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duration 10:47
Chubby girls deserve it in the ass! video from Jojo Lavan
Chubby girls deserve it in the ass! by Jojo Lavan We are on our first date.POV Everything seems to be going fine. I invite you back to my place. You tell me you think I look a little bit chubby in my dress. Then you say "Are you submissive?" I reply of course I am. Then we get back to my place, and you tell me that I am too fat and chubby to get fucked in the pussy and that I only deserve to be fucked in the asshole. I can't believe you just said this to me!! It is SO rude.. I decide to go along with it, because after all, I love it in the asshole. I am not doing this for you, I am doing it for me. But then as we start, I get really really into it, jiggling my belly , calling myself fat, saying I don't deserve it in the pussy because I am just a fat girl who knows her place. I spread my asshole wide for you while giving telling you to fuck my hard in my ass There is SO much nasty hot anal fat shaming dirty talk in this. If you love fat shaming chubby girls who don't deserve it in the pussy then you will fucking love this. You eventually cum in my asshole . Wow you fucked me so hard I feel like I can't walk. Damn, I love being a used dirty little anal slut! TAGS - BBW , CURVY , Chubby , fat shaming , fat shame , atm , asstomouth , ass to mouth , anal , kink , kinky , fetish , hoop earrings , all natural , boobs , tits , ass , asshole , butthole , ass lover , ass worship , dirty talk , JOI , POV , point of view , pointofview , jojo lavan , jojolavan , nipple ring , nipple pierced , SEXY , CUTE , CUTIE
duration 16:32
knotty doggy video from Sloansmoans
knotty doggy by Sloansmoans ***MYVERY FIRST PET PLAY VID* Watch as I’m a sexy, lonely girl living with her dog. I come home after a long day and I’m so tired. I say hello to my sweet doggy and begin to strip naked. I just want to relax and watch tv naked on the couch. I lay down and he lays at my feet, playfully licking them as I’m watching tv until I drift off. I end up laying on my chest, with my ass slightly perked up and I wake up feeling my dog rubbing his huge, hard doggy dick against my back. I don’t like this feeling or sensation, I really want him to stop. His dick is SO big and hard but I let him rub on me because he’s lonely and has never had sex and I love my puppy so much. He speeds up and squirts pre-cum all over my back and I’m disgusted but I still let him rub his giant dog cock on me. Plus this doesn’t count as sex because it’s just rubbing. He keeps rubbing faster until he slips his cock into my asshole unexpectedly. I shriek out and tell him to stop but he won’t. He’s stretching my asshole with his doggy cock and I feel his Knot getting bigger and bigger. I haven’t had anything in my asshole and it hurts and I try to push him off but he’s pounding me so hard and his Knot is so big, he’s pushing his dick so deep into my asshole. He thrusts so hard and deep until he finally stops and he cums inside my ass. It’s so much cum, too much. I feel it leak out of my asshole and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m in disbelief and want him to get his cock out of me, but he continues to drain his doggy balls into me, he’s stuck inside. I lay there until I feel his cock shrinking and finally I’m able to push him out of me. I get up and lay him on his back and scold him for being such a bad dog… enjoy me, xo TABOO/PET PLAY/DOGGYSTYLE/POV SEX SIDE VIEW/POV SEX DOGGYSTYLE/DIRTY TALK/SUBMISSIVE
duration 31:37
Edging Myself Brainless in Self Bondage video from Catpaws
Edging Myself Brainless in Self Bondage by Catpaws Pardon me while I indulge my bondage kink... by taping my mouth shut, securing a vibrator in my pussy with a crotch rope, and restraining myself to endure an extended edging session! I'm wearing a bright green bodysuit, with my ankles secured together and my wrists fastened behind my back. The vibrator under the fabric is already on, its U-shape stimulating both my clit and my g-spot, and when I writhe and squirm the crotch rope digs the toy in deeper. The vibrator is on its lowest setting so it's impossible to cum, I just have to endure it. Soon I'm writhing in pleasure and frustration, causing the high-cut leotard to ride up and reveal more and more of my thick bush - but this is the last thing on my mind, since all I can possibly think of is cumming, even though it's unattainable. I expend my energy too quickly struggling to pleasure myself, and only a few minutes in I'm