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The Return Of The Sock Fairy video from Red Vinyl Kitty
The Return Of The Sock Fairy by Red Vinyl Kitty CUSTOM CLIP. NOTE: This was a previous custom clip order. The Sock Fairy triumphantly returns! She has gorgeous black wings and she's here to give you personal attention. She's just a little different than you remember though. The Sock Fairy.. She's.. Meaner? What's she going to do to your dumb little cock? She starts off by putting on long, rough socks for her "sock hands" that she uses to give you a rough sockjob with. She put a soft fluffy sock on your cock and gives you a blowjob over it. She bites your dick a little.. Just enough! She notices you came all over your sock and made a mess. She even has brought a special probe.. What's this?? It's a special "Sock Sound" (It's a pretend sound to simulate a "real" sound, please be aware before you purchase this video!) The Sock Fairy then begins to sound your cock while giving you a rough sockjob. Stop being so squirmy! Let her hurt your stupid cock already. It likes the way the Sock Fairy hurts it. Try to be still. The Sock Fairy lets you cum a second time before taking out her special "Sock Sound" and then giving you even more rough stimulation with her cruel sock hands. She puts her probe back in and teases you again. Her probe goes in and out. It hurts the most coming out, don't you think? It's going to hurt to pee when she's done with you. You get to cum one last time, and this time you make a huge mess of the Sock Fairy's sock hands. She loves it. It makes her so happy. Aren't you so glad you summoned her? She'll see you when you summon her again next time.

NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.

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