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duration 22:06
Books Over Boys: Nerdy Brat Ignores You video from BlackxRose92
Books Over Boys: Nerdy Brat Ignores You by BlackxRose92 What? You didn't really think all of my videos were nice were they? LOL! Oh no, I get paid much much more when I'm mean. The meaner and more naked I am, the more I get paid. But a girl like Me always has a packed schedule and never enough time to relax or de-stress. Tonight was supposed to be filming night, but I'd much rather read the latest library book in my collection than film something naked that I really don't want to.

Don't worry, you'll get to see the naked stuff since you are paying, but that's all you get to see. Just Me, just naked. I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to read! Books are way more important to me,second only to money. I'll probably masturbate later when I'm alone in the shower, this is a "romance" novel after all. The sex scenes are deliciously graphic! So you can see why this book is way more valuable to my attention than you.

You're welcome to stare at my cleavage when I'm laying towards you, my tits pulling down my sexy sweater. You can even stare at my bare ass and pussy when I turn around and swing my feet, completely engrossed in the explicit words unfolding before me. But you won't get a second of my attention until the last page is turned. Want my attention sooner? Buy me more books! I obviously like them way more than you, and books get me really wet, so if you want my attention then you need to buy every book on my wishlist. Until then, you just get to stare, jerking off in the corner while I ignore you for the newest smut novel on my to read list
duration 14:27
Eat Your Cum Sweater Lover video from CelesteLuna
duration 16:01
Sweater Fap video from MaeDoll
Sweater Fap by MaeDoll I'm feeling cute and needy today so wearing only a sweater, thigh high socks and a pink thong I am eager to show. Starting out with a body tease where I pull my thong to the side to show off my pussy and asshole, even spank myself a few times. I get comfy and tease my pussy outside of my panties with a vibrator I haven't filmed with before. It feels good that I start twitching and making noises. I want it to last so I decide I should lube up the toy with my mouth. Fucking my mouth and pushing the vibe to the back of my throat turns me on even more, there's lots of spit from the BJ. Finally I am ready to see what the toy feels like inside, pushing my thong to the side I fuck myself with the vibrator, trying out all the different settings it has to offer. Next position I'm on my back, my panties still pulled to the side. I can't help but say dirty things now. I need it deeper in me so I turn onto my stomach where I end up pulling my panties down so I can move my legs better to give you a great view of me fucking my wet pussy. Switching onto my back again I take off my panties and show you how wet they are. I'm getting so noisy! I'd better quiet down a little so I stuff my wet panties in my mouth! Listen to my muffled moans get louder and louder as I get close to a climax. Once I cum I can't wait to clean off my toy. Tasting myself and enjoying the afterglow. I play with my sensitive clit and pussy a little, putting two fingers inside so I can taste myself once more. I'm finally satisfied c:

Video Contains: Thigh high socks, vibrator in dildo shape, panties in mouth, multiple positions, dirty talk, pussy tasting.

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