exhausted and resigned to my orgasm-denied fate. I try my best to keep eye contact with the camera, but my eyes glaze over and roll back as my thoughts are overridden by pleasure, head empty. Gradually I lose the interest in appearing cute, and my noises evolve from subdued to raunchy... soon I'm totally brainless, hips thrusting as my eyes stare off into space. As I get more edged and sensitive, I realize I might actually be able to cum if I put in the effort - all I have to do is buck my hips like a good mindless slut to finally drive myself over the edge. My orgasm is intense, but I have no way to stop the vibrator, and the overstimulation leaves me twitching and shaking - Almost immediately another orgasm begins forming, and after the neighbor knocks on our shared wall (oops), I have to bury my face in the bed to muffle my loud, pitiful whimpering. I noticed some shoulder pain and decided to end it there, so I unfasten my cuffs, pull the vibrator out, and spread my satisfied pussy for you. :)
duration 18:08
Please Don't Fire Me video from Fiona Dagger
Please Don't Fire Me by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You call Fiona into your office and she sits down nervously, telling you she knows why you've called her in here and she's been expecting this meeting, as she's missed her sales quotas once again. She apologises profusely and tells you that she does really care about this job and has been trying hard, but she'll try even harder next month. You're not impressed, and she gets more and more desperate to convice you that she's committed to this job. You ask her to prove herself to you, and to tell her that she'll be a good girl for you. Confused, she repeats this back to you. You offer her some advice and she's glad to hear it, but is surprised when you criticise her clothes, in particular her long skirts. You suggest she try wearing them much shorter, and make her slowly hitch her skirt up to just below her ass, to show her what you mean. She turns awkwardly on the spot as you inspect her, then promises she'll look into getting some shorter skirts for the office, if you think that will help with her sales. You then ask to see her feet, which she's very confused by, but you remind her that she said she was going to be a good girl for you, and that she should listen to your expert advice. She nervously shows off her feet to you, letting you admire her soles, before you then pass her a collar and tell her to put it on. She's of course very reluctant to do this, insisting that she would feel much too self conscious, but you don't take no for an answer. Once the collar is around her neck, she asks what else she can do to prove herself to you, and you command her to undress. She nervously and awkwardly removes her blouse and skirt, then her bra - fondling her breasts reluctantly on your instructions. You then get her to remove her panties, spread her legs and show herself off for you - then to even rub her pussy in front of you, as she squrirms in embarrassment. You then tell her you'll let her keep her job, if she pleases you by using her mouth to make you cum. She kneels down before you and desperately sucks you off, asking often if she's being a good girl and doing a good job, until she begs you to empty your balls onto her face, and thanks you for the privilege! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, long hair, posh accent, small boobs, degrading, degradating, rough, cruel, submissive, bdsm, blowjob, cock sucking, facial, cumshot, solo female, roleplay, boss, employee, power play
duration 37:06
Mom Turned Doggy Bitch Transformation video from Harley Sin
Mom Turned Doggy Bitch Transformation by Harley Sin **Contains: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, pet play, bad dragon, transformation fetish, transformation fantasies, submissive sluts, facial, blowjob, POV, creampie, cum worship, impregnation fantasy** Your mom knows something is going on. She can tell you're acting strange. You admit there is something wrong with your penis. She insists on taking a look at it. You unzip and pull it out. She can't hide the look on her face. It's a doggy dick. You have a dog dick. You start to get upset and she does not want you to feel bad. So she tells you she'll show you there's nothing to be embarrassed about. She'll suck on it. Plus, she tells you you want to make sure everything is working down there. She doesn't have any experience with dog dick but she's sure it'll be ok. She gets on her knees and starts sucking it. She says its