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duration 6:04
DOMMING YOUR COCK UNTIL I SQUIRT by Kaiia Eve I know that I normally am the more submissive slutty babe, but today I decided that I want to own your cock. It is my turn to dominate the fuck out of your huge fucking cock. With the help of Bad Dragon's Nox, I take your cock and turn it into my little bitch. You are so rock hard for me when you see me enter the room in my leather ball busting boots. My tits and pussy already exposed. My mouth dripping with spit for your monster cock. I spit all over it, and I start jerking that. You better like it when I jerk your cock, you little bitch. After I feel you. suck you, spit on you, and get your cock hard for me, I turn around to fuck you. I want you to take this pussy like you have never taken pussy before. I demand that your big cock be ready for my tight little pussy. I get on top, and I start fucking you, riding you. You can see your huge cock slide in and out of my pussy from behind. You watch me twerk on your cock as you lay there completely submissive to me. I can feel you getting so turned on by me being so demanding that I turn around, and have you fuck my pussy from the front so I can squirt all over your cock. I tell you to give it to me, and I take it. I take your cock and I fuck myself so good with your dick. I fuck myself so good that I pull your Nox cock out, and I squirt 2 feet across the living room table. You can see my huge squirt shoot across and out of my pussy making a puddle of cum. If it weren't for me making you submit to my Goddess body and tight pussy, I wouldn't have been able to squirt so far and so much. Not only was the table soaked, but the leather couch, my pussy, between my ass cheeks, and my legs. I walk away dripping in my own cum
duration 20:48
Squirting & farting for my ass slave video from Bambi Lynn
Squirting & farting for my ass slave by Bambi Lynn This is a custom using the name Mason. I know you love being my ass slave and making me all gassy and sniffing my farts, so now it’s time for some real pleasure for both of us. I fuck my juicy hairy pussy with a glass dildo and fart all over the place! I talk so dirty, telling you what a good dirty little ass slave you are, knowing how horny it makes you to eat and serve my ass and swallow and sniff my farts while I fuck my wet juicy hairy pussy nice and hard. I fuck myself and fart, teasing and pleasing my gspot until I’m on the edge. I fart soooo much, shocked and turned on at all of the juicy wet stinky farts coming out of my asshole right onto your face! I change positions, bent over so you have a proper view of my big juicy ass and smelly farts while I fuck my pussy deep and hard, moaning and telling you to sniff my farts. I move around again to get the best gas possible for my good little ass slave, on m my side with my legs up in the air! My tits and belly look soooo luscious in this pose; and I can fuck my pussy sooo deep. I moan and fart and my eyes roll into the back of my head it just feels so good to let go and fart and fuck myself! I lean back onto my back and fart and fart and fuck myself until I can’t take it anymore! I fart and squirt all over your fucking face!!!! As I squirt a giant mess I fart so fucking hard multiple times in a row. The squirt gushes our all over the place and even hits the camera!!! I can’t stop squirting as I continue to fuck my juicy soaking wet hairy pussy for you. I keep fucking myself after I’m done squirting, teasing my soaked asshole and pussy. I tell you I want you to swallow and lick up all of my delicious squirt, just like you swallow, eat and sniff all of my stinky delicious farts! You are such a good little ass slave for your Goddess. TAGS: squirt, squirting, hairy, full bush, big belly, big tits, big areolas, fat, BBW, thick, big ass, big asses, big booty, fart, farting, gassy, gas, BBW has, BBW gassy, BBW fart, BBW farts, BBW farting, orgasm, squirting orgasm, BBW orgasm, ass slave, BBW domme, BBW domination, female domination, BBW ass, BBW femdom, femdom.
duration 45:31
Multiple orgasms session .Hairy big clit pussy torturing video from cuteblonde666
Multiple orgasms session .Hairy big clit pussy torturing by cuteblonde666 Custom video :Starting off completly nide then showing off my boobs in close up ,my hairy pussy and we will move for the first orgasm . i set the camera full body view in focus with my pussy . rubbing my clit until the first orgasm then using my hitachi for the others . in the end i will talk about how they felt and show off my wet pussy in close up . The story : The Story Start out completely nude. Let me get a good look at your body. Close ups of your breasts, touching them, pinching and pulling on your nipples. Close up of your pussy, playing and pulling your pubic hair, spreading yourself really wide, pull and stretch your labia. Close up of your clit as you pull the hood back, jerk your clit. Start masturbating as you normally would in your personal life. I want to be able to clearly see your face and what you are doing as your masturbate. Masturbate yourself to as many orgasms as possible within the timeframe of the video. If it starts to become more difficult to orgasm by hand, you can switch to your favorite vibrator/toy. For your last orgasm, when you feel yourself getting really close, I want you to jerk your clit to orgasm. Don’t stop jerking it, keep jerking your clit for a minute for some post orgasm torment. Announce when you are getting close and when you start to orgasm each time. Show me a post orgasm close up of your pussy, spread the lips, pull your hood back. With your face and pussy still in view, keep playing with your lips and pubic hair while you talk about your orgasms and how they made you feel. Which was most intense? Were any weak? Was it getting difficult to orgasm? How was the post orgasm torment? Let me get one last look at your breasts, and a big smile at the end.
duration 47:36
Insane Squirting Compilation 371 Squirts video from Nicki Young
Insane Squirting Compilation 371 Squirts by Nicki Young Looking for the ultimate squirting compilation? Well look no further! In this full length compilation you will see 38 videos and a whopping 371 squirts. This compilation includes every single squirt from every video on my profile. This compilation contains the following videos: 1. Squirting AFTER I'm CAUGHT Public Squirt 2. Squirting on your Cock Then Huge Facial 3. Squirting Teen Fights Fire With Squirt 4. Squirting 11 Times to Her Squirt Video 5. Almost Caught! Public Bathroom Squirting 6. Almost Caught! Teens Public Huge Squirt 7. PUBLIC bathroom Huge Squrt w/ BBC 8. Squirting Teen in Public Fitting Room 9. Teen Squirting 4x on Public Mirror 10. Teens Close-Ups Finger Fucking Squirt 11. Teens Lesbians Gaping Double Penetration 12. Custom: Teen Masturbates Waiting For You 13. Teens Huge Outdoor Public Squirt 14. Public Outdoor Teen Squirting On Porch 15. Teens Public Bathroom Huge Squirt 16. Public Teen Squirting Orgasms in an Uber 17. Teen Squirts in PUBLIC Tanning Bed 18. Teens First PUBLIC Bathroom Squirting 19. Almost Caught! Squirting in Public Uber 20. HD: Squirting 20 Times In Her Mouth 21. Teen Squirting 5x on her like a fountain 22. Squirting Hard 12x with Dildo & Vibrator 23. HD: Insane Squirting Self Facial 24.Struggling Teen Squirt Orgasm & Vibrator 25. Squirting Teen Reverse Cowgirl Fucking 26. Teen Squirting w/ huge power tool dildo 27. Teens body quivers w/ Electric Massager 28. Teen Squirts w/ first ever Cream Pie 29. Voyeur Cams: Spies on Teen Squirting 30. Teens Hitachi Squirt & licking my juices 31. Epic Squirting Explosion - 50+ Squirts 32. Squirting in Bowl, Cum Bath in My Squirt 33. Teen Squirting next to snoozing fiancé 34. Wet T-Shirt Dildo Suck, Fuck & Squirt 35. CAUGHT! Teen fucks BBC on PUBLIC Trail 36. Messy Squirting in Grey Leggings 37. Teens 1 HR Multiple Orgasm Challenge HD 38. 80 Squirt Record! CRAZY Facial Squirting

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