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duration 16:06
Shae Celestine Handcuffed and Fucked video from Jason King
Shae Celestine Handcuffed and Fucked by Jason King Shae is on vacation when she breaks a wheel on her heavy suitcase and has trouble getting it to her hotel room. A nice man comes along and offers to carry it for her. When they get to her room he notices the wheel can be fixed easily so he throws her suitcase onto the bed and opens it up to get to the base of the wheel. He spots a bag of cocaine in Shae's suitcase and asks her if she knows it's there. "I'm on vaction" she replies thinking nothing of it. When the man pulls a pair of handcuffs out of his suitcase and tells her she's under arrest she quickly realizes her bad luck, the man happened to be a police officer. Shae is initially very indignant about the whole thing. She protests saying that he never had permission to look in her bag, this is entrapment, etc. When the officer goes to open her bag back up she panics and asks what he's doing. He tells her he's required to see what else is in the bag. Whatever she has in there must be pretty bad because her demeanor changes completely. She presses her body up against his as tightly as she can and starts pleading with him to work something out. She says she'll do anything. He's heard this before and tells her that a little flirting isn't going to get her out of going to jail. Shae begs the officer, saying that she isn't just flirting and that she'll do anything, absolutely anything, to get out of this. He doesn't seem to believe her but she's so sexually aggressive as she thrusts her body into his, pushing him onto the bed, and rubbing herself tightly against his cock as she presses her face sensually against his. It becomes clear that this hot 19yo isn't bluffing. The officer starts to give in and fondles her cute breasts as she sits on his lap still rubbing her body against his dick. The cop stands her up, removes her pants and underwear, and bends her over the bed so her can fuck her. As he stops to unzip his pants she performs a gymnastic feat and manages to squirm into position on her knees in front of him so she can suck his dick instead of getting fucked. She really doesn't want to get fucked by some narc who was about to arrest her, so she plans to blow him instead without it seeming like she didn't want to fuck him. He lets her give him an amazing blow job for a few minutes, but he still has his heart set on fucking his little handcuffed toy so he stands her up, bends her over the bed, and fucks her like he originally planned. After a while he pulls some leg shackles out of his bag and locks her feet in them. He then slips between her legs so he can fuck her while standing next to the bed. After enjoying her for a while longer, he slides her onto the bed so he can climb on top and fuck her missionary style while she's still locked in handcuffs and shackles. He finally blows his load on her, leaving Shae lying in bed naked, bound, and covered in his hot cum.
duration 13:47
Daughter Has No Choice video from Jason King
Daughter Has No Choice by Jason King This video starts with my step-daughter (played by hot babe Raquel Roper) sitting on the her ass doing nothing. I complain that she's 19 years old and still living at home and say she needs to start looking for her own place or paying rent. She complains that she doesn't have a job and can't afford to do either. I know this little slut has been "paying" for for some time now, and since we're not really related and her step-mother isn't around anymore I suggest that she start "paying" rent some other way. She gets grossed out and tells me off before storming out of the room. The next night I walk in on Raquel as she's getting ready for bed. She starts to freak out at me seeing her in her panties and covers herself up, but I tell her I want to talk to her about what happened yesterday. She initially thinks I want to apologize, but I have other plans. I push Raquel onto her bed and pin her down. I start kissing her and burying my face in her large breasts while telling her that I won't tolerate her talking back to me and that if I say she's going to pay rent, then she's going to pay rent. I now have Raquel stripped completely naked with her wrists locked in leather cuffs and padlocked to a leather restraint belt around her waist. Her cuffs are also locked to chains which are locked around the bed legs keeping her in place. To keep her tight pussy accessible I have her ankles locked in leather cuffs and locked to leather cuffs on her upper thighs, keeping her legs tightly bent. She whimpers "No Step-Daddy" as I start fucking her on her own bed, but I've lived with this girl long enough to know that she's a huge slut. Once I get her over this idiotic idea that we shouldn't fuck just because I was married to her step-mother for three months six years ago she'll be happy to be getting dicked down. After a few minutes of intense fucking she's still crying "No Step-Daddy". This isn't good. I know I can't finish until I bring her around or else she might do something bitchy like call the cops on me once I untie her. I start thrusting her more slowly and playing with her tits trying to get her aroused enough to get over herself and start enjoying the sex. I don't have much luck until I pull her hair and hear her whimpers start to give way to a quick moan of ecstasy. Having finally found her trigger, I yank her hair back hard and start fucking her as hard as I can at the same time. Her cries finally change from "No Step-Daddy" to "Yes Step-Daddy". As I spend the next 5-6 minutes fucking my nineteen year old step-daughter hard she comes around completely, I ask her if she likes being step-daddy's little slut and she cries "yes". Once I finally blow my hot load all over her she agrees to keep paying rent weekly. Not that she has a choice.
duration 7:24
Toys Left Out (CUSTOM, BDSM, Submissive Slut, Daddy) video from Vixi Vee
Toys Left Out (CUSTOM, BDSM, Submissive Slut, Daddy) by Vixi Vee I am being punished for not putting my toys away properly. I crawl to each toy & pick them up using my mouth, returning them to the bed. I crawl to the corner and place hands on wall, ready to complete my punishment by standing on tip toes with butt spread, but my heels touch the ground a few times. I give four myself two spanks on each cheek after each time. Next I turn around and spread kitty on tiptoes. I touch the floor again...and spank myself accordingly.

