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duration 8:07
Gigantic Green Dildo Cam Cum Show video from Dani Sorrento
Gigantic Green Dildo Cam Cum Show by Dani Sorrento (from march 2018) I am just wearing my black thigh highs at this point in the cam show and we hit cum show goal, so I keep them on for the play time. I recently got a crazy big toy from a fan and had yet to try it out, so I decide to give it a try for the first time live on cam. The toy is huge and I had already lubed it up so I can try to fit it in. It is so long, thick and hard that I struggle at first, but eventually I'm able to fit most of it in. I grab my one leg and hold it as I fuck myself with the clear green toy. It starts to feel really good and I can tell I'm close to cumming. I always like to announce when I do finally cum, which can be hard with the chat on cam distracting me. Soon my orgasm is taking over and I start to cum, but the toy shoots out of my tight pussy as I am cumming! It hurts a bit, but I still came with a slight ruined orgasm. In this video you will hear me talking to the room and hearing some tip noises, but the majority of the time I am concentrating on my big, leg shaking orgasm. You can catch my live cam shows like this on chaturbate.com/danisorrento (camgirl, live cam show recording, big toy, thigh high stockings, sheer black stockings, big ass, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, brunette, brown eyes, long hair, teal hair, clear green dildo, first time using toy, shaved pussy, perky tits, naked white girl, painted nails, make up, solo female, toy fucking orgasm, pussy juices on toy, licking toy, danisorrento, spankdani)
duration 19:05
My Last Orgasm Before Hysterectomy video from BlackxRose92
My Last Orgasm Before Hysterectomy by BlackxRose92 I'm NOT supposed to be doing this. I was told NOT to orgasm, masturbate, or have sex at all. But fuck that! I'm already living with chronic pain and my hysterectomy is on March 15, 2019. What more damage can be done by giving myself one last gift before they remove my uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes? This is my LAST chance to have an orgasm for months. I've been banned from sex, exercise, masturbation, heavy lifting, squatting, and orgasms since August 2018, so I'm taking this for myself anyways.

I haven't been able to enjoy any of life's perks for months. My sex drive is through the roof, but I won't be completely denied. There will be, at minimum, 6 weeks after my hysterectomy before I'm allowed to orgasm again. This dalliance will likely have me bedridden for the next 2 days writing in agony, but it will be worth it for the reprieve on my libido. I haven't felt the joys of sexual release in months!

What, did you think I would stop with one orgasm? FUCK NO! My pussy is greedy and I want it all. I masturbate as long as I can handle it, and as long as my vibrator can hold out. I masturbate for so long that when I lay back, you can see my vulva throbbing and swollen, gushing juices with each orgasmic ripple pulsing through me. There were so many orgasms, I didn't even bother bother counting them all. After being on complete pelvic rest for so many months, did you really think I would do anything other than masturbate until my body gave out? LMAO, just try and keep up. ;)

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