different but good. That you had nothing to worry about. But something happens, your mom swallows a bit of your precum. She says she's feeling weird.. dizzy.. she asks you if she looks ok? Suddenly your mom looks different. Her clothes have changed. Her hair is like she's been just fucked. Her tits are bigger. She doesn't understand whats happening, all she knows is she wants your cum. Something happened when she tasted your precum, and now she feels so.. submissive. She asks you, begs you, for more cum. She needs it. She sits so proper on her knees for. you. She thanks you for your doggy dick. She's a slut now for your doggy dick. Your doggy cum. She's a dumb doggy bitch now. She wants your cum on her face, and inside her pussy. As soon as you cum all over her face, she starts shaking. Panting, barking. She'll milk every drop of dog cum out of your dick. What a dumb bitch. **This is my most sexual, sluttiest, most submissive video I've made to date... ENJOY XO Harley** Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin Harley Sin
duration 17:55
Rope bondage fun video from Koaskeiki
Rope bondage fun by Koaskeiki Daddy has me in a Shibari rope body cage tie called a Karada, this body cage feels amazing. It is always hugging my body and once I get into a sub space state, I can feel the rope clinch and pinch in different areas, just one more sensation for Daddy to exploit as he also administers pleasure and pain to me. He slaps my girlie bits with the crop, changing the pace and intensity keeping my girl parts guessing and building to climax. Soon I am begging Him to let me finish for Him. He finally allows it and I have an intense orgasm as He continues to smack my lady bits. Daddy uses a wand on my very sensitive girlie bits and I almost immediately asked to cum for Him. He teases my by asking if I'm sure I want to cum and if I've been a good girl before allowing me to finish. The result of the slightly delayed gratification results in a full body orgasm once He allows me to cum. Daddy gets naked and uses His man goodies continuing to concentrate on stimulating my girl parts by slapping them hard and rapidly with His hard cock. He can feel my orgasm building immediately and slaps my inner thigh to get my attention and this puts me over the edge and I ask Him to finish for Him again. I love the foreplay and the pleasure He derives from making me cum for Him over and over again even before there is any intercourse. He puts me into a sub space and makes me a needy puddle as he uses my exposed body. Daddy finally puts His man goodies inside of me and sinks Himself deep inside of me while using the wand on my ravaged girlie bits. The sensation of Him filling me up with His manhood while stimulating by lady parts makes me finish hard. After I ask to let me cum for Him again, I arch my back with the anticipation of another deeply intense orgasm, my head is spinning from the previous multiple finishes I've already had and then He slaps my face several times before grabbing my throat and growls "cum for me baby". I think I almost fainted during this orgasm it was so intense and it took me a while to come back to my induced sub space reality. It was so good! He pulls my hips and re-positions my bum on the edge of the bed so He can sink Himself deeper inside of me. He pushes my legs back closer to my chest and he begins to pound me harder for what I'm thinking will be Him making me finish for Him again, but instead he begins to tickle me from my hips to my armpits and then my ribs. I was not expecting this and begin to wiggle and thrash around, as much as I can from the restraints. I am laughing, screaming and even tell him how mean he is as He tickles me relentlessly. Suddenly He stops the tickle assault on my body and grabs my thighs and makes me finish for Him yet again. I have a love/hate relationship with tickle-gasms, but it is super fun! I can feel His man goodies swell even more inside of me and He pulls out of my girlie bits. With several very sexy growls he finishes several streams of Daddy juice shooting all over my body. I begin to laugh as one splash hits my shoulder and I laugh even harder as another heat seeking cumshot hits my in the face. After he finishes I tease Him that He is an Olympic finisher. No matter how intense our play time is, there is always the loving and light hearted mix that builds the intimacy in our relationship. I love and trust Him so much and He always seems to give me exactly what I need, even before I know that this was exactly what I needed.
