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SIDE CHICK 2-PART COMBO PACK video from XMochaPuffx
SIDE CHICK 2-PART COMBO PACK by XMochaPuffx This includes both parts to my mini series "Side Chick"

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: You two have been hanging out, getting close..... she surprises you one night with a visit. Forgetting that your actual girlfriend told you that SHE was coming by after she got off work, you invite the side-chick into your home & of course start fucking. It's getting hot & heavy, both of you completely immersed in one another when a knock is heard at the door. Shocked and confused, once you both realize that your girlfriend is at the door, the side-chick hops up quickly and hides in the kitchen. Your girlfriend comes in and heads off to take a shower, a bit suspicious of the bright blue jacket and sweatpants on the floor. While she's showering, you and the side-chick get back at it so you can finish inside her quickly before your girlfriend is finished showering. Cream-pied and satisfied, the side-chick sneaks out & you and your girlfriend head off to bed.

Part II: A few months have passed & your relationship with Karen has gotten better. You’ve stopped contacting your side girl & she’s decided to make a move herself. While your girlfriend is sucking your dick in the morning before making some breakfast for you both, side chick comes knocking on your front door. You two don’t think anything of it, maybe it’s the Jehovah’s witnesses or something. But when your messenger on your computer starts dinging, your girlfriend’s suspicions grow & her tone begins to change. With the knocking & messages continuing, your annoyed girlfriend goes to answer the door & has a very awkward interaction w the side chick. Your girlfriend invites the side chick inside but quickly makes an excuse to leave the place to go breathe.. leaving you and your side chick together alone. And without much hesitation, you cheat on your girlfriend right there, fucking your side chick’s mouth, pussy, AND asshole before your girl gets back home from the store.

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