getting sweaty I come and show my face. This time perspiration appeared on face first. I dance sensually and sexy for the music and after few minutes start to strip off my clothes finish with bra off. I bend over shaking ass over and over directly to camera. Admire and worship me. I feel get really wet and sweaty, wetness drip down to my feet. Amazingly shiny and wet my entire body. Once the music it's ending I keep moving myself and show off you naughtily tits and close up asshole. Then come with me down to the floor and keep teasing you a lot to introduce my sweaty body once again. Close up tits, squeezing, face, abs, spread legs wide apart to get access to pussy, turn around and knee on doggy. I ask you to come and touch me all over, hold my tits, squeeze them like I do, no doubt you enjoy what you see right now and wouldn't tell me no if I ask you to come and love my sweaty body. You can't ignore me, my beautiful wet face as well. How much you wanna taste my in this situation? :)I I talk sexy a bit after hot dance. Lots of wet body parts on your preference. My armpits are hairy. In the video you also get nice views to legs, lots and feet. Have fun!

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