I then squat spread on tiptoes with hands behind my head. I touch the floor 4 times, but saves spanks til later...

I start pinching my nipples and count 4 times that my heels touch the floor...again I save spankings save for later.

I crawl to my bed, where my toys are neatly placed.

I get into submissive position knees spread hands behind back. "Sir I completed my punishment. I should always put my toys away. I deserved even harder correction. Your rules should never be disobeyed" I pinch nipples and finger kitty "I'm wet as always. I know I have earned more punishment - I'm being corrected not pleasured" I turn around & spank butt for the spanks I owe plus more for being wet. I then spread butt, head down and say "Let me put on a show for you Daddy so you'll have a lot to think about before you get home & punish me ever more "

I lick my white toy then finger butt & kitty, then use my glass toy until I orgasm. I lube butt and insert plug. I get back into position and put on my nipple clamps "Daddy I need more punishments like I just completed. I want to be the perfect little naked slut for you. Daddy, punish me beyond my limits if necessary. You own me"
duration 12:54
Luci Lovett Bought and Fucked video from Jason King
Luci Lovett Bought and Fucked by Jason King There are a ton of videos depicting girls being taken and then prepared to be sold as sex slaves. For some reason you never see the second part where some lucky, rich bastard buys a one of those sex slaves, takes her home, and has some fun. This movie does just that in a set of hot scenes starring Luci Lovett. In the first scene Luci is walked into her new house in chains. She's gagged and frightened. Her new owner starts laying out some ground rules as he unwraps his new toy. Luci appears to have been well trained by the people he bought her from and acts very subservient. She's seems like she's going to be a very obedient and fun sex slave. In the second scene Luci, still in chains, is kneeling on the floor in front of her owner. He told her to demonstrate her blow job skills. Luci excels in this area taking his whole dick into her mouth repeatedly as she tries her hardest to please her new master. In the final scene Luci has been moved to her new bed. She's still very frightened and soft spoken. She's chained down to the bed very tightly. There is a chain connecting both of the upper bed legs and both of Luci's wrists are locked to it with leather cuffs. Her slave collar is also padlocked to that chain. In this position she can't move her upper body at all. Her legs have been left free to leave her body accessible to her owner. He enters the room, plays with her body briefly, then fucks her hard for some time. Luci is still very submissive and obedient as her owner dicks her down and comes all over her stomach.
duration 4:09
4396 on Auction video from Red Vinyl Kitty
4396 on Auction by Red Vinyl Kitty Kitty is on a leash with a large leather ballgag in, and instead of being called by her name is referred to only by the humiliating title of "4396" during this clip. 4396 is up for auction. "Alright, come here 4396," her handler tells her. "Up," he pats the table. 4396 jumps up on the table and stops when the handler tells her to stop. He clips her in to a leash on the wall and says "Alright 4396, Display position." 4396 straightens up. "For auction today we have slave number 4396. Look at how firm and taut her skin is. Note the beautiful pale coloring of her hide. Look at how glorious her mane is." He tangles his in her hair and pulls her head up so you can see her eyes on camera. "And look at the beautiful blue of her eyes. That's a rare feature in this breed." "Look at these large, luscious breasts. You just want to reach out and squeeze them. And the beautiful pale nipples. Perfect for pinching, pulling, teasing, or biting. Ready for whatever you want, whenever you want, if this creature were yours. Look at these hips, a perfect figure 8. A wonderful place to grab when you're taking her from behind. Look at that sweet pussy. It would make anyone wanna slide right in. It tastes even better than it looks. That pussy would make anyone a proud owner." "4396, position 26." 4396 moves to show off her legs. "And let's not forget about these cute legs. They look just as good in the air as they do spread eagle on a bed. And they feel great wrapped around you while you ravish her. Look at these dainty size 5 feet. Have you seen anything cuter? They're so soft and pretty, they look good with and without the nails polished and this slave has been trained to paint them on command. Owner must provide the polish." "Slave 4396: nadu." 4396 kneels. "Does anyone have a starting bid for 4396? I'd like to start the bidding at $100.." NOTE: Kitty's ostomy bag is visible in the beginning of the clip for a few seconds and her port is accessed and visible during most of the clip.

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