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Secret BBC Obsession POV Fuck & Squirt video from Nicki Young
Secret BBC Obsession POV Fuck & Squirt by Nicki Young Secret BBC Obsession POV Dildo Fuck ------ This teen has a secret! Her fiancé comes home early to find her promoting their business, as planned, by using her lipstick to write promotional messages on herself. She writes " Ember Exclusives " , as they are the co-founders of Ember Exclusives . She was going to take photos with her lipstick body art so they could promote their website. Nicki Young and her fiance agreed on writing " Ember Exclusives " instead of trying to fit the whole URL, since " https://www.EmberExclusives.com " won't fit on her tiny teeny tummy. They also agreed that she should write " @NickiYoungMFC " on her stomach to promote her Twitter tag. Lastly, she was going to attempt to fit " @EmberExclusives " to insert the Ember Exclusives Twitter page into the promotional lipstick lettering :) But... Her fiance notices that she must have gotten a bit distracted by her new favorite sex toy, her big, big, BIG black cock , BBC , whatever-you-wanna-call-it fucking big-ass black dildo! How does he cum to catch her lying about her biggest secret ? Put it this way: there’s no need for an application of scientific methods and techniques to solve this investigation—she wrote her love of BBC on her own tit! One could possibly assume she wanted to get caught…you’ll have to watch to find out. She denies her love for bbc and even makes an attempt to hide the big black dildo under her ass . Butt, our ever so sneaky porn star Nicki Young is caught with her pants down , literally, and a lock of her hair in her mouth, apparently to use as a bite guard while she was fucking herself deep with the BBC dildo ! Her fiancé isn’t upset—he isn’t even surprised! He’s known for a long time that she is obsessed with big black dicks and black men in general, so he tries to reassure her that her love of BBC is totally normal and that it even turns him on. Nicki Young still denies it until her loving fiancé decides to finish what she started while he was away. This POV video is from the point of view of Nicki's fiance as he lay next to her. He starts to slap her tummy and her swollen clit with the big black cock and then slowly puts it inside of her wet pussy! She moans, bites down on her hair, and even has to cover her own mouth to keep from screaming in pleasure. Eventually she caves and gives the true answer to his question of, “what do you love?” The answer of course: Big Black Cocks ! After that he fucks her with the huge big black dildo at a rapid pace until she cums so hard that she squirts ! If anyone knows Nicki Young , they know she is a squirter , and she is known for her ability to squirt a lot and squirt long distances, but nothing makes squirting easier for this porn star than a BBC . She creams all over the big black dick and the amount of cream and cum left on the bbc beautifully reveals that Nicki Young does in fact LOVE BIG BLACK COCKS ! Nicki Young and her fiance pride themselves on their ever-rising standards of production quality, so they want to let you know that this was an impromptu video, so the usual Ember Exclusives lighting and preparation is lacking. The quality is by no means poor, but there are skin tone and brightness changes as the camera moves up and down her beautiful body :) Nicki Young will display the changes in the preview and most customers wouldn't even notice or care, but Nicki Young and Ember Exclusives LOVE their fanbase and want to keep you cumming back without ever being disappointed.

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