duration 30:01
Long bondage session video from Koaskeiki
Long bondage session by Koaskeiki Daddy starts with my limbs tied out wide as I am face down on the bed. He spanks me with His hand, the leather strap and the thumper before putting His man goodies inside of me. Then He continues sexy time in a slow steady rhythm as He puts more rope on my body. He uses the the body ropes as leverage to use me even harder and allows me orgasms. Then He spanks me with the belt and the metal paddle while still using my little hole and I have more finishes. Then He unties me, rolls me onto my back and ties my limbs our wide again for His access. He uses the wand to make me finish for Him a few times before sliding His man parts back into me. He makes me cum for Him again, this time giving me throat hugs as I finish. I get a foot cramp I finished so hard! lol He continues sexy time and puts His belt around my neck. As He picks up His pace, He pulls on the belt. I can feel it tighten around my throat and this makes me keenly aware that I can also feel my girl parts tighten around His man goodies too! I beg him for another orgasm and finish hard again. We take a short break before He puts Himself inside of me again, this time He uses the wand at the same time and I immediately ask to cum for Him. He has me cum for Him with the wand on my girlie bits and Him inside of me. I finish so hard I pull away but He keeps the wand on my girl spot and makes me cum again. Now I am totally spent as He repositions me on the bed. He climbs onto the bed and straddles my face so I can give His underneath man goodies special kisses. He rides my face hard until he finishes all over my body. This was a fun time! I think I slept for 12 hours after this. lmao
duration 17:13
Secretary Turned Escort video from Fiona Dagger
Secretary Turned Escort by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and most of the length of the clip is focused on the gradual breaking down of the secretary's boundaries - there is only about a minute or so of slow dildo action at the end) You've got a couple of big, potential new clients flying in from Japan, so you tell your secretary to prepare a party to welcome them, and to make sure she's there to oversee the waiting staff. However, once she arrives at the venue you inform her that the waitresses cancelled last minute, so she'll have to fill in for them! She's a little bit put out by this but agrees readily enough, until you inform her that she'll have to put on a special uniform that's been requested by the clients... And it's just a bikini! She refuses, saying there's no way she's going to serve them dressed in basically just underwear, but you manage to convince her that it's very important to the company that they sign a deal tonight. She reluctantly agrees and thinks seem to go well for a while, until you pull her aside to let her know that the clients have told you they wish for her nipples to be more obvious through her bathing suit... She's outraged but you eventually convince her to just ice up her nipples a bit so they stand out more. as you're sure the clients are very close to signing a deal. Next, you tell her they've requested to see camel toe! This is even harder to convince her, as she's feeling very used and humiliated by now, but she moodily agrees on the condition that this is the last request... However, the clients then get you to ask her if she would consider fucking them for a large sum of money. Your secretary initially says no way, how dare they even ask, but then she seems to consider just how much money they're offering... Which is when you inform her that they've also insisted that you join them, but don't worry you'll make sure she gets a huge bonus from the company! This is too much money to turn down, and so your secretary finds herself catering to the three of you for the rest of the evening...
duration 18:20
Fulfilling a masochist's needs video from Koaskeiki
Fulfilling a masochist's needs by Koaskeiki Warning, this is an intense scene of a Sadist fulfilling His masochist's needs and is the full video of the clips posted on my wall today. Daddy has me bound to the bed with my arms stretched out in front and my legs tied and spread wide for Him. He gives me several intense spankings, beating me with His bare hand, the leather strap, a wooden spoon and the Hello Kitty paddle. Then he uses my girlie bits to His satisfaction, making me finish for him several times. For as rough as these scene was, at the end there is some light hearted tickle play. The contrast of intense harshness to fun loving tenderness is awesome to me. Some back story here, I have been studying for my PhD and was frustrated and burned out from all the hard work I had been doing. Daddy sensed this and told me we would have special play time tonight and gave me a brief description of what to expect. He simply said that I would be bound to the bed, blindfolded and beaten to clear my head. He told me that it was okay to scream, cry and to let out all of my stress from the week. And if I was a good girl and got into the appropriate subspace, I will be allowed some orgasms. This description of what was to come already had me worked up and my girlie bits were already excited before I even got naked for Him. As he tied me to the bed, I could feel myself dripping uncontrollably from the anticipation. He delivered everything he had told me and more, the intensity of his beatings ultimately turned me into a heaving, sobbing puddle of submissive mess. Then turning that savage pain into deep intimate pleasure as he shoved himself inside of me and made me finish for him over and over. At the end he teased me with tickles, I could feel his fingers walking up the sides of my body and I exclaimed "uh oh!" and He mocked me running his hands across the sheets, scraping them close to my quivering body. He wasn't even touching me but the tickles I felt were real and intense! This was some Jedi Daddy mind tricks that I still do not understand! Then He leaned into actually tickling me, reminding me of the rule that I wasn't allowed to wiggle away and let his man goodies fall out of my girlie bits. Later he told me that when he tickles me while he is inside of me, that my girlie bits grip onto his man goodies like a vice. lol This scene has a lot of layers from harsh beatings, severe crying, loud screaming to loving BDSM sexy time and then playful tickles.

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