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duration 21:39
good girl gets detention 4K video from Sloansmoans
good girl gets detention 4K by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR RANDY: Watch as one of your previous students gets detention with you. You were her teacher last year and you know that she's a really good student so you're curious as to why she's gotten detention. She's flirty and cute at the beginning and begins to tease you a bit as she tells you why she got detention in the first place. She goes on to tell you that she misses you and she asks if you miss her. You try your best to remain professional but she starts to double down and to your surprise she spreads her legs and she doesn't have any panties on. At this point she knows you're hard for her and seduces you into taking your cock out for her. She sensually gives you a blowjob with lots of tongue action as she continues to talk dirty. she knows you've been staring at her tits and she tells you that she wants you to have them around your cock. She starts to titty fuck you and she can tell that you're loving how naughty she is. She tells you that she wants to be even naughtier and asks you to fuck her. She lays down and opens her legs for you and you begin to fuck her hard and fast. Her pussy feels so good wrapped around your cock. She can't resist you and she cums all over your hard dick and goes on to tell you that she's ready for more. She wants to ride you. She gets on top of you and starts grinding on your cock. She wants to make you feel as good as you make her feel. She knows you love her tits bouncing in your face and she can tell you're going to cum soon. She starts begging you to cum inside her pussy. She wants every last drop. Will you give it to your not-so-good-girl?... enjoy me, xo TABOO/POV SEX/TITTY FUCKING/DILDO SUCKING/ROLE PLAY/SCHOOL GIRL/DIRTY TALK
duration 58:30
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class video from XMochaPuffx
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class by XMochaPuffx This includes Cheating Student Taught a Lesson, and it's sequel Horny Student brings BBC to Class (this was a custom video)

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: Mocha Puff and her classmates are taking an exam. Having skipped studying, Mocha brought the test answers written on her arm. One classmate notices and starts giving suspicious looks. As Mocha’s filling out her test, she eyes the cute chick she’s been wanting to flirt with and gets her attention. They exchange looks and Mocha even teases her classmate by rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her breasts, flirting aggressively from across the room. The suspicious classmate takes her chance and tattles on Mocha Puff, landing Mocha a meeting with the Principal after class. Mocha tries to explain herself to her Principal/professor but ends up trying to distract him with a little cheer dance. Professor is turned on but knowing she won’t be getting out of punishment completely, she eagerly offers to give professor some mouth, pussy, and ass. She starts by sucking professor’s throbbing cock. Next the ass. He pounds her tight asshole until it swells and she moans in total enjoyment. Deeper the cock goes until it’s time to fuck her pussy. She rides the dick so good she squirts twice! Before she leaves to go home, professor releases his nut into her mouth for her to taste & she plays with it before saying goodbye! Enjoy those slow-motion shots of my ass and squirting pussy!

Part II: (customer's scene description) "You play as the pink haired character from "CHEATING STUDENT TAUGHT LESSON", it's a new day and she's in the middle of a quiz but she gets super horny for anal, luckily she brought her BBC to school and starts of secretly masturbating in the back of the class, unknown to all the students .You begin masturbating first with your fingers then with the BBC dildo riding it in your seat trying not to make too much noise. You finish off squirting in your seat the test if finished the class is over and you walk home with a satisfied smile on your face.”

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