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duration 20:33
Serving Daddy and School Girl Stories video from Molly Darling
Serving Daddy and School Girl Stories by Molly Darling (Custom vid) [[School girl/boarding school stories/fantasies -10 mins followed by a pov daddy daughter roleplay with simulated blowjob and facial - 10 mins]] Your bratty daughter is back from her hardcore, all-girls, boarding school boot camp. She isn't happy and describes all the things she had to endure at her school: chastity belts, edging, learning to give male & female teachers oral sex, being used by the older girls and being the school bully's little bitch... She begs not to go back next term and in desperation shows you all the things she learnt whilst she was away. There is so many ways she can serve you and you can use her. She puts on sexy lingerie and shows you how her tits have grown and are large enough for your cock to go in between, she knows how to use her hands really well to stroke your cock and cup your balls, she learnt how to take cock in her holes whilst she was away.. her tight pussy can take your cock.. or even her asshole if you want.. lastly her mouth, she's really good with her mouth and wants to show you how well she can suck you off. She gets on her knees and sucks your cock until you blow your load into her mouth and on her face. She can be a good subservient girl for you. You feel mostly satisfied but you know you can torment her some more.. you make her call the school bully and invite her over. She calls her covered in your cum and pathetically begs for her to come over. She's on her way...
duration 17:32
School Girl Creampie At Party video from Cattie
School Girl Creampie At Party by Cattie While at a Halloween party, you accidentally walk in on your best friend's sister having a shouting match with her boyfriend. He's being an ass and accusing her of cheating when he hangs up on her. During this, she saw you were there and did say hi under her breath. But now that's she's off the phone, her attention is yours! She apologizes for the drama... It's been a long night. But wait! ...do... you have a boner?! Her ass hanging out of her tiny costume must've really did it for you! But as soon as she catches on, her brother calls you over. Cattie teases you for still playing silly video games but, she'll see you later... Later that night when everyone's assed out, she shoots you a text. She knows you're crashing in her brother's room and tells you to come to hers. She wants to pick up where you guys left off earlier. Her boyfriend already thinks she's cheating... So why not? She starts sucking you off. Playful mocking you for wanting her wanting her earlier. She's soo seductive with her words and tongue... You both NEED more! And she wants to take full control! She has you lay on your back as she begins to ride you. But it doesn't take long before she notices you're already close to cumming. She wants to cum together! And she's almost there too BUT: she wants you to fuck her in doggystyle when you do! She turns over onto all fours and spreads her hole for you. Grinding on your cock before she enters you into her tight slit. At first, she takes control again. But as she gets closer to climax, she let's you take control! It's become impossible for you two to keep it down as you cum simultaneously... Someone definitely heard... But neither of you care as your load pours from her pussy! It was bound to happen sometime... and you both couldn't be more pleased!

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