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Petite School Girl Anna Mae Gets Fucked By Her Teacher video from Fetish Slut Films
Petite School Girl Anna Mae Gets Fucked By Her Teacher by Fetish Slut Films I’ve been in teaching for so long I thought I would have been immune to the desires of the flesh. This was what I thought before I met Anna. Once I laid eyes on her, she made me forget everything I thought I knew about myself. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I crossed a line I never would have imagined I could. I am having sex with a student. It all started at the beginning of the semester. She walked in to my class and there was just something about her that I could not stop thinking about. At first I tried to control my urges but I soon figured out that was not going to be a thing I could handle. I slowly started to ask her to stay after class to ask her if she had any trouble with the curriculum. Then it was would you like to join me for coffee. After all of our talks, she too became interested in me. I think she wondered what I could teach her about life and other things she hadn’t experienced yet. The point of no return came one day after a particularly hard time she was going through at home. After our usual coffee date, she wanted my counsel on some family issues she was dealing with at the time. Even though I knew it was wrong but I realized she was vulnerable at this moment. I knew this was my chance to kiss her. I took my opportunity and went with it. She was a little shocked at first but then she leaned into it. From then on we would sneak off to my house for some great sex. This was just one of the many days that changed my life forever…. ***Starring: Anna Mae***
duration 31:02
Schoolgirl Corporal Punishment video from Delilah Cass
Schoolgirl Corporal Punishment by Delilah Cass I go to St. Peter's Catholic School and the teachers here are being stupid. I wear the uniform they want me to and then they accuse me of being too "sexy" and too "provocative" because I wore it with my shoulders down. So at detention, this teacher tells me I can't graduate unless I work off a bunch of demerits. So I either have to sit here in detention forever or I need to get spanked a bunch of times. I mean, what the fuck? They still do that? The teacher tells me it's called corporal punishment or something. It's just an excuse for this teacher to look at and spank my bare ass. All because I wore the uniform they wanted me to? What am I supposed to do? I need to graduate and I can't unless he spanks me so I guess I have to. OMG he's spanking me over his knee and I can feel his dick getting hard. His cock is like poking into my ribs. I can't believe this whole thing. I also can't believe that I'm starting to enjoy it. Why do I like this corporal punishment so much? Now he's putting his thumb in my ass. Oh fuck, this feels so good. And his cock is getting harder and harder. Maybe I should tell him I'll suck him off because now I absolutely want to. But not before he spanks me some more. Spank me with a ruler. Fucking paddle my ass too. I'm such a bad girl. I love it. I'm going to lick his balls and gag on his hard cock until he shoots his cum all over my pretty face and glasses. I can't believe I wasn't this bad before. Thankfully St Peter's still practices corporal punishment. I never knew how much I'd love it! TAGS: punishment, corporal punishment, spanking, ruler spanking, paddle spanking, glasses, pigtails, bratty girls, redhead, nerdy girls, school girl, schoolgirl, student, teacher, stockings, plaid, uniform, high heels, ass fingering, red ass, ass tasting, ass licking, cocksucking, cocksucker, facial, gagging, cum on face, cum on glasses, dirty girls, dirty talk, submissive, ball licking

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